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The West Wing (Season 6 – I finished Season 3 as I wrote the post and somehow have made it through the rest in a week. It means I’ve got just over a season to go. Then what am I going to watch while feeding?)
Who Do You Think You Are? (A new series has started on the BBC about three weeks ago. So I have a couple of episodes to catch up on)
The Great British Bake Off

Mainly blogs again this week and song lyrics for one of the surprise bits we were doing at the wedding this weekend.

The playlist of songs I had on my phone to go with the above lyrics.

Still on Christmas presents – The counter on my phone says it’s 4 months today – right well better get on with it!

Excited about the wedding and grateful that I was part of some surprise bits.

I was a little bit disappointed that I couldn’t be involved in one bit but it later turned out that Chris and one of the bridesmaids had both been instructed that it couldn’t start until I was in my seat but my Mum knew how much I’d love it. A group of guests – mainly in the wedding party – had all been practicing One More Day from Les Miserables. Richard’s friend Simon started it, then my cousin Vicky stood up to song Eponine’s part and then my mum stood up to sing Madame Thenardier’s part. I thought my heart would explode. I was so proud of her, we often have it on in the car and split into parts. I turned to Our Sidekick and said something to the effect of “I want to join in!!!” Well when it got to the bit where all the characters are singing their parts over one another, all the people involved walked round the tables to stand behind the top table, well Our Sidekick went with them. He wasn’t singing but he’d been asked to stand behind everyone and wave a big red flag like they do on the barricade in the performance of Les Miserables. I was so excited and proud of him as I know he’d not normally be involved in performance things.

Not so much planning going on other than the crazy to do list that seems to grow and shrink every few days.

My family, as it was my brother’s wedding all the extended family were in town for it. Got to catch up with my Uncle and his wifey who we hadn’t seen since their wedding last year, their daughter Em absolutely loves Jaxon so she had lots of cuddles with him. Also caught up with my cousin and her wife. My grandparents were sat opposite us at the dinner, it was really sweet to watch my Grandma hand my Grandad her cutlery and ask him to cut up her food for her, she had a stroke a few years ago and although she gives it a go she does struggle to cut her food and so needs Grandad to help her.

Dear Jaxon… – 6 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Today you are six weeks old, as I write this you’re wrapped up in the Hug-A-Bub, you were getting yourself worked up and I think it was because you were tired and couldn’t get yourself to sleep. Some days I think me holding you makes you replace sleep with milk – I guess we’ll see as you get older.

Last week it was Holiday Club over at Cardington. During the day we mainly spent the time at home trying not to do too much to make sure I didn’t over do it. Normally each week I take notes and things like that about what we got up to but this week I didn’t which is slightly annoying so I’m sort of piecing it together as best I can.

We wandered to the supermarket for some bits that we needed and then wandered home again, we definitely needed a chilled out day.

We headed into town to meet Emma for a coffee. While we were stood at the bus stop, Great Grandma and Great Grandad drove past, they were on their way into town and wondered if we’d like a lift, so rather than catching the bus they gave us a lift as far as the doctors surgery and we walked the rest of the way. This meant we were early for our coffee date so we had a potter round the shops. We went to a couple of the charity shops and found you some cute outfits. I nearly bought you a t-shirt that had Sully from Monsters Inc on it but it said “Daddy’s Little Monster” and I wasn’t so keen on that. We then went to meet Emma at Coffee With Art. Normally we meet at a different coffee shop but it was nice to do something different. The coffee shop has a staircase made of books which is really cool. It’s not Daddy’s kind of thing but I really loved it. We sat chatting about all sorts of bits and pieces and you had a cuddle with Emma.

