265: Fill in The Blanks Friday

(Joining with Lauren from the Little Things We Do)

1.  Something I am very proud of is my cousin, like a lot of young people her age she is heading off to university in the next few weeks to study Psychology – rock on! I was telling Connect Group on Wednesday that I remember holding her the day she was born (or it was the day after she was born – I just remember she was little even in my 9 year old arms lol).

2.  My favourite thing about myself is my organisational skills. Okay so if you saw this picture from my Instagram or how messy my room is at the moment you wouldn’t believe me but I can juggle three diaries and I’m pretty good at making sure we’re in the right place at the right time.

3.  My favourite colour for fall is clothes wise is probably purple. Then again I don’t really dress in set colours for set seasons – I just go with what I want to wear each day (is that really boring?).

4. Something I’ve been learning lately is remember to trust in God, don’t stress about the future because he’s got the plans!

5. A book I am reading now/have read recently isFrom Blah to Awe” by Jenna Lucado Bishop. I think it’s technically for teenage girls but I’m a girl and I’m in my twenties – I can still be a teen right? (When I’m not being a 26 year old Foster Mum lol)

6. My favourite Pandora Station is well, I don’t use Pandora. If I’m in the car chances are I either have a CD on or BBC Radio 2. Occasionally I flick over to BBC Radio 1 but it tends to be for the chart on a Sunday afternoon if we’re still in the car. At home I have UCB on and at work we have had BBC Radio 2 on this week at Scott Mills has been on the Breakfast show – I’m not sure if we’re going back to it next week when Nick Grimshaw takes over the Breakfast Show from Chris Moyles.

7.  This weekend I will be having lunch with my friend from school who I haven’t seen properly in about a year – I’ve bumped into him in town or while he’s at work but that’s about it. I’m then helping with the Mother/Daughter event at The Fountain.

083: Fill In The Blanks Friday

1. My favorite color is green I think – it used to be purple but I kind of grew out of that lol.

2. My home decor color palette includes lots of cream, white or coffee colours – our living room is like a mint green – I don’t think I’d have picked it but our house was recently redecorated when we moved in.

3. Other people always tell me I look good in the color red…however I don’t tend to wear it – I have two red dresses (one that I got at the Swishing Party) but other than that I don’t think I really wear red.

4. The color I detest is lime green – I genuinely really really dislike it!!

5. If you were to look in my closet most of the colors you’d see would be lots of black probably then it’s probably blue or purple.

6. A color that I simply cannot pull off no matter how hard I try is yellow – it makes me look ill and washed out. I end up wearing yellow socks or something like that so that I can wear yellow!

7. The color of my favorite dress is reddy brown with white spots – unfortunately it’s split along the seam so I need to ask Mum to help me repair it.

055: Swishing and Other Green Ideas

As you may or may not know by now I’m part of the team trying to set up a Youth and Community Venue called The Fountain here in Bedford. Well Chris (my husband) did his bit and cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats (me and my Father in Law blogged our way round as Chris’s support team back in September – you can read our posts here). Our friend Jen W is running the Milton Keynes Marathon in April (she had entered the London Marathon but she didn’t get picked in the ballot).

So I started thinking about what I could do. Well I am hosting/setting up a Swishing Party and Cake sale in March at Russell Park Baptist Church.

Then I got thinking – what if you don’t live in Bedford or do but can’t get to the Swishing Party – what other green things can you do or that you can do to help out other people.

There’s all the usual bits like recycling food cans and paper through the local council services or taking the glass to the glass bank (recycling places around town), or taking your clothes to a swishing party or charity shop but what about going further – you can take electrical items to the tidy tip (that’s what it’s called here in Bedford anyway) and they will deal with them from there or some you can sell on second hand like eBay or CEX but what about recycling.

When I upgraded my phone a while back I was told about a recycling scheme that the particular mobile phone store did, at the time I was holding onto my handset as a second handset but I’ve heard recently that O2 have their own scheme too. It turns out, all sorts of bits from your phone can be resused either as a whole phone or broken down into its components and used for other things.

