BEDA Day 20

Today was the last day of holiday club.
Tomorrow is prep for the fun day
Sunday is the Fun Day and Monday I go back to work.

On Wednesday I think it was I was thinking over stuff and every time I thought about going back to work my heart sank.

But, before I go back to work we have the fun day which is going to be awesome. I’m spending a lot of tomorrow getting ready and doing stuff for the Fun Day and Sunday is going to be just as crazy.

This is kinda a stop gap post. There is stuff happening around here that I’d like to write about but at the moment I can’t.

That Boy and the young people get back from Soul Survivor tomorrow so I’ll be told lots about that and the adventures That Boy wants to have.

Anyhoo ttfn

BEDA Day 19

A while back those lovely people at FuelMyBlog offered the chance for a Threadless voucher – you just had to review VoucherHub – well I signed up and kept meaning to write my review – but in that way that it does life kept invading lol.

So here I am using my time off to catch up and get it done.

I love shopping online – it’s so easy and convenient – alot of companies now receive takeaway orders over the internet for example Domino’s Pizza take their orders over their website – they also have a website which updates with the progress of your order.

Alot of shopping websites – like Amazon and eBay have a voucher box during the checkout where you can put in a code to receive money off, free carriage or maybe even a free gift (In some cases lol).

I’ve looked at various companies that I regularly shop at for one or another thing and 6 or 7 of them had vouchers that were usable maybe 1 or 2 had no vouchers at all. It’s definitely worth having a look if you’re wanting a discount somewhere along the line. The good thing about alot of the offers is that they have expiry dates so you can see when they run out. Back to my example of eBay from before, now rather than having money off vouchers they have direct links to ebay pages for certain items that are listed by genuine reliable sellers, for example the first that came up for me was for a Samsung digital camera that was ex-catalogue being sold by Tesco (if you click on the link it’ll take you straight to the ebay voucher page)

Next to each code there is a button with a pair of scissors on it – they copy the code to the clipboard so that you can paste it straight into the checkout box on the relevant site.

There are quite a few other people who joined in to, take a look here:

Sylvie D
Madhouse Family Reviews
Continental Fairy
I’ll Be Francoise

BEDA Day 18

It’s just over half way through BEDA and apart from the hiccup with That Boy being ill, I seem to be doing pretty well with keeping up.

This week has been completely crazy lol. Every evening, I’ve been at one of the local churches helping with their holiday club – and as tiring as it is I am loving it! It’s weeks like this where I miss giving up kids work at church. (There is a long story to why I don’t do kids/youth work any more but the main reason for no kids work is that it clashes with band and one or the other had to give.

I’ve also been taking lots of photos – mainly of my brother and his best bud creating havoc as Phil and Ling in the sketch.

On the other hand the car had to go to the garage as it wasn’t happy. Our friend the mechanic said that he couldn’t get it to make a noise like it did when That Boy showed him it, he’d been working it on home and couldn’t work it out so took it into the garage so that it could put it on the treadmill thingy so run it at different speeds. Again no noise. He also noticed that it was chucking out a lot of fumes – or at least more than normal so he plugged it into the emissions monitor thingy that they used for MOTs gave a reading that is over what it should be to classed as an MOT pass so we might have to get that bit looked at before it’s MOT (note to self ask That Boy when the MOT is due).

Anyhoo so since Monday I’ve been using the lovely bus service around Bedford lol. It was fine apart from when I was waiting at the stop and it started spitting but I just waited it out as the bus was due within minutes. Most of the time the drivers have been okay but I had a really stroppy one this morning – I pointed out to him that the stop button wasn’t working and he got in a royal strop with me – luckily enough I am able bodied enough to walk back to the stop I actually needed but had it been one of the older people on the bus today – they wouldn’t have necessarily been able to manage walking back a stop. Grr some people lol.

I spent around two hours at church printing and cutting up flyers for the Fun Day this Sunday – we’re praying for a good weather – I’d rather be too warm on Sunday that cold wet and miserable lol.

I’m sorry it’s bit of a pants post but it’s nearly midnight and I need to be up at 8:30 to go collect the car before out mechanic friend goes to do another favour for someone else. Also I slept rubbish last night – to the point that I was still awake at around 2:30am.

Did anyone see this weeks episode of The Deep – the trailer for next weeks episode gave away stuff like the fact that they must go back for Clem and Catherine

BEDA Day 17 (Part Two)

I read quite a few blogs and so many people are getting involved with the 4 Simple Goals project that Elsie at A Beautiful Mess started. I’ve also seen it here, here, here and here. As I’m doing 101 Things I was a little reluctant to join in but then again I keep seeing it all over the place so here I am with my list – I couldn’t resist.