Exploding Wall
The Book Staircase

Today was the final day of holiday club – you don’t have to worry now, it’ll all be done until next year – we might be able to sort a babysitter instead so that you don’t have to come with me and you can go to bed as normal – or we sort with Daddy that he has to be home from work on time/early on those days if he can make it. During the day, S, our supervising social worker for looking after Our Sidekick came for a visit – you were chilled and then fell asleep during our meeting which was good – it was easier to deal with you like that, than when you’re upset and grouchy. After that, you and I went shopping with Grandpa, I think he liked going out with us, he pushed your around in the buggy while I did some shopping, he then took us home and went to visit Great Grandad. Part way through the evening I had a text from Daddy. Your grandparents had come to collect Auntie Rachel and they’d popped by to say hello but you weren’t there as you were with me at Holiday Club, so after some discussion Daddy came to collect you from the church, at first he couldn’t find you as you were being passed round, when Daddy got there Rebecca C was having a cuddle with you – I think you were puzzled about all the new people who you were meeting. I stayed with Grandma while you went home with Daddy. When I got home you were having a lovely cuddly with Grandma but you were getting grouchy because although there had been a bottle of expressed milk in the fridge for you, it wasn’t quite enough so you were hungry again. After feeding you, we both headed to bed but I started to feel poorly, I thought it might have passed in the morning so didn’t say anything and went to bed.

There’d been this plan. We were going to charge through the week doing holiday club and then Saturday was going to be a chilled out day, while Uncle Richard, Grandpa and a heap of their friends went on Uncle Richard’s stag do, Grandma S was going to catch up with things around the house and work bits and it would be okay because the boys would be out all day. Well during the night I hadn’t been very well, I tried feeding you in the morning but whatever was going on was making my stomach and back hurt so sitting up to feed you was really hurting. Daddy got me to call BEDOC in case it was something that I could pass to you, having spoken to the doctor/nurse over the phone she suggested that we went into see someone. Daddy had already rang Grandma and asked her to stand by as he really needed to get to work. Grandma came to the rescue and took us to the hospital. She looked after you while I went in to see the doctor. Thankfully it wasn’t serious and the doctor thought it could just be a bug and to keep an eye on my symptoms. I guess had it been serious Daddy would have done what was needed to close the shop and then come home or met us at the hospital if it was really desperate. That would have really stuffed up Grandma’s day if she then had to spend all morning in the hospital with me. We spent most of the day hanging out at home so that I could recover and feel better.

We headed to church early so that Chris could speak to a couple of people about your dedication service. We were in the service but really it was too loud and so we went to sit in the other room. A couple of the little girls at church came to say hello to you but you were feeding so you weren’t all that interested (clearly food is more important to you than the girls which is kind of good right now lol). After church we stayed for the picnic but because it had been raining earlier in the morning we stayed at church and sat round the tables instead. You ended up sat in your car seat so that we could eat, you had sort of settled but wouldn’t sleep, instead you sat in your chair and watched everyone. After church we came home and watched Aladdin and Dead Posts Society.

What did we do on Monday little one? I think we spent most of the day at home.

Today we had to go shopping – it seems that we were down to our last handful of nappies – really during one of your naps I need to circulate the pile and work out what we’ve actually got. Before you were born we had stockpiled Size 1 nappies as we knew you’d go through them at a rate of knots. Now you’re in a Size 2 – I think you would still fit in a Size 1 but as it happens you are right in the middle of the Size 2 age bracket and given the presents we’ve had in your nappies you probably need the extra material to contact them!

In the afternoon we walked to Grandma’s to collect the dedication invites that she’d made for us. We then walked home via Lucy’s house to drop off a thank you card and a birthday card for her little boy who is 1 this week. We then went to the supermarket to try and get a new phone charger as mine has well and truly died. When we got there, they said that they were out of stock – well that was annoying especially as I’d got so little battery in my phone it had switched itself off on the way to the supermarket. Daddy has a plan though.

So it’s now Wednesday – which technically will come on next week’s post when you’ll be seven weeks, but I wanted to mention this. First thing you went to sleep at about 9:45 or something like that, after reading for a little while I decided that I would go to bed as I was actually really tired! I fell asleep and at some point in the night I woke up. I’d been dreaming that you were asleep next to me, so when I woke up and Daddy was right next to me (I mean like he was side by side to me not just in the bed next to me) I nearly jumped out the bed. It turned out that while I was dreaming I’d somehow put my arm right across Daddy which is unusual as we both like our space when we’re sleeping! I went straight back to sleep, I hadn’t checked the time so I’m not sure how long I was asleep for but when you started to whimper because you needed a feed and a change I checked the time and it was 3:30am – you’d slept for almost 6 hours straight – that’s a NJR – that’s New Jaxon Record.