  • People in 3rd world countries often receive donated phones. This means you can not only provide someone else with a phone, but reduce the need for further mobile production. Any time manufacturing is cut down, carbon emissions are cut down a bit also.
  • Apparently, mobile phones contain various valuable plastics, as well as metals like copper and even gold and palladium. Recycling conserves these materials.
  • Also, your old mobile contains harmful substances like mercury and arsenic in its battery, and if you throw it away instead of recycling it, these materials can harm the environment.

I think I knew about all the bits that go into a mobile phone to make it into a phone but I hadn’t realised that all the bits could be taken out of the handset again and put to good use. I also didn’t know about there being mercury and arsenic in the phone battery (although I did know a lot of mobile phones have Lithium in them – which already makes me want to sing this song by Nirvana).

So what about giving it a try – as the saying goes one man’s junk is another’s treasure. Start with one thing and go for it. See what happens.

If you want to come to the Swishing party you can find more information here or here.

039: Outfit Post

They are rare but sometimes they happen – if you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen these.

Today's outfit. I have to take side ways other wise I can't fit all of me in.
Christmas Jumper – Asda
Camera T-shirt (underneath) – Threadless
Brown Pinstriped Trousers – Tesco (I think)
Boots – Asda
Back at work today.
Parachute Trousers – Next (via Charity Shop)
Blue Long Sleeved Shirt – Sainsburys
Purple T-Shirt – Sainsburys
Cowl Scarf – Tesco
Jeans – Next
Hoodie – Threadless
Coat – Tesco
Hat – Tesco
T-Shirt – I’m not entirely sure lol.

009: Jeans!

Have you got a favourite outfit?

I think mine would have to be my jeans – I think given the choice I would live in them all the time (well minus my pyjama bottoms when I’m asleep!)

#Ikea baby!!

I virtually wear a pair of jeans until they wear out in the knees (or other places) or get so trashed at the bottom that I have to cut them into 3/4 lengths or shorts just to be able to wear them still. In the past I’ve asked my Mum to sew funky fabrics over the knees just so that they last just a bit longer! (which works for wearing round the house but doesn’t really work for wearing on dress down day at work).

A few weeks back just as I started looking for a new pair of jeans, FuelMyBlog offered an opportunity that would mean I could get a voucher for Next. Well in the past I’ve had trousers from Next that have fallen to pieces out of too much love, where I’ve worn them and sewn them back up to keep them going just a bit longer. So HELLO! Yes please to the voucher for Next! I got very excited the day that they arrived – they’d been delivered to our neighbours and our neighbour came out to give the package to us (me and Our Sidekick) well I had to try then on straight away so we went in the house I got changed and then we had a fashion show lol. These are the ones I choose.

I’m the kind of girl that has trouble buying trousers. I’m 5 ft 2 and at the moment I’m a 16 (however I tried on my new Size 14 trousers this morning and they do up although still a bit tight!). So the problem I have is that 16 Petite’s are too short in the length, or 16 regular are 4 inches too long. (The other problem is then the cut – not every shop seems to have the same definition of “boyfriend” cut lol)

So I went for a look round the Next website – I knew I wanted boyfriend cut and they needed to be a 16. I’m not convinced by the many pictures view that you get when you first load up the page but when you narrow it down to the jeans section you can cut down by colour, waistline and things like that. You can also cut down by if you are after a pair of Maternity jeans  (Rather than feeling like you can’t be glamourous while pregnant!)

It took me a little while but I found my jeans and now I’ve been wearing them nearly every weekend. Jeans are a staple of a girls wardrobe I think and sometimes you can’t always find the right cut but try Next – they have so many different styles that  you can look at.

This is a sponsored post and for full disclosure purposes, I received a voucher for Next which I traded in for a new pair of jeans in return for a product review/mention. Courtesy of FuelMyBlog

What I Wore Today

Today my best friend from school married her boyfriend. They’ve been together over 6 years ish (maybe – actually it could be closer to 7 or even 8). I rarely do WIW posts because I usually don’t have anyone to take a picture of me. Then again because it’s funny at work that I’ve dressed up for the day my colleague took my picture and sent it round. So here is me stood in our office.