1. Take More Photos

Okay so everyone seems to have this but it’s true – I carry my camera round with me nearly all the time and seem to take lots of photos at events but not of every day stuff lol.

2. Dress More Girlie

According to my Mum, when I was little I adored dresses, I wore them all the time, then I got to about 11 or 12n and didn’t want to be the girlie girl any more and went completely to wearing trousers as much of the time as possible. Now I’m 24 and want to be more girlie lol. So here we go – I’m going to wear a dress or a skirt at least once a week.

3. Knitting

I love knitting but have the tendency to start projects and not finish them (or then unpick them to use the wool for other things). So I want to finish some projects and be more inventive and not wimp out by purling and dropping stitches and picking up stitches.

4. Re-Dye my hair

I unfortunately am blessed with premature grey hairs so I have two choices – I leave my hair natural and wait for all my greys to appear or I keep dying my hair for as long as possible lol. I’ve already decided that when I go grey all over I am dying my hair pink or blue – mainly because I have naturally dark hair and so the pink only shows up if I bleach first.

BEDA Day 16

Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.

Joe Fox, You’ve Got Mail

The thing is I agree with him lol. Okay so I’ve never been to New York so don’t agree on that bit but the school supplies things – each summer I got to the supermarket and they have funky notepads, pens, pencils and other supplies in funky colours. On the Etsy website they have a whole list of suggestions for the Back to School season – so I’m window shopping lol. Here is my hypothetical list if I was going to school/college this September which I’m not lol. After this week I’ll be back at work:

School Bag


I found this through the suggested items list. The store is called Kibber and they have so many different designs and colours. I liked this one but I really like some of the others like this and this.



How cool are these notepads? I saw the yellow one and then spotted the image with the other colours! They are listed in Sugar Cookie’s Etsy Store. I love the cartoon character on the front – minus the fact that I wouldn’t wear a skirt that short I think it’s like me – living in my headphones lol. They also do funky badges – this is my favourite badge. Missy (who makes these fab creations) also blogs at Rancho Cocoa, she also writes here at Missy Kulik – take a read! (Having gone back to add links and stuff I found these notebooks which are even more me – Guitar Girl).

At moment in my bag I carry a supermarket version of the infamous Moleskine notebooks – it’s similar to this one (at about third of the price lol)

Laptop Decal

Laptop Decal

I don’t think I ever took my laptop with me to classes at Upper School but when I started taking it to uni classes to take notes etc I had stickers stuck all over the front of my laptop – I so should have got one of these awesome decals. I think I might get one for my Mac but can’t decide on the design – Maybe I should design my own and find someone to print it lol. This one above is by a store on Etsy called OvenMonsters, I saw a few others this week including a Snow White one.


Parker Pen

I’m a bit retro when it comes to writing – I like biros for quick notes and things like that but I really like writing with an ink pen – I’m not really sure why as they can be kinda messy. The only thing I can put it down to is my artistic flair lol. I’ve got a Parker Frontier in Blue at the moment that is running Turquoise ink lol. I use it at work but it’s mainly used for diary writing and things like that.


From Year 5 until joining the Sixth Form when I was 16, the school supplied you with a homework diary – they were often pretty boring and by Christmas mine was covered in pictures from magazines or arty pictures or doodles. Now I’m a bit better lol. At the moment I have an 18 Month Moleskine on the go. I had made a deal with That Boy that when I went back to an iPhone I would try going digital with my diary again but there is something about writing events in a paper diary – that way I remember what I’m supposed to be doing. (Especially as my work diary doesn’t sync with my phone and my Google calendar syncs with my iPhone and my MacBook lol talk about complicated!)

Colouring Pencils

Colouring Pencils

When it comes to colouring pencils the different range the better lol. I don’t pick a particular brand and I’m happy with supermarket own ones if they do the job and don’t break too much. Even when I was at University I still had colouring pencils in my pencil case – they were a staple of my doodling time lol. (Yes for someone who doodles alot I really have no skills when it comes to drawing lol.)

Have I missed anything?

