Dear Jaxon… 13 Weeks/3 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

As I type this from my phone you’re snoring in your Moses basket (a little quieter now than you were about thirty minutes ago).

Normally I write what we got up to this last week but I keep failing at that so in coming up with a plan b where I try to highlight what I remember!

Last Friday, you, me, Becca and Baby Riley went for a walk around the Marina and then went out for lunch. The weather was so glorious that it didn’t feel like it should be October at all. It was almost like a spring morning minus the leaves starting to change colour. At one point I nearly ended up balancing you on one side with Riley on the other side as Becca popped away from the table for a few minutes and Riley decided he needed his Mummy.

On Saturday we went for a coffee date with the ladies from church. It meant there were five Mummies and their children (and a fur baby!). Emma brought Isaac the guide dog with her. He didn’t quite guard you like he used to but we did snap this picture of you both.

Jaxon and Isaac Dog

I imagine that soon you’ll be chasing Isaac and he won’t be so calm. Either that or he’ll still love you and take care of you.

On Monday we went to help out a Uncle Richard by sitting at his house while waiting for an installation. You were nice and calm until the drilling started and that upset you. We ended up sitting upstairs in the spare bedroom as it was the furthest point from where the installation was happening. I think if the weather had been nicer we’d have sat in the garden or under the car port so it was quieter.

We went to the supermarket after and nearly had to swim to the car as the heavens opened and it down poured for pretty much the rest of the day.

3 Months Old Jaxon
My lovely new jacket fits!!

As it happens you’ve just woken up. It’s not a surprise as you’ve been asleep since about 9:30pm this evening. I’m just hoping it doesn’t mean you’re going to wake up at 4 or 5am and decide that the day is starting.

Anyway, You turned 13 weeks on Wednesday followed by 3 months today. You have a proper cheeky character coming through. Funny that you’re almost taking after your uncle and he takes after his. Clearly it’s something in the genetics.

Our Sidekick has got more confident with holding you now so he helped me out this week. He even volunteered to change your happy at one point, he stood at the changing table and cheered when it was a wet happy instead of a poopy one. It was really funny. On another occasion I’d been in the kitchen and when I came into the living room you were all curled up on his lap with your head against his chest I think you were listening to his heart beat like you listen to Daddy’s or mine.

Today we went to get you weighed and then wandered to the bus stop to head into town. It was a proper adventure and you slept for some of it. I need to start planning some other walking routes to explore with you.

So here’s some stats…
14lbs and 15 ounces
3-6 months
Size 3
Most of the time you’re down to one night feed but sometimes it hits two depending on what time you went to bed in the first place.
it still varies and often varies depending on if you actually had a proper nap in the day.
anyone playing with your legs. Music and bright lights. You like it when Mummy watches Strictly Come Dancing because it the bright colours and the action. Tummy time when you’re not forced to do stuff like put your head looking to your left shoulder instead of your right.
being on your own (for example if I pop to the kitchen or the loo). Baths – it’s possible that it was because Daddy is normally present for baths and recently I’ve been doing it myself without Daddy.
Other things
you like to hold my thumb or the neck line of my shirt while feeding. If you come unlatched you head butt me until you’re comfortable again. You suck your hand but haven’t found your thumb yet. When you are given a dummy you often spit it out!

#BetterYou (And October Goals)

#BetterYou Movement

Often people write Bucket Lists with the goal of achieving the things on the list by the time they die, others like me write a Bucket List to complete before their next birthday or next major birthday like 30th or 40th.

This one is part of a specific exercise rather than something I’m working on myself (if that makes sense).

It’s called The Better You Movement, and it focuses on people making these small, 30-day bucket lists of things they’d like to accomplish in order to better themselves, their community, or to give back and help others.

So here are my goals, on this occasion they are all to do with me bettering myself. When Jaxon is a little older or a little more settled then I might be able to get back into volunteering and serving at church.

1. Lose 5lbs towards target.
So far, this hasn’t happened. In fact at weigh in on Thursday I had put on 2lbs. I have weigh in on Tuesday this week instead of Thursday. Hopefully it might have made some difference.