So I know of a few couples who are getting married in the next few months and so I really could do with a proper nice dress to wear. Well I think I’ve found it – however given the neckline I might have a challenge if I wear it to a winter wedding – but anyhoo how awesome is this dress.

Image belongs to Vivien of Holloway :)

It’s made by a company called Vivien of Holloway. You can find their store here and their blog here. Also if you watch Strictly Come Dancing on Sunday during the results show there was a Rock n Roll Number. The dresses that the girl professionals were wearing were made by this company.

Fill In The Blanks (Oct 15th)

Fill in the blank Friday via Lauren at The Little Things We Do.

Okay I know it’s now Sunday but I’ve had one of those weekends where blogging seems to be the last thing on my mind. I dyed my hair again yesterday and by the time I’d done that and sorted stuff for our friend’s Birthday Party it was today and then Zoza’s Baptism and I was at church from 9 till about 3:30.

So anyhoo here is my Fill in the Blank Friday Sunday

1. Blogging is my thing. My friends can paint and others make things, I take photos and blog.

2. A current fashion trend I wish I was brave enough to wear is high heels. I know it sounds silly but I really struggle with wearing heels lol. I have a pair of wedges which is about it when it comes to heels – but they are like an inch heel and thats it lol.

3. My greatest accomplishment in life thus far is graduating from university with a Lower Second after failing my A Levels and almost not getting onto my course.

4. If I had to choose between a mountain or a beach vacation I’d choose erm actually I’d choose a city break rather than mountains or beach – I guess I would go for mountains because I’d like to learn how to ski but then again I’d love to go scuba diving – oh yes I’m so indecisive!!

5. A talent I wish I had is crocheting. My Mum has taught me like 3 or 4 times but I can’t quite get the knack of it.

6. A talent I do have is playing bass guitar, flute, recorder and some other instruments.

7. This week band was cancelled so I played guitar lots, I went to my first concert and ended up really tired because of my late nights lol.

BEDA Day 17 (Part Two)

I read quite a few blogs and so many people are getting involved with the 4 Simple Goals project that Elsie at A Beautiful Mess started. I’ve also seen it here, here, here and here. As I’m doing 101 Things I was a little reluctant to join in but then again I keep seeing it all over the place so here I am with my list – I couldn’t resist.

1. Take More Photos

Okay so everyone seems to have this but it’s true – I carry my camera round with me nearly all the time and seem to take lots of photos at events but not of every day stuff lol.

2. Dress More Girlie

According to my Mum, when I was little I adored dresses, I wore them all the time, then I got to about 11 or 12n and didn’t want to be the girlie girl any more and went completely to wearing trousers as much of the time as possible. Now I’m 24 and want to be more girlie lol. So here we go – I’m going to wear a dress or a skirt at least once a week.

3. Knitting

I love knitting but have the tendency to start projects and not finish them (or then unpick them to use the wool for other things). So I want to finish some projects and be more inventive and not wimp out by purling and dropping stitches and picking up stitches.

4. Re-Dye my hair

I unfortunately am blessed with premature grey hairs so I have two choices – I leave my hair natural and wait for all my greys to appear or I keep dying my hair for as long as possible lol. I’ve already decided that when I go grey all over I am dying my hair pink or blue – mainly because I have naturally dark hair and so the pink only shows up if I bleach first.

BEDA Day 16

Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.

Joe Fox, You’ve Got Mail

The thing is I agree with him lol. Okay so I’ve never been to New York so don’t agree on that bit but the school supplies things – each summer I got to the supermarket and they have funky notepads, pens, pencils and other supplies in funky colours. On the Etsy website they have a whole list of suggestions for the Back to School season – so I’m window shopping lol. Here is my hypothetical list if I was going to school/college this September which I’m not lol. After this week I’ll be back at work:

School Bag


I found this through the suggested items list. The store is called Kibber and they have so many different designs and colours. I liked this one but I really like some of the others like this and this.