Things I'm Grateful For

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Ashley from Hello Nature, Laura from The Laura Way & Nay from Coffee-N-Ink.

I had meant to post this on Friday (As the button says!) but by Friday, I was shattered – we had Holiday Club over at Cardington every evening last week and so I came home, ate and then pretty much went straight to bed!

1. I am grateful that there is a holiday club – it’s hard work and it means that for one week of the school holidays life goes a little bananas but it means that kids hear about the gospel and that’s the main thing. This time we focused on Joseph. I’ve heard the story probably hundred times (And more than that as Joseph and His Technicolour Dreamcoat is one of my favourite musicals!) but it was interesting to hear it again. It was Jaxon’s first holiday club, he was fine on the Monday evening but then he was so fascinated by what was going on around the room that he wouldn’t sleep on the other days.

2. I am grateful for unexpected coffee dates with friends, my gorgeous friend Emma works in a local school so coffee dates during term time get a little complicated (and might have to become dessert dates in the evening or maybe a cake date while watching #GBBO), anyhoo, I posted on Facebook to see if anyone was free for a coffee date on Thursday and we ended up at Coffee with Art in the High Street. It could be my new favourite behind The Fountain – then again the decor in Coffee with Art could make it my new favourite – look at the staircase and this bit behind the counter.

Book (Stair)Case
photo 2

3. I am grateful for my Mum – while at holiday club she was really helpful when it came to helping me with Jaxon (some how she did that and ran crafts in our group and all sorts!) and on Saturday when I was poorly and had to go to the out of hours doctors she was lovely, she took me to the appointment and waited in the waiting room with Jaxon while I went in.

4. I am grateful for my Dad who took me out on Friday when I needed to run some errands and couldn’t really do it myself as I can’t drive at the moment.

Mustela Product Review

Although I’ve been a foster Mum for almost three years, the products we need in the house for Our Sidekick are obviously very different to those that we need for Jaxon. We’ve found that for Our Sidekick we have to make sure that we there’s always washing powder or tablets and stain remover like Vanish in the house at all times for ink. grass or mud stains, given that he seems to be a bit of a magnet for dirt lol. (Typical boy I guess!) We use Oxy-something from Aldi as it’s just as good as Vanish without the price tag!

When it comes to Jaxon we’ve discovered that Mamia nappies from Aldi are better for us than our other local supermarket own brand. In fact we found that the newborn nappies from Pampers actually leaked more frequently that the Aldi ones – which usually only leaked when overloaded! (And I’ve been told by friends with older children that they’ve found this too). We also found that wet cotton wool doesn’t work on those earlier baby nappies and actually it’s worth buying the special newborn baby wipes as they are specially formulated to deal with those super sticky first day nappies lol. Sudocrem is also one of those amazing things that work wonders. I was sent the 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream to try and found that it worked at an equivalent level to Sudocrem, the best thing about it in comparison is that over 90% of it’s ingredients come from natural origins (when you read the list of ingredients on the Sudocrem pot there are a lot of chemical names in there!)

Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm

Then it comes to me, I was fortunate in that although breastfeeding hurt a little bit when Jaxon first latched on, I’ve not needed any cream or balm until the last week or so. Before I delivered Jaxon I received a package containing various creams and products from Mustela. One of the creams was the Nursing Comfort Balm. It’s specially formulated for nipples which can be super sore and sensitive while you’re breastfeeding. I have a thing about creams that make my skin feel greasy. (This is why Chris usually ends up attacking me with suncream rather than me doing it myself although I am capable). So sometimes I try to avoid using creams so that I don’t have that greasy feeling, however this cream doesn’t have that greasy feeling but still works wonders. There are various ingredients in the balm but again like the barrier cream the balm contains a heap of natural ingredients including “avocado peptides” which help to soothe the itchiness and pain that there might be, then Shea Butter that leaves the skin more supple and resistant to the attacking its coming against. It has a hypoallergenic formula which means it’s safe for mum and for baby.