2. Finish crocheting current Christmas present and start next.
I haven’t even picked up the current Christmas present. I got distracted with the Adopted WIP and then picked up a different Christmas present. So I guess I’m working on a Christmas present even if it wasn’t quite the one I had been meaning to do.

3. 31 days in October meet step goal on at least 10 days (10,000 steps per day).
This in theory is fairly easy. Especially while we are having unusually warm weather but actually it’s not. I walked 13 miles earlier this week when I was in Blackpool with Chris and Jaxon but since I got back hitting the 10k steps daily goal only happened once (and only just!). I have to stay in on Monday to help out my brother with something but I figure walking home from church today might work.

4. 31 days in October meet water goal on at least 20 days. (2 litres per day)
Again another one that should be easy. I have a litre plastic bottle with a sports cap and so just have to drink two of them each day. While I was pregnant and since I’ve been breastfeeding I often find that I’m really thirsty. If I can do it for at least the 20 (actually 21 as that creates a new habit) should be enough to rewrite it as a habit and I will remember to do it.

Have you written a list of goals for October? Share your link below in the comments.

Dear Jaxon… – 12 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

This week you turned 12 weeks old. In all the craziness that came with our trip to the seaside and Daddy’s Challenge I didn’t manage to write to you.

You turned 12 weeks on Wednesday. On Tuesday while we were still away We took you swimming for the first time in the hotel pool. I ran the water to make sure it wasn’t too hot in the shower, Daddy then held you while you two had a shower before getting into the pool, while I showered you and Daddy headed for the pool so that you didn’t get cold.

Daddy held you lying down in the water. You weren’t that impressed, I think because the water was going in your ears and I don’t think you could really hear us. You splashed a little bit but I think when you splashed yourself in the face you were even less impressed. We took you towards the mushroom fountain but it was a bit loud and I don’t think you liked it.

We decided that we were going to get you out the pool in a few minutes. Daddy went for a swim while I held you. I was originally sat on the side while holding you but then I decided that if I sat in the water holding you then the water would help to keep you warm rather than the air temperature which could be making you cold.

I think by holding you upright with just your legs and back in the water so that you could hold onto me too was more comforting. You were much calmer and relaxed. Once Daddy had had a swim we got out again. Again we took it in turns to sort you out. Once you were dressed, I gave you a feed, while we did that Daddy got dressed so that he could then take you out into the corridor where it was a bit warmer while I got dressed.

I’m going to take you again at some point, I want to make sure that you give the swimming thing a good go before not going.

Jaxon is 12 Weeks Old

Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award


Various people were tagged for this award but I figured I’d join in anyway. The questions were posted by Judit of Monster Yarns. You can also see different versions on Redhead Babyled, It’s A Rowberry Life and Mrs Bishop’s Bakes and Banter.

What’s your biggest WIP failure?
When I was in my teens, I found some lovely Debbie Bliss wool and decided to knit a cushion cover. I started knitting and had a rough idea what to do. However, the wool was discontinued part way through so Mum and I had to find something that would work and it sort of did but then didn’t.

Knit or Crochet?
Both. For years knitting was the only one I could do. Mum would teach me and I’d get it for an hour or so then I’d put it down and do something different and completely forget how to do it. Then about two years ago it finally clicked and I was able to crochet. Now we have crochet blankets and projects coming out of our ears!

Do you think knitting/crochet should be taught at school?
Not sure, we were taught sewing with a sewing machine as part of Food Tech at middle school however by that point I could already sew with a machine and sew by hand too as Mum had taught me. I then didn’t really like sewing in class because I was in front of everyone else to a certain degree.

Why do you knit/crochet?
Erm….because I love it….I mean really love it. I mean like (up until Jaxon arrived!) I always carried a ball of wool and a crochet hook with me. Now I have a little drawstring bag which I carry in the buggy or the top of the changing bag just in case. It doesn’t always come with me now but it does sometimes.


