Mustela Product Review

Although I’ve been a foster Mum for almost three years, the products we need in the house for Our Sidekick are obviously very different to those that we need for Jaxon. We’ve found that for Our Sidekick we have to make sure that we there’s always washing powder or tablets and stain remover like Vanish in the house at all times for ink. grass or mud stains, given that he seems to be a bit of a magnet for dirt lol. (Typical boy I guess!) We use Oxy-something from Aldi as it’s just as good as Vanish without the price tag!

When it comes to Jaxon we’ve discovered that Mamia nappies from Aldi are better for us than our other local supermarket own brand. In fact we found that the newborn nappies from Pampers actually leaked more frequently that the Aldi ones – which usually only leaked when overloaded! (And I’ve been told by friends with older children that they’ve found this too). We also found that wet cotton wool doesn’t work on those earlier baby nappies and actually it’s worth buying the special newborn baby wipes as they are specially formulated to deal with those super sticky first day nappies lol. Sudocrem is also one of those amazing things that work wonders. I was sent the 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream to try and found that it worked at an equivalent level to Sudocrem, the best thing about it in comparison is that over 90% of it’s ingredients come from natural origins (when you read the list of ingredients on the Sudocrem pot there are a lot of chemical names in there!)

Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm

Then it comes to me, I was fortunate in that although breastfeeding hurt a little bit when Jaxon first latched on, I’ve not needed any cream or balm until the last week or so. Before I delivered Jaxon I received a package containing various creams and products from Mustela. One of the creams was the Nursing Comfort Balm. It’s specially formulated for nipples which can be super sore and sensitive while you’re breastfeeding. I have a thing about creams that make my skin feel greasy. (This is why Chris usually ends up attacking me with suncream rather than me doing it myself although I am capable). So sometimes I try to avoid using creams so that I don’t have that greasy feeling, however this cream doesn’t have that greasy feeling but still works wonders. There are various ingredients in the balm but again like the barrier cream the balm contains a heap of natural ingredients including “avocado peptides” which help to soothe the itchiness and pain that there might be, then Shea Butter that leaves the skin more supple and resistant to the attacking its coming against. It has a hypoallergenic formula which means it’s safe for mum and for baby.

I had a look for where I could purchase the cream from, I haven’t been able to find it in the local supermarket and currently Mustela do not have a UK commerce bit to their website but was able to find it on The Garden. I guess if you’ve got the time for the cream to arrive it’s fine but if you need it RIGHT NOW(!!) then waiting for a delivery might not work. If you’re anything like me you want to have the protection or the relief but not at a breaking the bank kind of price. It’s a fraction of the price when you compare against Lanisoh Lanolin cream which seems to be the closest alternative that I’ve found. (From The Garden you do need to pay postage but even then it’s still cheaper than the listing on Amazon UK at the moment).

This is a sponsored post. I was sent some samples from Mustela to review. I chose to focus on the Nursing Comfort Balm and 123 Barrier Cream.

Currently…14th July


Currently… image from rukristin

Baby!! He does funny things like twitching in his sleep and clapping his hands together. Watching his little face as he dreams.

Notes and notes and notes from the midwifes and other professionals. Also started reading the New Testament from the beginning when feeding. Got most of Matthew Chapter 1 done yesterday.

To the cute noises that Jaxon makes while he sleeps. Listening to his breathing too.

Erm, not a lot lol. I moved my bag upstairs but haven’t touched my crochet since Wednesday. I’ve starting writing thank you letters, I guess that’s making something. Also have been taking heaps of photos.

Tired but so happy. Had a meltdown on Saturday but all in all I’m positive. I spoke to the breastfeeding helpline yesterday and they gave me some good tips that seem to be working.

Not a lot – it tends to be what we’re doing that day or the next day. Lots of friends want to meet Jaxon. The in laws came on Friday. The Fairies came on Saturday before dashing off to dance class. V, Bex and Bex’s little boy popped in on their way past. The in laws and my Grandparents came by yesterday. There’s a few people who are possibly coming by in the week to visit us but we’ll play that day by day depending on how things are going.

The snuggles I get with Jaxon. The way he holds his hands when I breastfeed (or attempt to!). The way that Chris scoops him up and cares for him. He pulls faces and makes funny noises when Jaxon starts to get grumpy. I just can’t wait until Jaxon can respond and laugh back at Daddy’s silly antics! (Not that I’m wishing the time away – clearly I want to enjoy each stage as it comes.