I had a look for where I could purchase the cream from, I haven’t been able to find it in the local supermarket and currently Mustela do not have a UK commerce bit to their website but was able to find it on The Garden. I guess if you’ve got the time for the cream to arrive it’s fine but if you need it RIGHT NOW(!!) then waiting for a delivery might not work. If you’re anything like me you want to have the protection or the relief but not at a breaking the bank kind of price. It’s a fraction of the price when you compare against Lanisoh Lanolin cream which seems to be the closest alternative that I’ve found. (From The Garden you do need to pay postage but even then it’s still cheaper than the listing on Amazon UK at the moment).

This is a sponsored post. I was sent some samples from Mustela to review. I chose to focus on the Nursing Comfort Balm and 123 Barrier Cream.

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The West Wing (Season 3 – clearly I don’t have enough to be doing then again it can play in the background while I do other bits)
Thor: The Dark World
Dead Poet’s Society
James May’s Cars of The People (Funnily enough my favourites – VW Beetle, Citroen 2CV and the original Fiat 500 were all featured)

Not so many books this week but been reading lots of articles and blog posts. One of my favourite Christian musician’s came out as gay last week so there’s been lots of debate about whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing and should she have done it and things like that. The first article appeared in the Independent Newspaper on Wednesday. This and another incident even appeared in the Pastor’s talk yesterday at church. I missed a chunk of the sermon as I was sat in the creche focusing on taking care of Jaxon but the bits I did catch were interesting.

Yesterday evening we went to The King’s Arms Church here in Bedford to hear Canon Andrew White speak about the work he does in the Middle East specifically Iraq and also the current situation that’s going on there. It was interesting but also really heartbreaking to hear what is going on at the moment and from someone who has been experiencing it on the ground rather than through what the media report like the rest of us. We received an email from the admin team at church from the leader of another church here in Bedford on Wednesday, Grandma and Grandad offered us a lift if we needed it – rather than taking two cars if we could fit in one. Actually it turned out that going in Grandma and Grandad’s car was a really good idea. We left our house at 6:30 and by the time we got to the church, there was a really long queue along Ampthill Road like you normally get during the rush hour. When we got to the front of the queue people were being turned away and told to park at the Park and Ride which is about 10 minutes walk away. Had it been Chris and I in our car we’d have had to do this, we’d decided to not take the buggy as we expected the church to be quite busy but we hadn’t though about how busy – thankfully Chris had the Hug-A-Bub so he could wrap Jaxon in that if needed. As we were with Grandma and Grandad we were able to use Grandma’s blue badge to try and get a disabled bay – technically we weren’t in a disabled bay in the end but one of the stewards had got our back and so we were okay to park where we ended up parking. The welcome team were super friendly, especially when Jaxon started crying at a really quiet moment – the guy who spoke to me offered to direct me to the “feeding room” that they have if I needed it. I didn’t need it as I just got on and fed Jaxon where I was sat but it was lovely to know that they had a space and were on the ball to offer that service.

Again still the radio. I have a playlist on my phone of songs that we’ve been asked to sing at my Brother’s wedding on Saturday. Some of them I know really well but others I don’t know as well. One of the songs that is on the list is Lean on Me but it’s not the normal version it’s a cover by a band called Mudd. I don’t mind it but definitely prefer the original.

Christmas presents when I can. I have one almost sort of finished but it has a few finishing touches. I then need to get on designing some other presents – this is number 2 that I’m on and I think I have 4 or 5 to go lol.

Better than earlier, Jaxon was up extra times in the night which was unusual, it also meant that I was really struggling to get myself out of bed to help him, thankfully Chris got up to take care of him the closest time to his alarm so I got a bit more of a doze which was good. Jaxon has slept on and off all morning and when he is awake he’s quite clingy. I wasn’t very well on Friday/Saturday (hence disappearing off the map!) so I’m wondering if the bug or whatever has passed to him via my milk or something like that and now he’s fighting it off. I might take him for a walk later and see if some fresh air makes him feel any better. It’s really hard as he can’t tell me what’s wrong and I think that’s stressing me out a little bit but for now I’m putting that into getting a few things done.

STILL working on the media kit – I think I might ask Chris to help me with the design once I’ve sketched an idea of what I want – I think it would probably look more professional then rather than my half ditched attempt lol.

My family, on Thursday I was heading into town and as I stood at the bus stop Grandma and Grandad drove past on their way to town. They stopped and offered me a lift, I said only if you’re going that way anyway (chances are they’d have taken a detour for me anyway!). On Saturday my friend was at work and put out a request on FB for some assistance. I texted Chris to see if he could help and he was able to help. I think it made my friend’s day!