What’s your best knit/crochet tip?
The drawstring bag is quite handy to stop your wool running away. You take the working bit out and leave the wool in the bag then re-draw the string and then you can sit it back in your handbag for example and you don’t have to chase it round in a rush!

What’s your worst chore ever?
All of them, should stop doing them and just knit/crochet! Gardening probably. I occasionally have a mad moment and get on with it but other times it goes for ages without having very much done to it.

What time of day is your favourite?
It sounds sort of strange but it’s that time around 3am when Jaxon sometimes wakes for a feed, at first I’m a bit like “ugh! Why are you awake?!!?” But then it dawns on me how peaceful the house is and how quiet it is while it’s just Jaxon and I rather than all four of us being up and about. Sometimes if it’s a little later or longer then I see a sort of sunrise. There’s so many houses near us that I can’t really see the horizon but when the sun gets over the roofs it’s nice.

If you didn’t knit/crochet, what would you do?
Oh who knows! Scrapbooking maybe or I might actually get somewhere with the Project Life bits I have rather than just collecting bits to do something with at some point.

One fact about you.
On both my parents side of the family Jaxon is the eldest child of the eldest child (me) of the eldest child (Mum/Dad). Certainly on my Mum’s side Grandma and Grandad are both the eldest on their sides so that’s another generation. Not sure about the next generation back on that side.

Christmas or Summer Holidays?
Toughie. I like Summer when it’s not too hot so I can explore places but Christmas gives us change to catch up with family which is important. (For example while writing this post I’ve just watched Graham Norton and they were talking about Four Weddings and A Funeral being 20 this year, it dawned on me that my cousin is 21 in January! How the heck did that happen??

Our Blackpool Adventure 2014: Day 2

Our Blackpool Adventure 2014

Jaxon was a superstar and minus a quick feed around 3am-ish he slept all the way through until about 6:30am. I got up and fed Jaxon, then expressed enough milk that Chris could feed Jaxon again if needed. I got into my swimming costume and headed down to the pool. I haven’t been swimming for over a year. I actually think I haven’t been swimming since The Kiwi lived with us. That’s almost 3 years ago that she moved out.

I managed to do 6 lengths of the pool so that was about 130 metres. I did had to stop between lengths but I’m sure with practice it’ll come back again.

I got changed and went back to the room. When I checked my phone I had this picture from Chris.

While you were swimming

Both Chris and Jaxon were ready to go to breakfast so we headed down to the hotel restaurant. There were hot and cold options. I had two sausages, a fried egg and some bacon. Then had muesli and a bowl of fruit and yoghurt. It was more than I usually would have for breakfast but it was going to be a long day.

Following breakfast we got ourselves organised for the day and set out for the theme park. When we went to the Pleasure Beach last year we parked further up the coast outside of Blackpool itself and then caught the tram into Blackpool, we decided that rather than pay for parking in the town we’d walk to the park. According to Google Maps its 3 miles ish but it felt like miles more than that especially given the number of hills! Either way it felt like an achievement to walk that far and sometimes at Chris’s pace rather than my pace.

One crazy day!

We did three sort of laps of the park which was fine apart from the one bit where we had to carry the buggy up three or four steps and then down about ten steps. I swear every time we did it Jaxon had put on 5 kilos! Around half way through lap Two I took a time out to grab some lunch. I managed to eat all my lunch in the time it took Chris to do three rides that were close together.

A Chicken Royale from the onsite Burger King seemed like a good idea at the time (I would later stand on the scales at SW and have put on two pounds this week….)

Following lunch, I caught up with Chris and we continued on. His final ride of the challenge as Grand National. Chris pottered round and did some of the rides that he hadn’t done previously. In one of the shops I bought Jaxon a toy giraffe. I thought it would be okay for him however Chris wasn’t so sure so it’s been placed on the bookcase ready for when he’s a little bigger.

We had a wander along the promenade. I had wanted to take Jaxon onto the beach but Chris and I were both tired and beginning to get hungry so decided to get dinner instead. Jaxon wouldn’t have been able to necessarily experience the beach in the same way we would so maybe do that another time.