Dear Blueberry – 38 Weeks

Dear Blueberry


Dear Blueberry,

It’s getting a bit cramped round these parts now. I’ve worked out that it I sit a certain way then I’m fine but if I sit another way then I end up all achy as there’s not enough room between my hips and ribs. The other option is I just give up and lie down in front of the TV and stay there for the rest of the day.

Things like loading the washing machine and dishwasher are getting harder – the boys are pretty good. If I load the top tray they will load the bottom one.

You’ve been kicking more vigorously and sometimes get sort of stuck – I’ll end up with a knee or elbow sticking out at a funny angle.

On Sunday, I went with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Rich to cheer on Auntie Heather at Race for Life. I think all the walking and all the standing up I did upset you a bit because I had stomach ache and then when I walked back to the car after lunch I got stronger pains – as they stopped almost as quick as they started I didn’t worry but I’ll mention it to the midwife today at my appointment.

On Monday Chris and I went to visit our friend and our new goddaughter. We spent like two hours just chatting. Our friend and Chris were discussing my bump. They are convinced you’ve dropped. You got the hiccups at one point and I could feel it in the top of the bump but could also feel it in my lower back so I’m pretty sure you’ve dropped. Shall we take a sweepstake on when you decide to appear?

Yesterday something was going on and I think you wanted to make your presence known. Our Sidekick, Chris and I had a disagreement to the point that that we were all quite cross at each other. Well I think you wanted to join in too because there was a massive achy pain in my abdomen and that plus the falling out made me cry. I headed upstairs and put on some music and laid down to try and calm down. It did go away and didn’t come back again. I think it’s your way of getting ready to make your entrance into the world.

Today we’ve got all sorts going on, in the morning we’re off to meet with various social work people to be re-approved as foster carers for Our Sidekick (I’ve promised our social worker that I’ll keep my legs crossed so whatever you do don’t decide to come in the morning!). In the afternoon I have my midwifes appointment and then in the evening I have a holiday club meeting – that’ll be another thing to tick off “last holiday club meeting before Blueberry arrives”.

Friday… (And a trip to hospital)


Fetal Monitor, Pulse Oximeter and Blood Pressure

Hello there.

How’s your day going?

Mine started fairly lazy. Chris and I went for lunch instead of our normal day off breakfast date. We ended up at one the local restaurants that we usually frequent. I had my salad and started on my main course (while Chris did various work bits that he probably shouldn’t have had to organise on his day off lol).

Part way through lunch I started to get flashing lights in front of my eyes a bit like a migraine but without the pain and the nausea (that I normally associate with a migraine). We decided that if I still had the flashing lights then we’d go and seek medical advice.

Part way through lunch the flashing lights changed – although they were still there it was more like fuzziness around my peripheral vision. Having googled changes in vision and no pain I was concerned (as anyone would be!). Chris had a whole conversation with me about three 50p coins he had in his wallet. I remember the conversation and picking up the coins but felt like I wasn’t really there. It was like I was completely cut off from what was happening. We paid for our meal and I was in a state. I couldn’t entirely describe how I felt and we decided that we needed medical advice. I tried the midwife but the number I had on my notes was wrong. (I’m not sure if I read it wrong or Chris misread the Midwife’s hand writing because I have the right number in my phone!).

We tried the day unit at the hospital but there was no answer, so we called the Delivery Suite – I was trying to explain how I was feeling and things like that but wasn’t doing a good job. When I managed to explain enough, the nurse said to come into the day unit and I would be seen from there.

As we’d walked to the restaurant Chris left me sat on the bench outside and went back inside to tell someone I was there. In the end the manager and a customer (I think) came outside to wait with me and keep an eye on me. While Chris had been inside I rang my Mum. She’s well trained in “How to Deal with Hannah when she’s sick”. She dropped what she was doing and came down to meet me.

Chris dropped me off outside Cygnet Wing, while he parked the car, I headed for the Day Unit once I’d managed to figure out which floor it was on. I walked onto the ward and headed for the Day Unit Reception. Thankfully a lovely nurse noticed me and that I was in a bit of a state. I explained what was happening and she pointed me to a seat. Another nurse came and chatted to me and explained that they would have to put me on the delivery bit of the ward for now as they didn’t have any space in the Day Unit. I didn’t mind I just wanted to make sure that both baby and I were okay.

I was hooked up to a BP machine and my pressure was taken every 15 minutes. They also did another test to make sure that it wasn’t the beginning of preeclampsia. Thank The Lord it wasn’t!