Dear Jaxon… – 5 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Today you’re five weeks old. You turned one month on Saturday. I had this idea we were going to have blueberry muffins at Grandma’s birthday BBQ but I ran out of time and forgot to ask Daddy, Our Sidekick or Uncle Richard to get any, will have to make sure we have some for your next month-iversary.

So we’d been already for Cat to visit but there was a problem. She wasn’t feeling very well so instead of coming to visit us she stayed in bed and rescheduled for Friday. In the afternoon we caught a lift with Joy into town to go to the Ladies Coffee Date. There were more ladies there this week than there was the week before. You had a cuddle with Catherine W, Emma and Helen, you didn’t mind but you were getting hungry so you were getting grouchy and I don’t think you really wanted to be passed around. After the coffee date we went with Joy to collect her daughter from a play scheme. Her daughter was so excited to see you, she chatted to you all the way home and kept giving us a running update of what you were doing. While we were at the coffee date we were discussing how yummy the caramel frappes at The Fountain were. Catherine and Margaret were telling me all about them so I asked Daddy if he could get me one when he finished work. It was really good! If you’re in Bedford town centre be sure to stop by for one (or three!)

While we were at home in the morning we had a call from the Health Visitor who said that they didn’t need to come see you now unless I needed them too. Then while we were at the coffee date I had another call asking that we got you weighed again to make sure that you had regained your birth weight. The Health Visitor asked that we go to the Well Baby Clinic the next day.

Caramel Frappe from The Fountain

After work,  Daddy arrived home with the drink for me. Daddy and you went to hang out after he changed your nappy. While he did that I was finishing up some bits that I had been doing on the computer. when I heard them both come downstairs – I knew what was coming so tried to finish off what I was doing, Daddy made it to me too quickly and this happened. That would be you attempting to latch onto my shoulder! Clearly you were very hungry!


Today started a bit crazy. We got up and walked to the Well Baby Clinic to get you weighed. We stopped at the shop on the way to get Grandma some mint imperials for her car – I’d noticed the other day that she had ran out. We got to the clinic and were first in the queue which was good, we got you weighed and you are now 11lbs 1oz – which means that you’ve regained your birth weight and an extra 2 or 3 ounces which is good. Daddy had attempted to balance you on the kitchen scales again but you’re now a little bigger and you don’t quite fit now – also it pushed the reading almost off the top of the scale as you’re now almost over 5kg.

After the clinic we went to Cardington to help set up with the holiday club, you wouldn’t settle so Grandma and I took turns to cuddle you and give instructions while the other one did the work. It wasn’t too hard and we’d already got a rough idea of the plan so it didn’t take too long.

Later in the day when Our Sidekick got in from swimming he gave me an Aero bar of chocolate. I tucked it in the top of my pencil case which is living next to the computer.


I got up this morning and this is what I found. My chocolate had been munched :(

14883188786_21feb6d514_oThe chocolate fairies returned later in the day with another bar of chocolate for me and an apology.



In two weeks time, Uncle Richard gets married to Auntie Heather – I guess technically she’s not your Auntie yet but we keep calling her Auntie Heather because in two weeks she will be properly. You, Daddy, Our Sidekick and I went into town to find a suit for Our Sidekick, he’s going to be an usher so needed a suit to match the other ushers and men in the bridal party. I ran an errand for Grandpa while Daddy popped into work. When Daddy came to meet us he had a bacon sandwich for Our Sidekick who hadn’t had any breakfast and this bottle of Diet Cola for me – Daddy said it was from you – I guess given that you’re just five weeks old you must be very clever to be able to open the fridge door pick up a bottle of diet cola (that weights like a 10th of your weight lol) and pay for it. After looking for the suit we headed to one of the supermarkets to get the last few bits for Grandma’s birthday BBQ. There were quite a few bits that we needed to get but between Daddy, Our Sidekick and I, it became a bit of a comedy act to try and carry the shopping back to the car.


After we’d been to town we headed home. I worked on getting the bits ready for Grandma’s birthday BBQ. Daddy kept an eye on you while I did what I needed to do thankfully you were really good and slept for a chunk of the afternoon.

