Day 31 (31st Jan)

Today was a reasonably chilled out day, I was kinda hoping for a lay in but it didn’t really happen. At 4 minutes to 8 this morning something woke me and I was bolt awake I tried dozing for about an hour but it was driving me mad so on the day I’d taken to recover from Sundays adventure I ended up getting up about 9-9:30am-ish.

I caught up on some TV and did some knitting. I managed to finish a scarf that I started back in March/April 2010 (I think). I got to the end and was trying to cast off but because it’s funny wool I couldn’t do it by myself so I need to go and ask Mum how to do it tomorrow. I made Chris breakfast in bed as he was being really lazy and having a mammoth lay in (I thought it was a sweet thing to do okay?!) then came downstairs to eat my own breakfast at about 11am! (This is probably why a large hot chocolate was enough to be lunch!)

I went to see Morning Glory at the cinema, which I really enjoyed. It was strange to be in the cinema at Monday lunchtime rather than a weekday evening. I went home and hung out with Chris some more. Did lots more knitting while I sat there half watching/listening to Terry Wogan’s Documentary about Ireland (Was very interesting).

Me and Chris organised to take out The Kiwi for Birthday tea. Mum, Dad and The Stig came too. I had New Yorker Pasta but had forgotten to ask for it without chilli – however when I ate it, it wasn’t that spicy so either the waitress remembered from when me and Chris went two or three weeks ago or the chef forgot to put some in (or didn’t put enough lol). The evening was full of lots of laughter, me and The Stig walked from the restaurant to the car singing “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head” at the top of our lungs. We got to the end of the song and my brother carrying on singing the words and I sang the tune that plays under the last note then we burst into hysterics.

We came home and I tried to finish the scarf but I couldn’t get it to cast off because of the funny bobbly bits in it – I need to take it to Mum’s tomorrow on the way home from work and see if I can get her to help me cast it off.
I’ve been mulling over about what to put in my Etsy store and I think some of these bobbly scarves might be the way forward – I can knock one out in nearly a day so theoretically I should be able to knock out 1 and a half in a weekend (and then finish the second one during the week. I think 1 ball is slightly too short and two is too long so they might be sold as longer scarves as well lol.

While knitting I watched The Holiday and The American President – I think it was beginning to annoy Chris when I was quoting it but on some bits he did laugh so it can’t have been that bad lol.

My other project that has been recently thrown at me is to knit a scarf in the style of Doctor Who (the length rather than the patterns) to be used in the Christmas Production that Chris is putting together. We’ll have to see how it goes – me and Mum could be knitting squares and then sewing them together to create the finished article.

Day 30 (Jan 30th)

One of my best friends moved further up north to study to be a teacher, she’s been having a rough patch and after Christmas wasn’t too happy about going back.

Well we came to the rescue. Two weeks or so ago we organised with Kewey’s boyfriend that we would go up to her parents and surprise her for the day. So today was the day. Oh man it was hard.

I’d like to think that I am pretty good at keeping secrets when it comes to surprise parties but do you think I could keep this one quiet – every time I spoke to her I wanted to tell her because I was excited that I was going to see her but I couldn’t tell her because that would ruin the surprise. So I kinda went to the other side and ignored her – not because she’d done something wrong to upset me or anything like that but because I didn’t want to wreck the surprise after all the work that had gone into it.

So today was the day and I could speak to Kewey again lol. Serena came and collected me at quarter to ten and we headed for the supermarket near Kewey’s Boyfriend’s house as there was a little change of plan.

We met there and then headed for the house. Me and Serena parked in the driveway and then I ran back up the street to wave at Andrew and Laura who weren’t sure where we were or where we were going.

We all parked and headed inside and Kewey was completely floored that we sorted this all out without her knowing.

We headed to a local pub for lunch which was lovely we were on a circle table so we could all join in the conversation without feeling like we were cut out or anything like that. I was going to have Pasta Giglio Romana or something like that but they were out of it so I had the same dish but with a tomato sauce instead or something like that. Laura misread it and kept calling it a gigolo which was kinda funny especially when the waitress asked her to repeat it lol.

After lunch we popped to Kewey’s house so she could pick up the Christmas presents and we chatted to Kewey’s parents for a few minutes – her Mum was upto the eyeballs with Ofsted stuff so we didn’t stop for long. We headed over to the local outlet place where Kewey’s sister works, we popped in to see her and say hello then wandered round the shops.

We all went for a hot chocolate at the Thornton’s Café and exchanged Christmas presents. From Laura I got two pairs of slipper socks, from Serena I got a pair of bright yellow socks with guitars and stars on them, a new belt with musical notes and other bits on it and some funky plasters which had kawaii characters on them (Serena pointed out this was an afterthought and she saw them and thought of me lol) and Kewey got me the Little Miss Sunshine book and a cuddly Little Miss Sunshine. I think that is Christmas 2010 finished now lol.

Me and Serena headed home and listened to the Top 40 chart most of the way home – I was a little frustrated as I knew hardly any of the songs. An Adele track was played so we turned up the radio and sang our socks off (when it had finished we turned it back down again lol) and then when Cee Lo Green came on we turned the radio up again. (Equally on the way we had Radio 1 on and it wasn’t till we got to Mansfield did I recognise two of the songs – one was Florence + The Machine and the other was Take That)

Day 29 – James Bond – Dr No.