I was moved along the corridor back onto the Day Unit and was hooked up to a fetal monitor, pressure cuff and a pulse oximeter (yes my inner nerd was having a field day reading the results between having my eyes closed and relaxing). At one point Blueberry had the hiccups which could be heard on the monitor too. I think Chris was a little freaked as it was a funny noise but I knew what it was

While sat in the hospital I messaged Kewey to let her know what was going on. She told me to chill out so I sent her the picture on the left. She then replied with the picture on the right!

Gotta chill out!

We were discharged about 5pm and came home (via the petrol station to make sure we had fuel in case of an emergency). Our Sidekick met me at the door when I got home. He was worried about me and gave me a mahoosive hug. I’m now hanging out in front of the TV watching some random film that I found. Might do some knitting or crochet.

Us at 7

On the 13th September 2005, Chris proposed to me, he’d written a treasure hunt and involved a whole heap of our friends including our friend Sheens who lives in Australia!! The last clue was in my Parent’s caravan which when it wasn’t in use would be stored next to my grandparents caravan in their garden. I got the final clue and headed for the caravan door, and there he was. He got down on one knee in the small gap between the caravans and asked me.

On the 12th May 2007, we got married. My two girl cousins and Chris’s sister were bridesmaids and my boy cousin was ring bearer.

Us at 7

At 7 we…
Like hanging in the same room even if we’re doing different things.
Argue over how much of the bed I take up (normally I can’t help it – now I really can’t help it!)
He encourages me (or drags me kicking and screaming) out of my comfort zone to try new things.
Watch Grand Designs and ponder over what we’d have in “Our Grand Designs House”.
We’re foster parents to Our Sidekick and Baby Blueberry is due at the beginning of July.
Live and breathe The Fountain.
Also watch Elementary and Doctor Who together – we try to make sure that we either watch together when it’s shown on TV or make sure we don’t watch it until we can sit down together and watch it.
Chris likes to go for walks – and even though I’m not entirely a fan of them sometimes, I’m getting more into them and often they are good for having chats.

Idea adopted from Megan at The Nerd Nest.

March 1: March Goals


So the goals I set for February and how they went were:

Finish the Tetris Blanket for Chris (aiming for Valentine’s but we’ll see if that happens!)

I managed to finish the Tetris Blanket for Chris at about 11:30pm on the 13th. It has already had a chunk of use and I think Our Sidekick may have adopted it at one point as he was cold!

Maintain weight.

This didn’t happen. In February I put on four and a half pounds. I knew it wasn’t going great because one week I was absolutely starving all the time! It’s possible that, that particular week baby was having a growth spurt (it was also explain how even after a full nights sleep with no disturbances, it’s now 3:30 and I’m shattered!). I could have probably done better by trying to optimise what I did eat but at the same time it’s perfectly normal to gain weight while pregnant. Continuing to go to Slimming World while pregnant was about staying in control and trying to make sure I didn’t completely undo what I’d achieved since August. At the last SW meeting of February I was half a pound being back at a stone off (having been at a stone and a half at Christmas). I am disappointed but I’m sort of trying to be okay about it. I keep walking where I can, so to work and to my Mum’s when possible. I walked a bunch around Cambridge with Chris last week and planned to go for a walk with JD at some point. It’s not the end of the world and if needed I can draw a line in the sand so to speak once baby arrives and get back on track towards my target. As I said to Chris, I can get baby in the buggy, load up the changing bag and walk places, to my grandparents it’s about a 3 mile round trip – if I take the bridlepath I think it’s slightly quicker but it would be a little impossible to manoeuvre the buggy along the path until it gets a bit smoother!

Get blog organised. With a chunk of stuff including getting ready for a baby, the next few months need to be organised where I can!

This happened in as far as that I tried to schedule a copy of posts each week and start drafts to place mark other posts. I had hope to be a bit more organised and do more than that but it works for now. I’ll be working on more posts as I can.

Goals for March

  • Finish the blanket I started for Our Sidekick. It’s almost there but just needs a few final bits.
  • Work on/Finish the baby blanket that I’m making for Blueberry.
  • Continue to work on my “Things for Baby” list – I’m sure I’ve forgotten something!

Monday, why did you misbehave?

Two years ish ago, Our Sidekick and us adopted two Guinea pigs called Samuel and Owen. They were sort of rescued when a friend of ours could no longer look after them.

I am the Guardian of The Guinea Pigs while #oursidekick and @cgbj clean out the piggies cage.

I think they’ve been a bit spoilt over the time that they have been with us but we are sensible and try not to over spoil them lol.

Samuel and Owen were my first pets, both Chris and Our Sidekick had had pets in the past. As my friend Lily put it on FB earlier, “they worm their way into your heart and sometimes you don’t realise just how much until they are sick.” She is so right, Chris has texted me this morning and said that he was out of sorts but really out of sorts. I often to pop home at lunchtime and I’ll tell you something half an hour lunch break was not long enough. I went straight in to see Samuel and he was snuggled in the corner of the cage. I went out into the garden and got him some grass, normally him and Owen go nuts and squeak as long as they possibly can, but he barely reacted, even when I put it in front of his nose he was like “meh!”. I nipped to get a different jumper to wear this afternoon at work (too hot for my chunky jumper too cold to go without!) and when I came back into the kitchen he’d wiggled himself under the wooden box we have in the cage. Rather than lying on all fours paying attention to everything he was lying on his side with his front legs out all funny. He moved a little but he seemed wobbly on his feet – best way I could describe it to Chris was he looked wobbly like I do when I have a headache (you know the pounding ones that make you feel like your head might explode if you move too quick). I picked him up and gave him a stroke, usually he’d fight me a bit and get worked up about being held but he barely reacted, he stayed put then I think he’d had enough and did fidget, I put him back in the cage and had to go back to work, but I really wasn’t all there – I’m surprised I really got anything done.

I called Chris to explain what had happened and grabbed some lunch, I got back to my desk dead on 1pm and dropped my manager am email because although I was convinced it was dead on 1pm if it wasn’t I wanted him to know why.

Kamikaze guinea pigs #guardianofgps

Roll forward to 5pm and I was due to be doing an hours overtime, I popped to the loo at like 10 to 5 ready to focus on my overtime slot and I got a missed call from Chris, he said, Our Sidekick needs you like right away, and I asked right away like I need to go home or right away like I need to call him. Chris said “he’s witnessed a car accident outside the house and the guinea pig has passed away”. As you can imagine I was like stuff the overtime I got to be home like NOW! I went and grabbed the manager who was on duty and tried to spit out that I couldn’t stay as he’d witnessed this accident and I had to go now rather than wait for 5pm to arrive (it was like 3 minutes but I had to go). He was like “Yes of course go”. I signed out my computer and tried to spit out to my desk neighbour that I was going and why I was going. He was also lovely and said not to worry he’d make sure my computer was shut down properly and things like that.

As I charged for the car I called home to tell Our Sidekick that I’d be home soon, I’d try and get as close as I could to the house depending on the accident and I’d run the rest of the way if needed. The ambulance had already gone so by the time I got home I managed to get through with no problems. I walked through the front door and Our Sidekick gave me a hug before I even managed to get my coat off. He had had a little cry before I got there but he said he was okay and didn’t need another one quite yet. He’d been really grown up and got Samuel the Guinea pig out of the cage and into a separate box. I asked him to get me a shoebox and I sorted that out. I spent lots of time reading about what to feed them and how to take care off them but when it comes to burial of guinea pigs I don’t really know how to do it, a shoe box and newspaper seemed like a good place to start. As I write this he’s sat in the shoe box next to the back door ready to go out in the garden. I think he needs to be buried near the grass as he loved munching grass especially out in the Sunshine during the summer. I wish I had a pebble or a big enough rock to paint his name on. I can always sort that another day.

Stunt guinea pigs now lol.

We watched half an hour of TV while drinking sugary tea for the shock and then I despatched Our Sidekick off to do his homework (yeah so mean!). We watched the next episode of Charley Boorman’s US Adventure – I missed the bit that I actually wanted to see as I went to feed Owen the Guinea Pig some carrot – as I said to Chris in some situations only chocolate will do and given that guinea pigs can’t eat chocolate extra grass and veggies is a good replacement for guinea pigs.

our BIG adventure 2013: Day 7

Blackpool Tower at Night

We started the day by heading to Manchester, Our Sidekick wasn’t aware of where we were actually going. We realised we were early so we went for a potter around the Trafford Centre (They have free parking! Why don’t we get that in MK or Bedford?). Around the shopping centre there are these painted elephants.

Here we go lots of #elephants. #eletour #elephantparade

Elephant Parade has travelled the world, its vibrantly decorated statues raising awareness of and funds for the conservation of the Asian Elephant. Money raised from the sale of the tour elephants will be donated by sponsor intu to international charity, The Asian Elephant Foundation.