Birthday Apple

Candles in the garden

I made a comment to Daddy about my incision hurting last night so after he’d checked out my wound we decided we needed to go to the drop in clinic. So before church you, Daddy and I got ready and went to the drop in. The doctor said that my incision was a little infected so he gave me some medicine.

On the way to the supermarket to get the medicine we collected Our Sidekick so that we could go straight to church. We were a few minutes late to church, you, me and Daddy hung out at the back of church but when you wouldn’t settle we went to hang out in the other room. We figured you needed some food so you and I sat in crèche and had a feed.

While we were sat there we were joined by Becca and her little one. We both sat feeding and comparing notes as her little one is about two weeks younger than you. Then again size wise you’d think it was months between you two.

Daddy and I had been discussing about Our Sidekick going to try out the parkour club at Kingstom Gymnastic Club. He wasn’t that impressed about going but we headed over to MK anyway and he was told to give it a try and we’d see about next time.

We popped into the building where Kingston Tesco is. There are customer toilets but unlike Bedford there is no feeding/changing room. (Boo! Hiss!)

You, Daddy and I went to McDonalds to get some lunch, as we walked from the car the heavens opened and you nearly got soaked – thankfully Daddy was on it and he closed the two hoods on the buggy and held them closed while I pushed the buggy. I attempted to feed while we were in there but you weren’t happy – I’m not sure quite what was going on but I think you could feel how tense I was feeling. Daddy took you to the changing room to get your nappy changed and it turned out there was a chair in there for feeding (Note to self go in there next time!)

We went into Tesco to look for a suit for Our Sidekick in case they had one for a fraction of the price we found in town the day before. We found a grey suit but it was the wrong shade of grey.

After collecting Our Sidekick and getting him some lunch we popped to one of the department stores in the Centre MK to look for a suit – the boys had found one the day before but they hadn’t had it in the right sizes for Our Sidekick. Thankfully they did have it so we risked whether it was the right shade or not and got the size we thought was right (As Daddy had the day off work we figured that we could always go back to MK the following day if it was really needed because it was the wrong size or the wrong shade).

When we got home we chilled out for the rest of the day having had a bit of a crazy day.

Daddy, You and I started the day off by going out for breakfast. We went to the Harvester which have recently started doing breakfasts. We liked that there was a large choice of food but the service was really bad, the waitress we had took our order promptly enough but it took quite a while for the food to come. Thankfully we had the foresight to put you in the hug-a-bub and you settled right down next to me and stayed quiet the whole time we were out.


When we got home Daddy encouraged me to have a nap while you napped, except you wouldn’t nap! But you can guarantee had we gone out and done other stuff you’d have been fast asleep and I still wouldn’t have been able to nap! While you wouldn’t nap, I curled up on the bed and read Facebook and blog posts and various other bits and pieces.

At 6pm we were collected by Grandma to go to the holiday club at Cardington. When we got to Cardington I put you in your wrap and you were really quiet for the whole evening until about 8:45 when I woke you up to feed you while Grandma and Auntie Heather’s Mum practiced the puppet sketch for Holiday Club on Tuesday. On the way home we popped in to see my Auntie and my cousins so that they could meet you as they hadn’t met you yet. You were really good and although you were getting hungry again you didn’t start crying until J held you and he was given a warning that it wasn’t him that was making you cry.

Grandma and I started the morning by going to Slimming World. We all then ran some errands that Grandma needed to do. Then we went to the coffee morning at Renhold Chapel so that the old dearies could meet you. You have a fan club there too! I was asked so many times about how much you weighed and what your name was, also things like am I breastfeeding you (some of the ladies were very impressed and were rather excited about it all!). Great Grandma came up with this idea for a picture so I snapped it. Clearly you needed more coffee!