How cool are these notepads? I saw the yellow one and then spotted the image with the other colours! They are listed in Sugar Cookie’s Etsy Store. I love the cartoon character on the front – minus the fact that I wouldn’t wear a skirt that short I think it’s like me – living in my headphones lol. They also do funky badges – this is my favourite badge. Missy (who makes these fab creations) also blogs at Rancho Cocoa, she also writes here at Missy Kulik – take a read! (Having gone back to add links and stuff I found these notebooks which are even more me – Guitar Girl).

At moment in my bag I carry a supermarket version of the infamous Moleskine notebooks – it’s similar to this one (at about third of the price lol)

Laptop Decal

Laptop Decal

I don’t think I ever took my laptop with me to classes at Upper School but when I started taking it to uni classes to take notes etc I had stickers stuck all over the front of my laptop – I so should have got one of these awesome decals. I think I might get one for my Mac but can’t decide on the design – Maybe I should design my own and find someone to print it lol. This one above is by a store on Etsy called OvenMonsters, I saw a few others this week including a Snow White one.


Parker Pen

I’m a bit retro when it comes to writing – I like biros for quick notes and things like that but I really like writing with an ink pen – I’m not really sure why as they can be kinda messy. The only thing I can put it down to is my artistic flair lol. I’ve got a Parker Frontier in Blue at the moment that is running Turquoise ink lol. I use it at work but it’s mainly used for diary writing and things like that.


From Year 5 until joining the Sixth Form when I was 16, the school supplied you with a homework diary – they were often pretty boring and by Christmas mine was covered in pictures from magazines or arty pictures or doodles. Now I’m a bit better lol. At the moment I have an 18 Month Moleskine on the go. I had made a deal with That Boy that when I went back to an iPhone I would try going digital with my diary again but there is something about writing events in a paper diary – that way I remember what I’m supposed to be doing. (Especially as my work diary doesn’t sync with my phone and my Google calendar syncs with my iPhone and my MacBook lol talk about complicated!)

Colouring Pencils

Colouring Pencils

When it comes to colouring pencils the different range the better lol. I don’t pick a particular brand and I’m happy with supermarket own ones if they do the job and don’t break too much. Even when I was at University I still had colouring pencils in my pencil case – they were a staple of my doodling time lol. (Yes for someone who doodles alot I really have no skills when it comes to drawing lol.)

Have I missed anything?

I’m sure I probably missed something but having not been in a class room for a few years now, I think I am bound to have forgotten some bits lol.My schools all had set uniform so own choice of school clothes didn’t really happen for me lol. My school uniform for middle school was a red and gold tie (which would later actually be the same colours as the ties for Gryffindor), a navy jumper with the school crest, a white shirt and navy skirt along with white socks and black shoes. At Upper School, uniform was in the winter (Well September through to Easter) was a black V-Neck jumper with the school logo (or in our case it was just the name), a white shirt with a black and silvery-grey tie, along with a black skirt or black trousers – I had wide leg trousers but the length of skirt and the fit of trousers was definitely up for interpretation, in the summer it was a polo shirt with the skirt/trousers combination again. The good thing about not having to choice as to what I wore to school meant that I didn’t have to worry about what I was wearing – until it came to mufti days but they were few and far between and easy to deal with lol. On the other hand by having to pick my own stuff I think my personality might have shown a little more and I wouldn’t have been the quiet girl that all my teachers made me out to be lol.

What was your favourite bit about going back to school? Or were you like me who often didn’t want to go back to school and face the bullies?

Pea.Ess – don’t worry I’m not blogging at work – I have this week off, there is a whole bunch of stuff going on including a fun day and a holiday club that I am taking part in so blogging is going to fit in around them – I might even have chance to live blog at the Fun Day on Sunday. If you want more info about the fun day take a look here or watch the video below: