BEDA Day 31 (My 30 Days – Day 9)

So today is the 31st August that means that today is the last one for BEDA – eek How quickly did that month go by – then again by roughly a whole month of posts you are all probably really bored and actually I am only writing for my cat (well if I had one lol then again next door’s cat seems to get confused as to which house it lives in sometimes lol)

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

A song for every mood.

Anyhoo on My 30 Days today is Day 9 and the prompt is above.

I nearly always have music on – if I’m in the car I have a CD or the radio on, if I’m at home I have the radio or my computer on, if I’m out and about in town I more than likely have my iPod on with something playing. Basically music and me are like best buds – we live in each other’s pockets lol.

I tend to have one or three CDs in the car that I rotate between for like 4 or 5 weeks and then I get bored and switch for something else – I have an iPod adaptor thingy for the car and that plays from my old iPod however I can’t get it to work properly and the frequency that it is set to is fine until I go up the hill where I work because then it can pick up a radio station that broadcasts on that frequency  (I didn’t know there was one till it cut in a few days ago).

I wrote my first draft thingy but decided having seen both Koree and Becca‘s lists


  • Your Sofa by Becky Higg
  • Safe House by Becky Higg
  • Hand in My Pocket by Alanis Morissette
  • Jesus Freak by DC Talk (Happy mosh round the room)


  • Thank You by Dido
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy (It was played at my Grandma’s funeral)


  • One Step Closer by Linkin Park
  • You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette
  • crushcrushcrush by Paramore (mosh round the room again)
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana


  • My First, My Last My Everything by Barry White (Cheesy I know but I love it)
  • Finally Found by The Honeyz


  • Dancing Generation by Matt Redman (Technically a worship song but it makes me want to dance)
  • Anything by Abba


  • I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe
  • What If I Stumble by DC Talk
  • Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez (Yeah it fits under this as well lol)
  • At The River by Groove Armada


  • Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez

Also I have a little plug to make….Becca (who came up with the My 30 Days Project) is hosting a giveaway – the prizes are handmade by her fabulous self. To enter go here and look at her blog answer the question “What’s in your DVD Player at the moment?” and become a follower – and that’s your entry – you can also gain extra entries by blogging and tweeting about it – you can also FB about it if you are friends with Becca.

Giveaway closes at 5pm (BST) on Friday 3rd Sept (That’s Midday for those on EDT)

BEDA Day 30 – (My 30 Days – Day 8)

I’ve just noticed that my prompts are in the wrong order doh! Day 8 should actually be Day 6 if you are going by Becca‘s List – hopefully this is the only hiccup!

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

What’s in Your Bag?

At present, I’m using my Criminal Damage messenger bag – it has stars all over it :D. I bought it at Pulp a few weeks ago. In there I have….

  • My iPhone
  • My 2010 Diary
  • My 2011 Diary (Yup that organised!)
  • Two Letters to post (One to Becca and one to Kaelah)
  • The bag that came with my diary – both by Irene at 1 Off Handbags
  • New Brooch by Maxine at Common Threads Art.
  • Chocolate Wrapper  – I couldn’t find a bin lol.
  • Pens – I go through stages of having quite a few in my bag
  • Keys
  • Painkillers
  • Deodorant

I started writing this post and then went outside to help That Boy – he set a challenge to see if any of us could light the BBQ using a flint and some tinder – I DID IT!!! The first attempt worked but then burnt out :( I didn’t let that put me off, I wriggled and pulled my sleeves back up again and then tried again with a fire lighter – I got the tinder lit and then that lit the fire lighter and the rest of the BBQ. This morning we bought one of this Chimenea thingies – we’d been to friends who had them and been nice and toasty while sat next to it.

BEDA Day 30 – Bonus BEDA

Photo Girl
Originally uploaded by hannypants

A while back I went for a chat with a company upstairs from my current office – they were interested in my photography skills but I didn’t have the editing skills etc that they needed for a new team member. I installed Photoshop and Illustrator and stuff all at the same time and for one or another reason never got on with actually learning how to use them. Then the trials ran out so I uninstalled them from my MacBook and trundled along without ever learning what to do.

I emailed Kaelah last week to pick her brain over how she edits images, and adds text and things like that – I got a reply and left it in my inbox, while I got on with chores this morning I left my Mac re-downloading the trial and this is my first attempt.

My friend Caz took this picture of me taking a picture a few years ago when we went for a massive walk in Ampthill. I wanted to play with Photoshop and learn how to use it – this is my first experience – I know not very complicated but it’s somewhere to start, hopefully my skills will grow from here and I’ll get better.