So you’re a month old, you keep exercising your cheek muscles like you might smile, I watch you when you’re asleep and you make funny faces, sometimes you smile, sometimes you frown but it’s like you’re practicing and trying to discover where each muscle is. Your neck is definitely getting stronger and you’re soon enough to tell us when you’re not comfortable. You’re getting stronger and managed to roll over on my lap – thankfully I caught you before you could do yourself any damage! You’re not entirely a fan of tummy time but I think that’s because you can’t really hold your head up at the moment so you keep face planting the carpet! Oops! You love the hug-a-bub and if we can’t get you to settle, Daddy will put you in the wrap and do laps of the house until you settle. If you won’t settle, I’ll hold you so your head rests on my chest – if I get you in the right place you can hear my heart and it helps you to settle. If there’s time I strap you into the hug-a-bub and potter round the house.

August Goals


On the 1st ish of each month I blog my goals for the month and how the last month went. Some months are a little easier than others.

So the last goals list I wrote was back in April and now it’s August. So I decided (and having read other lists like this and this) that it was about time I rewrote a new list especially with the exciting things that might be happening.

August Goals
Keep up on my body magic/Walk More
Eating healthy still hasn’t entirely come back to me after being pregnant especially at the moment while I’m trying to eat enough to make sure I’m providing enough in breastmilk for Jaxon. I am trying to get out and go for a walk once a day even if it’s just round the block rather than actually going somewhere like the supermarket.

Healthy/Optimised Eating
This will hopefully come back as the month goes on but we’ll see how Jaxon and I are doing.

Update To Do List
I spent the other night writing a sort of to do list. So I need to keep it up dated and rewrite it when I complete some of the goals this week.

Complete my Media Kit
I keep trying to start it and then never get any further – What do I include? What do I miss out? Any tips or suggestions? I like this blog post about how to create your media kit in PicMonkey – now that’s my kind of simple but still being able to make it look amazing.

Have you written goals for August? What do you hope to achieve?

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The West Wing (from the beginning again! Started Season 2 while Jaxon napped on Friday)
Saving Mr Banks
Tumble (anyone else thinking it’s Strictly Come Dancing for Gymnastics?)

Providence by Jamie McGuire (The Kindle version is free on Amazon at the moment – bargain!)
If You’re Not The One by Jemma Forte
A Question of Blood by Ian Rankin
More and more articles about breastfeeding and selfies, also reading The Leaky Boob and blogs about goals.

Still the radio but decided to take note of the songs.
Lights of Tokyo by The Gentlemen
Love Somebody by Charmaine
You’re Not Alone by Marie Miller (it has a KT Tunstall sort of vibe)
Love Have Come by Mark Schultz (Love the gospel choir coda bit at the end).
Rolling In The Deep by Adele
Feel by Robbie Williams
Greatest Day by Take That

Thanks to the lovely Judit of Monster Yarns delivering some wool to my house on Thursday I was able to carry on with one of the Christmas presents that I’ve been working on. I’ve also got a ball of Cotton DK and I’m going to attempt to make some dish cloths instead of going out to buy some more. (I love this lilac colour but it also comes in Aqua too which is a lovely colour)

A bit weary but it’s a new week – let’s see how it goes. I’m sort of getting used to the disturbed nights it’s just easier when Jaxon settles during the day so that I can either nap or curl up on the sofa and just not do anything for a bit lol.

Still planning blog posts, social media bits as well as to do lists and goals.

I loved planning my Mum’s birthday meal.



Things I'm Grateful For

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On Facebook there has been this post being passed around where you’re challenged to write three positives each day for a week or something like that. I extended how long I did it for and although I hadn’t got as far as posting them to Facebook I had started a list so I’m sharing it today – Gratitude – the things I am grateful for this week…:

Day 15 (Tuesday)
1. Got to hang out/catch up with a friend from work and her kids. I hadn’t seen her since she brought her new-ish born baby into work at the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014.
2. Our Sidekick made lunch for me as Jaxon decided that he was hungry as I was making lunch.
3. Our Sidekick kept an eye on Jaxon and I after I dozed off on the sofa after Jaxon had gone to sleep and been placed in his flower donut thingy (Similar to this but it has a whole circle instead of just a half)

Day 16 (Wednesday)
1. (Yeah I can’t count!) We received a lovely New Baby present from Chris’s lovely colleagues.
2. Walked to the other supermarket. Gained good wifey points by sorting out FIL’s Birthday Present too.