We went to Bella Italian for dinner. I had Spaghetti Carbonara but having eaten it I did think that I should have had Spaghetti Pomodoro instead. Oh well, I had burnt a heap of calories with all the walking I had done.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel via a couple of stops to feed Jaxon and do a little bit of shopping.

When we got back we were all very shattered so headed straight to bed. The end of day two.

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Who Do You Think You Are?
The Great British Bake Off
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Strictly Come Dancing
Doctor Who

The “She Reads Truth” bible study. (Epic catch up session!)

Radio mainly. At home it’s UCB UK and in the car it’s Radio 2. Heart is creeping it but that’s mainly when Chris is driving.

Christmas presents still and the WIP that I adopted. The Adopted WIP is getting there after I had some assistance from Judit.

Okay. Jaxon slept around 8 hours, 2 nights in the last week. It was good to have that extra sleep but did mean that on Friday while at my parents I dozed off in front of the TV!

Planning at the moment involves a packing list for our adventure. It’s only a couple of days but knowing what to pack for Jaxon is a real challenge.

Snuggles with Jaxon and his smiles. He’s properly got the hang of smiles now. He’s sometimes a bit unsure and won’t smile for everyone but he smiles for Chris, Our Sidekick and I.

Our Blackpool Adventure 2014: Day 1

Our Blackpool Adventure 2014

Each year on (or around) Chris’s birthday he does a mad challenge. We’ve done Land’s End to John O’Groats, the Tube Challenge and “Visit as many family members as possible in one day” Challenge.

This year Chris’s goal is to ride 29 rollercoasters or theme park rides in one day. It was his choice and he decided that he was going to go to Blackpool and ride the rides. Officially there are only 10 roller coasters there. So he needs to ride all the rides 3 times (minus 1!). I’m not a fan of roller coasters but thankfully they do a ticket for the park which is like an observers ticket. So although Chris pays full rate for his ticket, we aren’t paying out on a ticket that doesn’t get used in a way. Also by going during term time and towards the end of the season it should be a bit quieter.

Our adventure started with church. We decided that if we went to the 9am service at Three Rivers Bedford then we could get on the road around 11/11:30 and still make good time. The boys loaded the car while I fed Jaxon (and then expressed so we could feed him on the go if needed).

We were late for church which wasn’t good but at least we made it for 90% of the service instead of missing church completely.

Chris drove and I sat in the back on “baby duty”. Jaxon was really good and had fallen asleep as we left Bedford. By the time we reached the A1 he was fast asleep.

Sleepy Jaxon

I’d expected that we would go direct to Blackpool and stop for lunch somewhere along the route. Well Chris had been thinking and suggested we stopped off to see Kewey on our way. Well of course if she was free and wanted to see us then of course I wanted to go via her house!

Traction engines

We left Bedford around 11:30 as planned and made good time. On the outskirts of Peterborough there was an accident which meant we hit traffic but that didn’t slow us down too much. Maybe by about 5-10 minutes.

I got a chunk of my knitting done on the Adopted WIP project. I’m down to the last ball so in theory it’ll be finished soon. It could even be finished this week.

I had a headache when we left church so really needed to sleep rather than be stuck in a car but I took some painkillers and with Chris driving I was able to chill out, by the time we got to Grantham it was clearing but still achy. Had drank a litre of water so needed to top my bottle up before heading off for leg two.

Kewey lives really close to her parents house so we’d suggested that if they were in and free that we popped round to introduce them to Jaxon as they haven’t met him yet.

We arrived at their house around 1:30. We had a drink, a catch up and gave Jaxon a feed then pottered up to Kewey’s parents house. They’d had a big family get together this weekend so lunch for us was leftovers from the party but I didn’t mind I know our visit was a little last minute and we didn’t expect to be fed we were happy to find something ourselves.

We even met Kewey’s brother and his girlfriend for the first time. I’ve known Kewey 10 years and this is the first time I’ve met him although I have heard loads about her brother.