I’m sure I probably missed something but having not been in a class room for a few years now, I think I am bound to have forgotten some bits lol.My schools all had set uniform so own choice of school clothes didn’t really happen for me lol. My school uniform for middle school was a red and gold tie (which would later actually be the same colours as the ties for Gryffindor), a navy jumper with the school crest, a white shirt and navy skirt along with white socks and black shoes. At Upper School, uniform was in the winter (Well September through to Easter) was a black V-Neck jumper with the school logo (or in our case it was just the name), a white shirt with a black and silvery-grey tie, along with a black skirt or black trousers – I had wide leg trousers but the length of skirt and the fit of trousers was definitely up for interpretation, in the summer it was a polo shirt with the skirt/trousers combination again. The good thing about not having to choice as to what I wore to school meant that I didn’t have to worry about what I was wearing – until it came to mufti days but they were few and far between and easy to deal with lol. On the other hand by having to pick my own stuff I think my personality might have shown a little more and I wouldn’t have been the quiet girl that all my teachers made me out to be lol.

What was your favourite bit about going back to school? Or were you like me who often didn’t want to go back to school and face the bullies?

Pea.Ess – don’t worry I’m not blogging at work – I have this week off, there is a whole bunch of stuff going on including a fun day and a holiday club that I am taking part in so blogging is going to fit in around them – I might even have chance to live blog at the Fun Day on Sunday. If you want more info about the fun day take a look here or watch the video below:

BEDA Day 15

{ Reading makes you grow ,,
Originally uploaded by B a r ش a

I always thought that I read alot but the more that I look at my 100 Books list I seem to have slowed down. I managed to finish reading two books yesterday. I finished Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously by Julie Powell but also finished The More You Ignore Me… by Jo Brand.

I don’t know whether it’s because I saw the film first – and also because the film Julie and Julia is a merge of Julia Powell’s book and My Life in France by Julia Child and Alex Prud’homme (her Great Nephew) or whether the book just wasn’t what I expected – I spotted bits of the film plot in the book and was able to identify the order (Although some of the events in the book are in a different order to those in the film)

I do prefer Julie and Julia the film over the book, however the book still has the inspiration to get cooking. I tried to find an Artichoke in the supermarket but having had a read of Wikipedia it looks like it’s out of season in the Summer (and the Boeuf Bourguignon challenge is to follow).

The More You Ignore Me was definitely a bit out there lol. It deals alot with mental illness especially seen through the eyes of a child. Alice, that child, starts the book at around the age of 5 or 6 – with her first major encounter with her Mum’s illness. The book then finishes at around age 20. I would say that most of the plot is how Alice deals with her Mum’s schizophrenia.

Alice’s major encounter with her Mum’s illness is when Gina becomes obsessed with the weather reporter from one of the TV stations, Gina climbs on to the roof of their cottage with no clothes on – refusing to come down until she is able to tell the forecaster how she feels about him.

After a little coaxing, Alice’s Dad is able to get her down and somehow (and will some force) manages to get Gina (Alice’s Mum) to the local psychiatric ward. She then spends the next 15 years on drugs to keep the illness at bay.

Alice has a lot to deal with during this time, her Dad brings her up single handedly – the in laws on both side are involved but neither really admit what is going on – Gina’s parents just think she’s having a funny turn and that it’ll be over soon whereas Gina’s In Laws (Keith’s parents) think she’s not good enough for their Keith and so generally dislike her anyway.

To add to the family issues she is having at home with the half life her mother leads through all the medication, Alice has to deal with the bullies at school, who use her Mum as ammo to call her a nutter and equally other things.

At one point in the middle of the book it was really sad and in all honesty nearly made me cry. I wanted to reach in the book and hug Alice – not that thats really possible lol.

Anyhoo I would recommend either. I’ve now started a book called Sucking Eggs: What Your Wartime Granny Could Teach You About Diet, Thrift and Going Green by Patricia Nicol – me and That Boy were given it a while ago and it’s taken me this long to get to reading it lol.

On a side note of sorts: I received some fab post from Jana this week which made me smile :). I also received my stickers from Stick Up For Love so will start posting about that too including an interview with Chelle who is behind the project. And I won a Giveaway hosted by Roxy @ GrrFeisty and Trisha @ Mary Sew but you already knew that cos I told you the other day lol.

BEDA Day 14

I found two fab dresses on the supermarket website – I just need to go have a look see if they have them in store (to make sure that they fit and that the comment of “knee length” is actually knee length and not “just covering your pants” lol. I’m going to grab some leggings/footless tights to go with them – I could really do with pedal pushers or capri pants – can you still get them?

Dress 1
Dress 2

BEDA Day 13

Yesterday afternoon Rickie directed me to India Knight‘s Blog and her list of ultimate comfort reads.