I think I am one of the few girls taking part in Blog Along Bond. Then again from the tweet I received the other day it’s possible that at the moment I am the only girl taking part. So what is it that I like about Bond, because surely as the only girl I should be launching into some feminist diatribe about how Bond completely uses girls to get ahead of the game and things like that. Well okay maybe he does do that, and as a teenager who was all for women’s rights etc I would have been shouting about feminism but having studied Screenwriting at uni and feminism at College, I’ve got a different of opinion now.

Anyho so what is Blog Along Bond. Well there are 22 months from now until the release of the 23rd James Bond Film is released at the cinema, so the idea is we watch and review the other 22 films before getting to the new one. (You can also read Rob’s explanation here on his blog aka The Incredible Suit.


The film is based ont he 1958 book by Ian Fleming. Original James was going to be played by Cary Grant (who appeared in a couple of Alfred Hitchcock films) but wouldn’t commit to more than one film. The story is based mainly in Jamaica, although some of the scenes are in London. The story starts with John Strangways, the British Intelligence Station Chief in Jamaica is ambushed and killed by three assassins, the same assassins then go to his home/office and kill his secretary (I thought she was his wife!). They leave with a file about Doctor No. When Strangways fails to check in with British Intelligence they raise the alarm and send James Bond after him with orders to investigate Strangways disappearance.

Bond arrives in Jamaica and the story then follows how he stumbles on Doctor No’s lair and his plot to mess with a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral and somewhere along the line is that iconic scene with Ursula Andress coming out of the water. In that way that James Bond films go, he discovers the plot and then nearly dies but comes back to save the day. Him and the Bond Girl leave off into the sunset.

Something I noticed (and I think others did) Was that at the end of From Russia With Love there is a title card that says along the lines of “James Bond returns in…..” whereas this doesn’t show at the end of Dr. No as if they weren’t sure it would be a hit and whether a sequel would follow it.

On the other hand, Dr. No introduces a lot of ideas that now appear throughout the other films. The opening sequence of the “Bond Girls”, the James Bond theme (The original tune was composed by Monty Norman but as time changed each film had it’s only slightly different incarnation), the gun barrel sequence, the Martini drink (“Shaken not Stirred” – which interestingly enough Bond himself doesn’t voice this until Goldfinger (1964), it’s voiced by other characters throughout the other films.)

Something else I noticed was that although there are gadgets in the film it’s not as big a focus as it becomes in later films.

Day 28 (Jan 28th)

So I had this plan yesterday, I was too tired to go to band so I was going to sit at home and do very little – or at least write some deep insightful blog posts lol.

Well that didn’t quite work out, Chris wanted to try updating my MacBook. It needed an OS update and in the meantime he was going to sort some other bits out. Apparently my MacBook didn’t agree with this and through about 5 episodes of Doctor Who and 2 episode of Torchwood Chris tried to update it.

Roll forward to about midnight when I surrender and go to sleep. I’m not sure how long Chris stayed up but I know it must have been longer than he really wanted to because he took my MacBook to pieces gave it a good clean and put it back together again to see if that made any difference. I kept joking about just giving up and getting a new one – then again if I could afford £840 ish for a new MacBook a ticket to Aussie wouldn’t be too far in the distance.

So I have the feeling that most of my blog posts will be just text as I post from my phone over the next few days while Chris tries to sort the MacBook for me.

Bloggers Wednesday: Danielle

I think the phrase is better late than never! Today was kinda hectic.

What’s your name?

Danielle aka Biscuit

Where do you live (country is fine)?

US of A

Where do you blog?
(You can also follow Danielle on Twitter)

What made you start blogging?

No idea! An idea sparked in my head one day that I should be a blogger and that is what I did.

How long have you been blogging? Has it always been in the same place?

About a year and a half. Yes, blogger. I did write on Xanga years ago, but I never had plans to continue on for years and years…

WordPress, Blogger or other?


Do you have a day job or is blogging your main thing?

Yes, I work full time as an internet sales manager and sales marketer for a retail fashion store in town. I have been there almost 4 years and I love it. I also go to school part-time and run my own internet business online selling shoes/purses. I am a busy gal!

Do you have specific blogs that inspire you?

Of course! Don’t we all! My favorite blogs are:


Finding inspiration is hard for me, because I have such high standards. Those who can blog without looking at stats or being super self-absorbed astound me.

If you could ask me one question (and I answer it) What would it be?

Ok sure! :) What inspired you to start blogging?

Piece of advice for bloggers out there?

Be YOURSELF. Do not post something on your blog just to get followers, that is not how this works. If you are honest and real with your readers you will find the right people to be friends with in the blog-o-sphere. Quantity is not always quality.

In answer to Danielle’s question:

Ok sure! :) What inspired you to start blogging?

Oh toughie lol. I started by just writing random notes on my MySpace account and just rants and the odd music video and then found – why don’t I have my own so set up a separate blog and then somehow I ended up with my blog here hosted myself. I guess somewhere along the line I’d become famous for my blog writing and have loads of readers but for now I just trundle along writing the way I want to write and if I get some lovely comments along the way that makes it fab too.