Chris decided that rather than taking the route along the motorway he’d take the route that went up through the Peak District. It was a lovely route and involved lots of green fields and windy roads (some definitely more windy that others!)

Snoozy Baby on our way through the Peak District

We arrived at the hotel around 7ish and were made to feel very welcome. The receptionist had put us on the ground floor once she realised we had a baby with us which was lovely of her. To get to our room you actually walk past lots of windows that overlook the indoor pool. The rooms on the opposite side of the corridor to ours looked out over the outdoor pool.

We got ourselves organised and unloaded the buggy which had become a luggage trolley from the car to the room. For dinner we went into Blackpool itself as the hotel restaurant was ridiculously expensive. Nearly £20 for one course expensive!

We went to a local pizza restaurant. I ordered a deep pan pizza and because they didn’t have individual size left they upgraded my pizza for free, that wouldn’t have been a problem had Our Sidekick been with us as he could have gobbled up the spare pizza but I couldn’t manage the whole pizza by myself. We did take away the remaining pizza but I wasn’t able to eat it (which is actually kind of a good thing).

Following dinner we went back to the hotel and got ready for bed. The mattress was very firm so I struggled to get to sleep but in the end I managed it.

Spotted this windmill on our way

Dear Jaxon… – 11 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

This actually snuck into last week…..we spent most of the day at home and then in the afternoon we went for a walk around the country park in the sunshine. It was lovely and much better than being cooped up at home.

Daddy and I spent the morning tidying up ready for the social worker to visit. In the end she had thought that the visit was at 2pm when actually it wasn’t, it was at 11am. She apologised profusely and we rescheduled for next week. She was lovely and kept apologising, it was a little annoying but she’s never normally late or if she knows she’s going to be she makes a conscious effort to call ahead.

After we waited for her, Daddy was going for lunch with Steve from church, we dropped Daddy off then parked the car. We walked into town and had a coffee with Vivien, Becca and Baby R. Baby R had had his 8 week vaccinations in the morning so slept for a chunk of the time that we were there. After that Daddy, you and me went to buy some swimming nappies – we had planned to take you in the afternoon but we decided that actually it might be better to take you to a proper parent and baby session rather than a general swim session at least to start with.

When it came to giving you a bath, Daddy had a good idea. He got in his swimmers and run a slightly deeper bath for you, he got in the bath with you and held you so that you could float in the water. You seemed to enjoy it apart from when you turned and managed to put your whole face in the water – you were a bit surprised and freaked out but you calmed down pretty quickly.

Grandad came to visit quickly but you were feeding when he popped by so you didn’t have chance for a cuddle. He’s coming on Sunday as well I think so you might be able to grab a cuddle then.


We took Daddy to work this morning, we were part way home and he texted to tell me that he still had my house keys so we had to turn round and go back from them. We then went to the supermarket to get some bits.

As church split to two services this week we decided that if the weather was good then we’d walk to church. Well the weather did hold out and daddy you and I walked to church. When we got to the green Our Sidekick was playing basketball while the park was quiet. Daddy pushed you in the buggy while I attempted to try and score a hoop. It was really bad and it bounced off the hoop. I had a second attempt and still missed it.

Following church, rather than staying for lunch, Daddy, Our Sidekick, you and I walked home. We had lunch at home and watched Doctor Who all together (I think you actually slept through it).

After a feed you slept from 7pm until I was mean and woke you up at about quarter past 1 as you’d been asleep almost 6 hours and I needed you to feed so I could go back to sleep. It was pretty impressive as you went back to sleep for another four hours. Woke up for a change and feed then slept for another three ish. I think you must have been tired having been awake for most of the morning!

We started the day off fairly lazy but in the end we had to get up and get organised. Before we left the house, I made a packed lunch for a picnic with Mini Fairy and her Mum. You and I then went to the garage to get a new tyre for the car. The chap in the garage also pointed out to me that the spare was almost flat and so needed to be pumped up but also that the bolt that holds the tyre in place was sort of stiff and so would need some WD40 on it.

