084: A Chilled Day

Today was so lazy!! I hadn’t really made any plans other than to work my way through the chores – the problem with Chris being so busy getting The Fountain ready means that I’m working full time and trying to keep up with the chores – which given I’m rubbish keeping up with chores normally I’m even worse now!

Having stayed up to watch Sport Relief last night which by about midnight was getting boring – actually it might have been earlier than that but I’m not sure. I headed off to bed and woke up about 10am this morning.

This morning, I stayed in bed and watched all sorts of bits of TV – part of it was a bit I missed on Sport Relief last night, I also watched John Bishop’s Week of Hell documentary and Helen Skelton’s epic trip to the South Pole. I then decided it was time to get up!

I had some breakfast and pottered about working on chores and watching TV between loads of washing. Following lunch me and Our Sidekick went to hang outside in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. We took out my camera and decided to take pictures of each other while the other one bounced on the trampoline. I showed Our Sidekick the camera and what to do – this was the picture he took of me – without any guidance other than point and press this button. This was what came out the other end (so the original from my camera that is saved on the other computer is miles better but it’s too much effort to transfer it over!)

#oursidekick has got an amazing eye for a picture.

We played on the trampoline and messed about. We took a bunch of photos and then went inside to upload them to the computer – I’ve been adding pictures to the computer that we use for TV etc in the living room. We then headed back outside again. Our Sidekick taught me how to do a somersault but I wasn’t doing it quite right (and I think that and the heat has made my head hurt). He has the most amazing eye for a photograph. I really hope that one day he’ll consider studying it.

Movies – One Day

One Day

Before you get to the bottom and go “Han, you plonker you told me the ending!” you might not want to read past the “Read More” bit in case I spoil the story for you.

A while back I picked up this book in the second hand store, I love second hand book stores and charity shops with book sections – I could spend hours just looking at the books. Anyway I picked up One Day as I’d read Starter for 10 a while back (about the same time that the film came out I think).

It sat on my book shelf collecting dust (like a lot of my books tend do for a little while!) then when I saw that the film adaptation was coming out this summer I decided that I needed to read it and needed to read it before I went to see the film (I decided to see Eat, Pray, Love when I was half way through the book – I now haven’t been near the book apart from to put it on the bookshelf! I’m rubbish like that lol)

I was prepared for the sad bits and had a box of tissues in my handbag (I was ill last week with a cold so it wasn’t like I went out and specially purchased them.)

I was also prepared that Anne Hathaway’s accent could be questionable. Now having been a drama student I know that accent’s aren’t always that easy. I can do about two versions of an American accent and say “45 minute” in something resembling a chinese accent but that’s about it. I managed to just about get a Texan accent for my A Level drama exam only to then go in my rehearsals and not actually remember how to do it. Anyway back to Anne’s accent. At the beginning when we first here her speak it comes out posh English (like Queen’s English) rather than Yorkshire Lass from T’up North. It does kind of reappear in places on the odd word and she does actually sound like Emma Morley should sound. I was going to say that Anne plays Emma quite well minus the accent but then I realised she kinda doesn’t. Anne is lovely and she’s one of my favourite actresses but I’d always imagined that Emma was a bit of a plain Jane and although she had that thing that made her pretty, Dexter was always looking for the fun factor that Emma kinda didn’t have at first and therefore was always over looked (and regularly Dex put his foot in it because of this “overlooking”).

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{BHamVintageFair: Promo Video}

While we were there on Saturday, the lovely Rebecca from Glacier Films was there taking clips here and there and this is the finished promo video for the Vintage Fair – it’s so exciting especially to see something I made on video too! (I make two appearances near the beginning and then my product appears around 2:18 I think…..but blink and you’ll miss it lol.

Hopefully my creations will also be on Etsy soon.

{BHamVintageFair: Part Two}

While I was packing on Thursday, Chris asked me was I taking my MacBook with me – to which I replied “No I wouldn’t need it”, having said that I over used my phone posting as many tweets as I could about the whole event and then could have written the review of the day on the train on the way home – so maybe next time I should be parked in a corner with my MacBook and an internet dongle and then going to visit each stand and come back and blog about it to my hearts content. (Maybe this needs to be suggested to Rickie!).

Right anyway, back to the point. We arrived at the venue and there were quite a few people there already. We managed to get tables reshuffled and move sofas and things like that so we were all about in the right place. I set up my little bench with my items on it. It was to the side of Rickie’s Rhinestone Cowgirl stand so I have the feeling it kept getting confused and was merging into her stand rather than being one of it’s own. Anyway, I had a lovely time. I got my stand set up and then answered questions where I could then settled down to knit between customers. I didn’t have very many in the morning but I think it was because I was kinda hiding behind the clothing rail. I ended up standing up to knit which although can be done is a little uncomfortable in the end.