When I’m poorly, if I’m not sleeping then reading or watching a DVD tends to be next on the list – mainly because reading keeps me reasonably calm and then I can sleep again if I feel like it.

I tend to read what ever I’m reading at the time. But I guess if I was off for more than a few days I’d be calling into favours to my friends to mail me books or lend me DVDs.

Rainbow Books
Originally uploaded by bluemarla

So I had a look down India’s list and it was really interesting but so many I’ve never read or thought of reading.

My own TBR pile is growing daily lol. This is how it stands at the moment…

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Release: August 2010)
What’s Yours in Mine by Tess Stimson
Quintessential Tarantino by Edwin Page
Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe (Volume 5)
Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour (Volume 6) – release July 2010
The Twilight Saga: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer
Paperweight by Stephen Fry
Moab is My Washpost by Stephen Fry
Mortal Remains by Kathy Reichs
Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs
The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephn Chbosky
The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan
Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
Love is the Higher Law by David Levithan
Derby Girl by Shauna Cross
My Life in France by Julia Child
Why Does E=mc2? by Brian Cox
13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
House and Philosophy: Everybody Lies by Henry Jacoby
The Stars Tennis Balls by Stephen Fry
Almost French: A New Life in Paris by Sarah Turnbull
Paper Towns by John Green
Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle
Look Back In Hunger by Jo Brand
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest by Steig Larsson
Japan Through the looking Glass: Shaman to Shinto by Alan MacFarlane
I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Stephanie Kuehnert
How They Met, and Other Stories by David Levithan
Kimmie66 (A Minx Title) by Aaron Alexovich
No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason
Confessions of a Blabbermouth by Mike Carey
Re-Gifters: A Minx Title by Mike Carey
The Plain Jones by Cecil Castellucci

BEDA Day 12


Okay so on the other side of the world it’s the morning but there we go. I need your help. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it but I’m going to talk about It Starts With Us and Love Bombs.

Whats ItStartsWith.Us? And why should I get involved?

So lots of people talk about wanting world peace and changing the world – but what about if changing the world could be making a difference in someones life – whether it’s someone you know because they are your neighbours or they live in the same street or town as you – or amking the difference in someone’s live when they live the other side of the world from you.

The guy who created ItStartsWith.Us is called Nate – and he’s a lovely friendly guy. He set this up with the following goal

“To build a global community of individuals focused on making a positive impact in the lives of the people around them.”

Nate also goes onto say

“Each and every one of us has the ability to change the world by touching lives in this way. And when we hear stories about the positive things others are doing, we become more aware of the opportunities we have to make a difference for the people around us.”

So in about 15 minutes a week we are changing the world – it may only be a little thing like giving someone a hug, or leaving a comment on their blog but I can guarantee that action makes a difference to that person.

“We’re changing the world,

in just 15 minutes a week.”

So what is a Love Bomb?

Well it’s a project that ItStartsWith.Us do. Once a week lots of people all over the world come together to drop lots of blog comments on someone who needs it the most. I’m subscribed to the email so each Thursday morning I get an email with a little introduction and then a link to someone’s blog. I then go read and comment. Now normally I just read their post, comment and then go off and do my own thing but I’ve decided that on Thursdays I’m going to post the mission here so that hopefully you lovely blog reading people out there will take the time to visit this other person and show them some love – because they need it okay?!

So in Mission (im)possible style:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (which I hope you do!)

Hey Team!

This week’s mission is one that hits me at my core.

It was suggested by one of the awesome anonymous women in our Love Bomb family.

Her friend, Bria, is a 22 year old young woman who has severe clinical depression and anxiety (severe panic attacks included) and in June she checked herself into the hospital in hopes of help. She was doing better, but has, in her own words, relapsed. For the first time, she is suicidal.

This past year I dealt with the same, which resulted in multiple hospital visits and medication. I will never forget the thoughts, emotions (and lack thereof), pain, and darkness that seemed consume me 24/7.

Written encouragement and love have such incredible power in times like these. They were two of the greatest contributing factors to bringing here: to a place of joy, stability and health. I still cannot express how thankful I am for those that went out of their way at this time to speak hope into me.

I am SO thrilled and excited to see all of you come together for this mission to provide exactly what Bria needs most: love, encouragement and hope. I have full faith that she can overcome this, and that we can be what helps get her there.

Let’s get on it, team! Join me in dropping a Love Bomb on Bria.

You can leave a comment on her blog here:


As well as the ItStartsWith.Us Website you can also catch short bursts of updates on the Twitterstream: @itstartswithus.