Bloggers Wednesday: Claire

What’s your name?

Officially it’s Claire, but a lot of people call me Elle, which is a shortening of my middle name.

Where do you live (country is fine)?

London, UK

Where do you blog?

Pipe Dreams and Professions

What made you start blogging?

I interned for a digital PR agency back in summer 2008 and they introduced me to the world of blogging and Twitter. I’d recently finished my website as the last Harry Potter book had been published, so I had a big internet gap and blogging soon filled it!

How long have you been blogging? Has it always been in the same place?

Nearly 3 years – I changed the URL over in summer 2009

WordPress, Blogger or other?

Blogger! I tend to associate WordPress with building blogs for clients.

Do you have a day job or is blogging your main thing?

I’m currently the Social Media Manager for UNICEF UK, which is a great privilege. I look after the Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube accounts, creating and integrating content with the website, and monitoring what’s been said about the brand. I also write about Social Media for TNW.

Do you have specific blogs that inspire you?

I love reading Against Her Better Judgement, *Insert My Blog Name Here*, Run Vic Run, Becca Caddy, London Beauty Queen and Confessions of an unemployed twenty something. For quirky internet stories I’m a fan of Brand Flakes for Breakfast, and I always read TechCrunch and Mashable.

If you could ask me one question (and I answer it) What would it be?

If you were a nursery rhyme character, who would you be?

Piece of advice for bloggers out there?

Don’t write for other people, write for yourself. If you’re always trying to second guess what you think your audience wants to read, you won’t enjoy it as much.

In answer to Claire’s Question:

If you were a nursery rhyme character, who would you be?

I actually have no idea. I’d probably be Humpty Dumpty because I’m kinda clumsy and often trip over my own feet! Then again I can’t think of any others – my minds gone blank.

Day 90: 24 Before I’m 25 – Final Update

To do

Watch a Ballet or Opera.
Look! I’ve got one goal left to complete – and although there probably is time to do it – my birthday is getting closer and I don’t think it’s going to happen – If I were to adapt it so it was “Watch a Ballet, Musical or Opera” then I could tick this off my list but it kinda defeats the point because musicals are my favourites and so tend to be more accessible or higher up the list of things to go and see.

The other goals that I’ve completed recently are:

Read Angelology by Danielle Trussoni.
I finished this the other night, it then turned out that Becca was also reading it. I tweeted about finishing the book and Becca replied – the following day we got a reply from Danielle – how crazy is that! I did really like the book but the end was a little anticlimatic – it kinda built up to a point but then took a twist – maybe it was because I wanted a happy ending and it kinda wasn’t there but then again maybe that’s just my opinion. Danielle is very descriptive in her writing – and often I needed a dictionary in the other hand to keep up with what was going on.

Complete 30 Days of Lists
This finished yesterday – there are a whole heap of posts. If you click here it will filter the categories and you can find the posts there or if you go here to my Flickr Photostream there are lots of pictures there of my lists. I started in my Moleksine notebook but in the end moved to the notes section in my filofax.

Buy/Borrow and watch Gone with the Wind.
Originally I was going to buy a copy of Gone with The Wind to watch it – in the end my Aunt had a copy that I could borrow which was really cool. I did like the story line but really wanted to give Scarlett O’Hara a “Gibbs-Slap” (Do you watch NCIS?) she’s really spoiled and kinda irritating. She gets a sort of reality check when she losses everything but at the same time it just makes her more defiant to succeed. As much as Rhett is a bit of a scoundrel – Scarlett gives as well as she got so actually I find it hard to feel sorry for her. I’ve seen the iconic scene at the end but I didn’t realise how much happens in the middle to get them to that point. I didn’t realise that they have a daughter and that she dies in an accident.


  1. Read Angelology by Danielle Trussoni
  2. Complete 30 Days of Lists
  3. Buy/Borrow and watch Gone with the Wind.
  4. Watch Superbowl 45 (February 2011)
  5. Watch It’s A Wonderful Life.
  6. Volunteer at Children in Need.
  7. Meet up with an old school friend.
  8. Watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1.
  9. Have a Father/Daughter Day.
  10. Make 25% of my Christmas cards by hand.
  11. Finish my NaNoWriMo story.
  12. Buy The Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD.
  13. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  14. Go for cake and drink with Brains
  15. Be included in the Christmas Performance at Church
  16. Meet @Beccaspeaks
  17. Write part/whole play.
  18. Complete 100 Films goal for 101 Things.
  19. Complete Alphabet of Films goal for 101 Things
  20. Complete a photo a day for a month (31 photos) (Jan 2011)
  21. Have friends round for dinner.
  22. Buy Miracle on 34th Street (Remake) on DVD
  23. Watch Miracle on 34th Street

Day 87: Blog Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday


This time four years ago I posted my first blog post here. It’s had it’s ups and downs and some days I’ve really not been bothered about it and other days I’ve posted multiple times – well here goes for another 4 years (fingers crossed!). I’ve changed the blog name to “The Second Quarter” because at the end of of next month I turn 25 and enter the second quarter of my life :) (Yup I guess that means I’m hoping to live to 100! Well we’ll see won’t we!) I’m hoping to bring in new features and things like that – I’m still working on them.

Day 82

I’ve stated a list of songs that I want to download or get. I wanted to share the videos with you.

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N by Noah and The Whale. (Always reminds me of Lola).

Maybe by Sick Puppies

My Selfish Gene (Live) by Catatonia

Goldfish and Paracetamol by Catatonia

Bloggers Wednesday: David

Yup this time we have a boy blogger rather than a girl blogger – so be nice!

What’s your name?
David Lurie (or Sir) ((or yes, Master, but only Igor calls me that))

Where do you live (country is fine)?
Pretty Much Dead Centre on a map of London

Where do you blog?
I blog for (my personal and comedy blog), (my business and training blog) and for the Guardian. I’m currently in negotiation to join a VERY high profile international magazine as a blogger but don’t want to name it yet.

What made you start blogging?
Originally it was part of my marketing strategy, then when I split the blog into two separate sites it half became about marketing and half became talking about things that made me laugh.

How long have you been blogging? Has it always been in the same place?
I did blog YEARS ago for livejournal but it was a joke blog and unfortunately got taken seriously and got me into some trouble. No more story to that!

WordPress, Blogger or other?

Do you have a day job or is blogging your main thing?
I do indeed have a day job: I’m the managing director of a training company

Do you have specific blogs that inspire you?
LOADS! The Bloggess, A Life in Translation, More is Better, Mental Poo (NSFW in places), Pipe Dreams and Professions, Hacked Off Flack, Newsvetter, Hyperbole and a Half, The Oatmeal and xkcd inspire me on the personal/comedy side.

(If you want to read one of all those start with Pipe Dreams and Professions – I am biased because I read it too but go for it you’ll like it!)

On the business side the list gets a bit long, but I’d have to say Anthony Tjan and Peter Bregman’s HBR Blogs, the Association for Psychological Science, the British Psychological Society blogs (especially Occupational Digest), Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science, Laura’s Psychology Blog, Research Blogging- Psychology, Richard Wiseman’s Blog, Seth Godin’s Blog, The Essential Read, The Situationist (sometimes), Wired Science (sometimes).

If you could ask me one question (and I answer it) What would it be?

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? And NO GUESSING – I expect to see the workings in full.

Piece of advice for bloggers out there?
Be true to yourself and ignore any criticism you get (if 99.999% of people in the world hate your blog and 0.001% read it, you’d have one of the most popular blogs in the world)

In answer to David’s question:
How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? And NO GUESSING – I expect to see the workings in full.

If he could chuck wood, the woodchuck would chuck as much as he could!



(I know really this should have been posted this morning because of it being Wednesday but this week hasn’t been a normal one!)

Bloggers Wednesday: Jen

What’s your name?

Where do you live (country is fine)?
Miami, FL

Where do you blog?

What made you start blogging?
I wanted to share my thoughts and the things the fascinated me most. I had just moved out and wanted to chronicle my journey to finding myself. I have absolutely fallen in love with blogging, especially the friendships i’ve made and the amazing people I have met. now I blog because it makes me very very happy!

How long have you been blogging? Has it always been in the same place?
I started blogging late last year after moving out on my own for the first time. It was so helpful, the perfect outlet to sort out my thoughts and keep me sane.

WordPress, Blogger or other?

Do you have a day job or is blogging your main thing?
I work at FIU as a development officer. basically i am a fund raiser.

Do you have specific blogs that inspire you?
Way too many to mention just check out the blogs I follow and I promise you will fall in love with them too.
(Note: Go here and there is a long list along the right hand side. Just a few are below)

Aesthetic Outburst

If you could ask me one question (and I answer it) What would it be?
What truly makes you happy?

Piece of advice for bloggers out there?
Have fun with blogging. blog what you feel passion for.