BEDA Day 29 (My 30 Days – Day 7)

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

4 simple short term goals for this month + reasons why you picked them.

  1. Complete the Song Lyric Journal for Swap-Bot and get it posted to my partner in time.
  2. Read at least 3 (if not 4) books.
  3. Create 5 items to put in my Etsy store (and come up with some ideas lol)
  4. Complete my A-Z List of Movies (I have three to go so this is kinda the smallest goal lol.)

BEDA Day 28 (My 30 Days – Day 6)

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

This fab couple are my Grandparents on their wedding day. They were married in September 1961. There’s a story that my Grandma tells me about how they were involved in a motorcycle accident a few days before the wedding and she very nearly didn’t make it to the wedding – thankfully instead she was just a little bruised and that meant that they could get married. The following August my Mum arrived on the scene followed by my Uncle a few years later.

To me they have had the biggest impact on me, my Grandma is an amazing woman of God even through dealing with my Great Grandma when she was ill and then dealing with her own illness, she never turned her back on God. We write to each other occasionally – I don’t necessarily have the time to go round (which sounds really sucky) but sometimes I scribble Grandma a note and send it via my Mum just to give her the heads up so that she knows that I’m okay and surviving lol. We also talk about those things that I can’t chat to my Mum about but my Grandma has like 40 years (oooh 50 years next year!!) of marriage behind her and okay so they don’t always get it right but she can give me some form of guidance right?

My Grandad is amazing man of God too. He’s so amazing, so many times he’s come to my rescue because the car broke down or because I needed his help with some crazy project or idea that I had lol. When my parents had their bathroom redone my Grandad taught me how to tile lol. I worked in a DIY store and to learn to tile was really helpful when people asked lol. (Yeah I was part time and that dedicated lol) Also when Grandad installed the new windows I also learnt how to do that lol.

All of my Grandparents have had a massive impact on my life – they have been there through the good times and the bad. When Kewey was sick I left uni that day and some how ended up stood in my Grandma’s kitchen – I had one of those moments where the car just kinda drove itself and next thing I know I’m stood in my Grandma’s kitchen bawling my eyes out. She picked me up and dusted me off and in true Grandma fashion reached for her Bible and we had a pray.

So they are my biggest influence I think, well I think lol. Get me? Who’s had the biggest impact on you?

And….this post is about my Mum’s parents. Today is my Grandad’s birthday  (that is my Dad’s Dad) so…

Happy Birthday Grandad!!!!

BEDA Day 27 (My 30 Days – Day 5)

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

Favourite superhero + why they are your favourite.

Erm I have no idea lol. I grew up watching X-Men and Transformers with my
brother – do they count as super heroes?

X-Men Title Card

I liked Storm and Rogue in X-Men. I remember how Wolverine had this amazing bright yellow and black costume like a wasp lol. I remember that in Transformers there was Optimus Prime and Megatron but I wouldn’t be able to tell you which side either of them were on (I remember there was the Autobots and Decepticons – haha good memory!!).

Lois n Clark

I also used to watch The New Adventures of Superman (Lois Lane was played
by Teri Hatcher). I watched the original Superman films but they weren’t as
good in my expectations lol.

Batman and Robin were the other ones I used to watch. I liked the 60s TV show – I used to watch the repeats lol.

Batman 60s

I went to see The Dark Knight at the cinema but it wasn’t my cuppa really Heath Ledger did an amazing job as the Joker but I always remember him being the comical clown of a character rather than the psychotic character that Heath Ledger portrayed.

I used to look for female SuperHeroes but the only one I could find was Wonder Woman and Supergirl – are there any others?

My 30 Days – Day 4

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

A picture of you as a kid + 7 facts about your childhood.

Okay so I’m cheating here – I’m double posting today so that I’m posting at the same time as Becca and Koree because at the moment I’m a day behind.

Yup that little dinky is me! This was taken at about 3 weeks – so around when I should have been born.

7 Facts about my Childhood.

  1. I was born 3 weeks premmy – Apparently I was a funny yellow colour as I had jaundice. By being early and my cousin being late this made me the eldest grandchild on both sides of my family.
  2. I started learning the flute and keyboard in Year 5 (I would have been 9 years old.
  3. One of my favourite memories was when it snowed loads and me, m brother and the three kids from two houses across the street had a massive snow ball fight and snowman making session – we were going to make snow angels then realised it was too cold and we’d all end up really wet lol.
  4. I wasn’t a Brownie, Girl Guide, in the Girls Brigade or anything like that. I joined and left the St John’s Ambulance within a term as my friend (who I went with) stopped going as well. I went to Sunday School at my church – often it was just me and my brother lol.
  5. When I was 8 or 9 I would read GCSE Maths textbooks for fun (yeah I am a geek and it took me most of my teens to realise that I could be a geek and be cool in a way lol)
  6. I started wearing glasses at Middle School just to read the board, by Upper School I had to wear them all the time – now without them I can read a book and send a text that’s about it lol.
  7. Until I was in my teens we always went on holiday for at least a week in our caravan – I don’t care how much Top Gear diss them – I loved going on holiday in a caravan!