There were two bands who played during the day. One is Naked Remedy and the other is Dakesis. They were both very good but both very loud. By the end of Naked Remedy’s first set my brain felt like it had been wrapped in cotton wool. I guess this was the problem with my stand being the closest to the stage. Then again it gave me prime position for photos. My favourite song of all the sets was Dakesis’s cover of Cum On Feel The Noize by Slade.

During the day I grabbed a sandwich from one of the stands and also a hot chocolate from More Cocoa – it was epic! there was a dollop of melted chocolate in the bottom and then a bunch of milk was mixed it with it. It was so yummy! I had a brief chat with one of the lovely ladies from UrbanCoffeeCo but she had to dash off because there was  queue forming so we didn’t actually finish our conversation.

I made two sales which was more than I thought I would lol. I even finished making another mobile phone case while I was there. I had lots of fun and loved looking round the stands – the main issue I find with vintage clothing is that I am too big for it (I really need a 16 – 14 is still pushing it a bit) I bought a headband and then saw @stylengrit tweet about this fab dino necklace but then I couldn’t find the stand who were selling it. I stayed till 5 and helped clear up a bit but then it was time for me to head home again.



It was the first time that I’d caught a train from Milton Keynes so I was a little worried about making sure I was there on time and things like that. I’d booked my tickets in advance so I just needed to find my platform – which was easy enough it was the one the furthest away. I grabbed a drink and some cash before heading through the station to the platform. Okay please appreciate my geek-ness for a sec. A few weeks ago I watched a documentary presented by Richard Hammond about The Bullet Train. Now although we don’t have Bullet Trains in the same way they have them in Japan – the Pendolino train is getting closer than a normal train. I stood on the platform and got rather excited that not only was I going to Birmingham I could be going on a Pendolino train. (I think somewhere if I had a bucket list “Ride the Bullet Train in Japan” would be high on the list. Hence why I was excited!). So I text my Dad and ask him about “How can you tell the difference between a Pendolino and a normal train?”, “Does it lean really far or enough that I’ll feel a difference”, Yes I know I ask really random questions but my Dad is the kinda guy who would know this stuff. The full name of the Pendolino is an Alstom Class 390 Pendolino. (GEEK!!)

Right back to the point so I’m going from Milton Keynes to Birmingham, The train is coming from London Euston so it’s packed of people getting home for the weekend. I got on the train but really should have walked along the platform and then got onto it – the train was packed and I’m pretty sure I hit one person at least with my bag (I’m sorry if you are that person and you are now reading this – it wasn’t intentional). So I find my seat. It’s a window and the lady in the aisle seat is really grumpy. I’d later find out that she’d been on a craft day or something as she had a craft case. I sat down in my seat and got comfortable. The lady next to me spent the whole trip leaning into the aisle as if I was taking up a seat and a half. (I’m pretty sure I wasn’t but doesn’t really help when I’m having a spazz about my self image anyway lol).

So I read and write and listen to music all the way to Birmingham. I have text message and tweet conversations with various people including my Dad and Rickie. I arrive at Birmingham and it’s packed to the rafters – I don’t actually know if I’m heading the right way but I figure I’ll follow the flow and either find Rickie or find a shop to wait in/by until Rickie can track me down. I got through the barriers and there she was. Well kinda, another guy who had been walking along my left hand side before the barrier decided that he didn’t like that side and walked straight in front of me without really pausing so I nearly walked into him. Rickie was very excited and nervous and stuff all at the same time (about the same as I was!) We walked back to Rickie’s via the supermarket and then via her favourite coffee shop so that she could show me where it was. It’s one of those places we regularly discuss and now I’ve seen it in person (well the doorstep – we were on a bit of a mission.) I’d really not packed very well, I’d brought one pair of jeans with me in the hope that I was packing light but at the same time didn’t bring a coat. As we left the station there was a torrential downpour happening outside (I’m surprised I don’t have a cold – if I did it would be my own fault!) We got to Rickie’s and I changed into my pyjama bottoms so that I could put my jeans over the bath to dry at least a little bit. Friday evening consisted of eating fish and chips – I even tried mushy peas – which is pretty much crazy for me I never do that kinda thing.

Having dried off a bit, Rickie wrote a to do list of all the bits and pieces we needed to do to finish before bedtime. Included in this list was “#PaintTheTownYellow” this is what Rickie had dubbed – sticking up posters that direct people from the main thoroughfare to the venue. Easy – but then add in the rain. So we came up with a plan – I’d hold the post in it’s plastic pocket to a lamppost and Rickie would tape it on. We headed back to the flat – put on the Glastonbury coverage on BBC – Rickie even put up with U2 for me which was really sweet. We headed off to bed and got ready for the next day. I was kinda dozing when I got a text from my friend – I was kinda trying to ignore it as my phone was across the other side of the room on the dining room table but at the same time I wanted/needed to read it and I’m glad I did – it was a prayer request from one of the girls at church. I couldn’t really ignore it so sat on the sofa bed for about 10-15 minutes and prayed through her request. I then curled up and headed off for sleep.