Day 17 (Thursday)
1. Went for coffee with Emma, Ruth and Keeley. I think Isaac (Emma’s Guide Dog) was on Guard Dog duty as he sat at my feet while I held Jaxon and got closer and closer as the coffee date went on.
2. Caroline gave Jaxon and I a lift home after the bus driver drove straight past us.
3. We had dinner made for us by Keeley.

Day 18 (Friday)
1. We gave Jaxon his first bath – he didn’t enjoy being undressed or dried and redressed but when he was in the water he seemed okay.
2. I had some bits to do so Chris took me out in the car – when I can start driving again I will be very grateful lol.

Day 19 (Saturday)
1. Dad helping me out to sort my “uniform” for Holiday Club
2. Had lovely sunshine to walk to and from Mum and Dad’s house even though it a absolutely chucked it down in the middle.
3. Watched the Athletics with the boys. Cheered very loudly when Jo Pavey gave the Kenyans a run for their money and won the Bronze in the end. Good effort girlie!

Day 20 (Sunday)
1. Chris took over between feeds so that I could sleep. So grateful.
2. Missed church for sleep but made it down to chat to a few people after the service and go to the picnic in the park.
3. Our friend who organises the food for the picnic got Coronation Chicken sandwich filler – I know she didn’t get it on purpose for me but it’s one of my favourites and I was so grateful.

Day 21 (Monday)
1. Rang the doctor and managed to get an appointment for tomorrow.

Day 22 (Tuesday)
1. The doctor measured Jaxon’s head and he has no concerns – as far as he can tell Jaxon will sort of grow into his head as he gets older. For now he’s in proportion to the rest of his body. We were also prescribed some cream for his milk spots. So I’m grateful for the fact we have a medical system that works – sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes it has delays but so far in Jaxon’s life it’s been working for us.
2. Stopped by the office that my Mum works in when at her client’s she looked after Jaxon and did the proud Grandma bit while I talked social media to one of her clients.

Day 23 (Wednesday)
1. We had our next coffee date today. There were closer to 12 ladies this time along with a toddler and Jaxon. So much fun!
2. Following two of the ladies singing the praises of the caramel Frappés from The Fountain. I texted Chris and asked him to bring me one home. Which he did! Especially! He’s so lovely!

Day 24 (Thursday)
1. Took Jaxon to the Baby Clinic. He weighed in at 11lbs 1oz. That means he’s regained his birth weight!!! Yeah go baby!
2. Spent time with my Mum setting up for holiday club. We chatted about all sorts including my Brother’s upcoming wedding.
3. After my chocolate was eaten in error, the Chocolate Fairies delivered me another bar of chocolate – thankfully it arrived after Slimming World (where I’d lost half a pound)

Day 25 (Friday)
1. Chris’s Aunt (Jaxon’s Great Aunt) gave him this inflatable donut thing that has a flower that works like a blanket across the whole thing. I’m not sure if it’s meant for naps but it works wonders and I think it’s pretty comfortable.
2. A friend stopped by to see us following her shift at work. She held Jaxon while I ate my breakfast – made all the difference!

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Getting Healthy – Part Four

Getting Healthy

It’s now been just over four weeks since I had my C-Section and we welcomed Jaxon into the world. I went to Slimming World last week and I had maintained, it was sort of expected as I haven’t been on plan and with feeding I often just need to get the food in me before I then “give it out” again. Some days I’m glad for a meal time to roll round as I’m hungry. On Thursday I was presented with Slimmer of The Month, it was exciting to win and I’m pleased I did win it but when you have a baby and lose 20 pounds in the space of a few days it does give you an unfair advantage against the other people in the group.

According to my FitBit I’m averaging about 6,000 steps a day which still seems like quite a lot! I did hit 10k one day last week but that was a fluke from being in town with Chris!

Although I did maintain, I’m okay with that, I am still a stone and 10 pounds lighter than this time last year when I decided to go for it with Chris’s help.

I actually won Slimmer of the Month which is sort of unfair as I had an advantage. Losing 20lbs of baby and fluid will do that to a girl lol.

Slimmer of The Month

The sticker is now stuck to the back of my book with my other awards and I’m heading in the direction of my two stone award which is about 5lbs away. I’ll keep walking here and there. Then again having seen the supposed weather forecast for August we could be melting and staying indoors instead!

How are you all doing? Set any goals recently?