BEDA Day 26 (My 30 Days – Day 3)

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

A habit that you wish you didn’t have.

When I’m concentrating I stick my tongue out the side of my mouth, only a little bit but people notice sometimes lol. According to my Dad I get it from my G-ma S.

For years I didn’t cut my nails, I only nibbled a little when they got broken or things like that. Now I have to keep them short to play bass – except sometimes I forget and then sit there before band practice biting my nails to get them short again – yeah I know gross lol.

I guess to a certain degree I have a bad habit of being over emotional – I tend to loose my rag or get upset. I keep trying to laugh stuff off but sometimes it hurts too much and I’m a little fed up of being made to feel like rubbish all the time – but I’m working on it and trying to kill off my bad habits.

A Sad Day for Nerdfighteria and YouTube

Had some pants news, Esther Earl – a fab 16yo Nerdfighter, HP Fan and YouTuber, passed away yesterday after her battle with Cancer. I never got to meet her in person or even chat via the Internet but having watched her YouTube videos and heard about her – she seems like a friend so I wanted to post something. DFTBA Lovelies.

You can read Esther’s story here. You can see her YouTube Channel here. Also go watch Kayley’s Tribute to Esther here.

BEDA Day 24

Becca at My Life in Technicolour has started a challenge – with a blog prompt for each day. It’s called My 30 Day Challenge. And I am going to do it in September.

These are the 30 Day prompts and I was going to start on the 1st September but I’m going to start today:

  • Recent picture of you + the meaning behind your blog name
  • Your favourite season + what makes it your favourite.
  • A habit that you wish you didn’t have.
  • A picture of you as a kid + 7 facts about your childhood.
  • Favourite superhero + why they are your favourite.
  • What’s in your bag?
  • A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.
  • 4 simple short term goals for this month + reasons why you picked them.
  • A song for every mood.
  • A picture of you and your family.
  • Put your iPod on shuffle: first 10 songs that play.
  • A photo of something you ate today.
  • Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day + why.
  • Plans/dreams/goals you have.
  • What makes you different from everyone else.
  • Things you crave a lot.
  • A photo of the item you last purchased.
  • A picture of you from last year + this year + how have you changed since then?
  • A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.
  • Your dream wedding.
  • A photo of your favourite place to eat.
  • A photograph of the town you live in.
  • A show you’re currently addicted to.
  • A list of things you don’t leave the house without.
  • Your celebrity crush list.
  • 5 pet peeves.
  • Something you could never get tired of doing.
  • The best part of your day.
  • Things you collect + things you would like to start collecting.
  • A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

BEDA Day 21 and 22

Due to the craziness that has transpired over this weekend I will be having a combo post rather than separate.

Day 21

  • Started with a trip to Costco with The Kiwi.
  • Got there, had forgotten card, thank goodness for temp card
  • Got shopping realised that the amount of bread we needed for Fun Day was way too much and needed a second car.
  • The Stig comes to our rescue and drives from Bedford to MK while we finish shopping.
  • We get home and distribute the frozen food between various freezers and cold spaces.
  • Go back to Mums and flop, eat lunch and watch TV.
  • That Boy phones. The youth group are delayed will be back around 4ish.
  • Head into town to distribute flyers about the fun day.
  • Go back to Mums.
  • The Kiwi goes to her Aunts. I stay at Mums wrapping single slices of cake in cling film for the Jaffa Orchard stand.
  • Collect That Boy from church. Back to Mums.
  • TV time again – we catch the end of Made of Honour. (from the Scottish wedding til the end)
  • Watch more randomness and eat dinner.
  • Come home and sleep.

Day 22

  • Started the day around 7am. Alarm set to go off every 15 mins.
  • Get up and go to the site for 8:30am.
  • From then til 4pm I bounced from one thing to the next. My main job was to man the craft stand but at one point I ended up helping on the Face Painting and putting out a hose.
  • At 4ish the day started to wind down but there was tidying to be done.
  • We finished around 8 and went to Mums for dinner.
  • Around 10ish, get the last load from the car and the heavens open – it doesn’t stop raining.

I would like to write more but I must sleep!