I think I woke up around 4 or 5am and managed to doze off again but it was really light sleep so the tiniest noise and I came to again. I dozed for a bit and in the end got up and played with my phone. Around 8ish it was my turn to grab a shower, so I did what was needed then got dressed. My jeans and t-shirt had been through the tumble drier when we got home so that they would be completely dry for me to wear out again on Saturday. We did a couple of last minute bits round the flat and then when Rickie’s sidekicks arrived we got the cars loaded. Me, Rickie and Prefect Number 1 walked up to the venue while Prefect Number 2 and Rickie’s friend drove the cars.

(Part Two to follow)

Day 55: Thumbs Up!

So following my post back in January and the letter I wrote to a letter to Pizza Express. We’d been for dinner and the service we received really wasn’t that good amongst other bits (See the above link).

After a few emails going backwards and forwards I got a lovely email from Paul who (I think) is the Regional Manager. We were given a “voucher” for two main courses and today we went for that meal.

The waitress we had was super lovely. She even recognised my name when I showed her the email. I asked her, her name so that I could ask for her when we asked for the bill – rather than have the confusion that we had last time.

Okay so this is when I go off on a geeky moment because Lucy (our waitress) commented on how much she liked my blog. Yes I did go all stupid have a bit of a giggly moment – apparently she’d seen the URL on the email that was passed round the managers and so looked up my blog on her phone and really liked it!

We both had a starter, I had dough balls (As usual!!) and Chris had the Tricolore which was avocado, mozzarella and tomatoes on like a pizza base. I had a little bit of the mozzarella with the base in exchange for one of my dough balls.

We then both had pizza for our mains, I had a margarita and Chris had La Reine which had olives and things like that on it. It was lovely.

Pudding was the challenge – banoffee pie or dough balls with Nutella?!?! Talk about a hard decision. Well Lucy helped me make the decision and we both had banoffe pie. It was really nice as well – sometimes the banana can over power everything else and actually it didn’t this time it was really really nice.

Lucy came back and gave us the bill and we had a chat about blogging and things like that, which was really lovely because it was kinda busy as it was a Thursday. Lucy and her lovely top service has restored my opinion and I’d gladly go back again.

Me and Chris were talking on the way back to the car – next time we come do we need to look through the window and see if Lucy is working before we go in so we know that we’re going to get fab service again.

Ruby and Branden

My friend Ruby and her hubby to be had an e-session taken by Vibrant Photography.

When Branden and Ruby got half-engaged they were on the opposite side of the world from each other. During their shoot Branden re-proposed to Ruby so that they were officially proposed – how super sweet! I’ve been invited to the wedding and I’m kinda gutted that I can’t go – It’s all the way in Australia – I looked into it to see if I could go see Loz and Sheens and do the tourist thing but every time I thought about going to Australia on my own my stomach did a back flip. Going to MK is fine it’s 30 miles down the road, going to Scotland to see my cousin again isn’t that far away in comparison and I’d be with my cousin if there were any problems. But Australia and on my own – eep! So I won’t be there in person but I am sending them the biggest hugs and good wishes.

If you click on either of the pictures and that will take you to the Vibrant Photography website, where you can see to the other photos from the shoot – and you can see the photos that they have taken for other couples.

First Impressions (HTC Desire Z)

This evening my new phone arrived. I was going to go into town yesterday to get it but stuff including the weather was weighed against me. It wasn’t snowing but it was very icy and last time we had snow I ended up going to A&E (thankfully it was just bruising that time)

Anyway so here I am lying in bed with feet like blocks of ice while I write this post and attempt not to doze off (I think the cold weather makes me want to hibernate more that anything else.

The on screen keyboard takes a little getting used to. Because of that I’m using the Qwerty keyboard to write this post and so far it’s good.

The slide out keyboard is good but due the angle at which I’m writing this I’m a little worried about the screen and how flimsy it feels. Then again maybe its just new phone nerves lol. I’ll be fine in a few weeks once I’ve dropped it down the stairs and thrown it about in my bag lol.

I installed the WordPress for Android app which even in a younger incarnation is better and stabler than the iPhone equivalent. If I switch from the landscape view to the vertical (on screen view) and back again there are very few problems whereas before ny iPhone would have crashed and freaked out at me. This is either because of the app itself or the fact my phone was running iPhone 4.2 on a 3G handset.

All in all I’m pleased with the choice. A lot of my favourite apps are available on both platforms so there are no worries there. The camera is nice and clear, there are also “in house” filters you can use to create black and white or sepia images for example.

Anyway I love it, blogging during my lunch break and on the go should be a whole bunch easier now.