Following that we went to the supermarket to get Mini Fairy a birthday present and some biscuits to share round at the picnic.

We arrived really early at the Farm Centre so we had a feed in the car before everyone else arrived in the hope that it meant that we wouldn’t have to try and find places to feed you on the way round. Actually it’s kind of handy going out with a group of ladies who are all mummies because they “get it” in a way. Two of the little girls thought you were lovely and kept talking to you. They wanted to hold you too but I think you weren’t so keen on being fussed over at some points.

Following lunch you fell asleep, you managed to sleep through the really bumpy tractor ride and then woke up when I clipped your car seat back onto the buggy as it sort of jolted.

After lunch we had a look around the animals then headed back inside for a drink then it was time to come home. We’d had a lovely day but it was nice to go home and chill out.

I’ve got a complete mind blank for what we did other than our mammoth walk to the Post Office in Renhold. While we were there you had a cuddle with Kathy, Grandma’s Bestie. I think she was having a bad day and our visit was just at the right time. I know that we collected Daddy from work and Our Sidekick made pizza for dinner but I can’t remember other than that.

You’re now smiling more and getting the hang of it. You are still coughing but it’s not as frequent now which is good. When you do cough, you’ll cough two or three times and then you sigh – it’s super cute!

Next week you have your next set of vaccinations and your first road trip. At some point in that week we’re going to take you swimming too. I’m really excited and hope that you enjoy it.

11 Weeks

Grandma and Grandpa went away for a couple of days. While they were away they got you this present. I love it!! Now you just need a rugby shirt to wear underneath. Now where can I get an England Rugby shirt in your size?

Ruggers Baby!

Love you little one

Mummy x

Coffee and Cake – Macmillan Coffee Morning

I seem to have dropped off the planet when it comes to blogging about anything but Jaxon or my currently weekly posts.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Tomorrow is the Big Macmillan Coffee Morning and I will be visiting my second and third coffee “mornings”.

This is a quick plug for Number 2 as Number 3 is friends only I think.

Coffee morning Number 2 kicks off at Ravensden Village Hall at 10am until 2pm. The lovely Michele, Catherine and Nesta are in charge and there’s going to be tea, coffee, cakes and some crafty bits. Around lunchtime there will also be lunches including sandwiches. A raffle is being held too, lots of prizes to be won. All in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Who Do You Think You Are?
The Great British Bake Off
The Little Mermaid
Curious George

Not a lot… posts mainly but that’s about it. I guess my Slimming World book gets a bit more of a look in as I’m trying to get back on plan.

Radio mainly. At home it’s UCB UK and in the car it’s Radio 2.

Christmas presents still and the WIP that I adopted.

My cough is pretty much gone. My ankle is sore when I’m tired and when I try to kneel on the floor but it’s getting stronger everyday.
Blessed too! I spent a lovely day with my goddaughter, her mum and grandma and some of her friends. Then when I was having a little meltdown this evening my friend basically phoned and said “if you can be free at this time I will come save the day!” We came up with a different plan but I am so blessed and grateful that she was able to through together a plan if we needed it. (Does that make sense??)

More tidying for the social worker visit! It was rescheduled to this week after the social worker ended up running late and then phoned to say she was at the wrong address.
Food plan. We actually wrote a meal plan. It’s ended up adapted since we first wrote it on Saturday but the idea is that I can do prep if needed during the day or start when Chris leaves work so that there’s little to do when he gets in from work. Tomorrow is Our Sidekick’s turn to cook. I think we’re having chicken and something…..

Jaxon is properly recognising faces now. He smiles from ear to ear when he sees me, Chris or Our Sidekick. Our Sidekick makes sure he says hello to Jaxon as soon as he gets in from school. He even “babysat” for half an hour-ish this evening when I went to collect Chris from work. He was all prepared with a bottle of milk just in case Jaxon woke up. In the end Jaxon woke up as we walked through the door. Good timing little one!