In answer to Jen’s Question:

What truly makes you happy?
That’s tough, I’m a Christian, so something that makes me happy is knowing that God didn’t make a mistake when he made me. He knew of me before I was born – and although I feel lost and like I’m not sure where I’m heading in life, he knows and has a plan. (Half quoted verses there are Psalm 139:16 and Jeremiah 29:11).
That I have a loving family – okay so we don’t get all the time but the fact that they are there and that I can rely on them is a huge deal. My parents celebrate 28 years of marriage in a few weeks and my Grandparents on my Mum side celebrate 50 years of marriage later this year. That’s a lot of married-ness! But how awesome is that!

Bloggers Wednesday: Elle

What’s your name?
Elle! Like the one on Heroes. Only more awesome ;)

Where do you live (country is fine)?
United Kingdom.

Where do you blog?
I blog over at The Seventh Circle of Elle. If you’re asking where I actually blog, then the answer is anywhere! Though it’s usually on my laptop, perched at a desk, in my knickers (with a strong coffee to hand, of course). I’m one of those overly-organised freaks who carry a notebook and pens everywhere, so when I get bloggy inspiration, I jot it down, and update later. (I’m also ‘capesandcorsets’ on Twitter.)
What made you start blogging?
As much as I’d like to give you the self-righteous spiel on how I was asleep in my bedroom, when an Angel of the Lord appeared in a burst of bright light and told me that if I started a blog, the world would be a better place, I’ll try and refrain. Instead, I’ll be perfectly truthful – I wanted a place to vent. I wanted somewhere to write about my personal goals, my interests, just general things in my life. I’d tried paper-based diaries but had never managed to keep them past May. And seeing people comment and share their own thoughts made starting a blog even more fun. The community aspect of blogging was the icing on the very yummy blogcake!

How long have you been blogging? Has it always been in the same place?
I’ve been blogging for a few years. And no, Seventh Circle is relatively new, but that’s where I’m staying! Sometimes I blog a few times a week, sometimes once a fortnight. It depends on how busy I am and when inspiration strikes! But I’ll definitely be keeping it up.

WordPress, Blogger or other?
Blogger all the way. That said, I’ve tried WordPress, and as fab as it is, it’s just not for me. Whenever I tried WP, I kept returning to Blogger. Blogger is perfect for a personal blog – quick, easy and with more options for templates.

Do you have a day job or is blogging your main thing?
If only it was! I have a day job, and I’m also editor of female fiction website Trashionista. I’m currently re-writing my novel for my literary agent (here’s hoping it’s popular!) and I’ve just started working with a friend who’s just started up her own PR company. Oh, and sometimes, I save the world before breakfast.

Do you have specific blogs that inspire you?
Lots! I find a lot of personal blogs inspiring but there are far too many to list!

Forever Amber

Some I like are Forever Amber (,


Cup Cate (, Paula ( and of course, I follow a lot of book blogs.

If you could ask me one question (and I answer it) What would it be?
Ha, you shouldn’t have asked that! ;) Hmmm…*wrings hands in glee* Seriously though, how many people do you follow, and who inspires YOU?

Piece of advice for bloggers out there?
I’m aware that others have said this previously, but…be yourself. It’s so easy to see when someone is trying too hard to be cool or funny or venturing away from their usual ‘blog personality.’ Other than that, be careful what you put on your blog. I try not to put anything really personal on mine. It’s not that I’m paranoid, it just feels uncomfortable having too much info available. I know of people who put their whole lives online and it’s unnerving. Personally? I think it works better with a little bit of mystery!

In answer to Elle’s question:

Seriously though, how many people do you follow, and who inspires YOU?

Probably too many lol.

When it comes to writing Ellefie @ Pipe Dreams and Professions and Rickie Writes @ All Road Lead to Cake.

My penpals inspire me too. There’s Bobberdilly who draws a piece of art on every envelope he sends and Becca who sends me funny or pretty cards each time.

I believe that people are brought into my life for a reason. There’s Lauren, who has this humungous heart for everyone, she works with Nate who equally wants to make the world a better place and does so through ItStartsWithUs. Then there is Em and Tim at Today’s Letters – I blog about them on a regular basis because they are just so awesome lol. Em writes a letter to Tim every day – it’s often only four sentences and a picture but it’s showing her love to him every day. Tim then writes on a Friday back to her. Each post ends with a question to get us involved. I recently heard Em and Tim’s testimonies and how they became Christians and ended up together – it’s so sweet in places but in other places it’s heartbreaking. Either way they are awesome and they inspire me hugely.

Is that a long enough answer? hehe.