The boys grabbed lunch in Nando’s. I would have had some but it was just stressing me out a bit trying to work out what I can and can’t eat while being on Slimming World (The app is okay but isn’t specific enough).

While the boys ate I sat writing down what we’d done so far and tweaking some other bits to write blog posts. I’d been taking notes on serviettes while we’d been out – especially as a rule we have is to ban phones/tablets at the dinner table unless special permission has been given.

When gadgets are banned at the dinner table...

We arrrived at Old Trafford and started snapping pictures from there. We were still a little early for our tour so went to the Red Cafe to get a drink. We then headed to the meeting point for the tour. Our tour guide was called Ethan and he was so lovely. When people had questions he nearly always knew the answer or knew where the information could be found. There was a lot of walking for the tour as we went pitch side, press areas, the dug outs, various stands, the memorial clock and various other places. We also went to the dressing room and sat with all the footie shirts.

We all went into the Megastore at the end, Our Sidekick bought a plaque thing that was made of grass from the old pitch as it’s been relaid recently. It was really informative and for Chris and Me who aren’t really football fans we still found it really really interesting especially when it came to all the history of the club.

Having fun at #manchesterunited

our BIG adventure 2013: Day 6

Blackpool Tower at NightToday started with an early morning wake up call. At 3:30am Chris woke me up to find out where the paracetamol was. His wisdom teeth were having a party and decided to do a fidget. I fell back asleep almost straight away – I promise I was a bit more sympathetic. Then again all mine have ruptured and one was removed by extraction back in October so I don’t really have trouble with them any more.

I woke up again at sometime around 9ish I think but it was a lazy start to the day. We drove up the road to see how much of the Camelot Theme Park was still there. Unfortunately it’s all fenced off and there’s CCTV so we couldn’t really explore properly. We were able to go to one of the car parks which is near the top of a hill and we could see the top of the rollercoaster and we were able to take some pictures from there.

That's the top of the rollercoaster at Camelot Theme Park. So sad that its closed and the rollercoaster is derelict.

We went on a bit more of a random explore and ended up in Southport. Chris wanted to go for a proper explore but I think both Our Sidekick and I were just pleased for a “day off”. We’ve done quite a lot of walking this week and so a day when we do very little was quite welcomed.

We had a brief look at the pier at Southport which is the second longest in the UK after Southend-on-Sea.

We took a coastal route towards Liverpool to go to the cinema later in the day. We ended up going past Crosby beach. I had seen all these figures on the beach but there were so many people on there anyway I didn’t really question it. I’d seen the signs for “Anthony Gormley’s Another Place” and knew the name as he also designed the Angel of The North.

We turned round and found somewhere to park. While Chris was driving I had a look on the internet for further information. Its 100 metal figures looking out to sea spread across about two miles of beach. There’s something quite Doctor Who about it especially from the road as they just look like figures on the beach.

Chris was on a mission to make something fan. #latergram #beach

While we were on the beach we had a play with the sand and ended up spending about two hours on the beach in the end. We made a sand minion while Our Sidekick wrote messages in the sand and made towers to kick over again.

Beach Minion

Following our beach fun we got back in the car and headed for the cinema at Liverpool. As it was a Wednesday it worked out that we only had to pay for one ticket (I have an Unlimited card and with EE Wednesdays or whatever its called now it definitely cuts down the price). Our Sidekick had chosen to go see Grown Ups 2. Because of the show times we were too late for the 6:20 but too early for the 8:50 showing. Knowing how busy the Wednesday showings get at Bedford sometimes I said to Chris that we’d go buy the tickets then go find some food rather than trying to get the tickets just before the showing and risk not getting tickets given how far we’d travelled to get to the cinema.

The lad who served me definitely wasn’t Liverpudlian. I’m pretty sure he was American or Canadian. I’d expected that Chris would be my freebie and then I’d pay for a child’s ticket but NO! Our Sidekick was my freebie and I had to pay for an adult ticket but on the other had it still worked out at like £3 a ticket or something lol.

For dinner we found a local Crown Carvery (same company as our “local” The Bowling Green). It was busier than The Bowling Green. I think I definitely preferred The Bowling Green. During dinner we sat writing a list about good things and bad things about The Halfway House in comparison to The Bowling Green. Basically we preferred The Bowling Green! They were tonnes more helpful, the lady serving on the  CCarvery was cheerful and friendly and super helpful but The Halfway House wasn’t like that at all and the food wasn’t as good. I’ve kept the list and am going to email Customer Service – not to make a complaint as such but to almost point out that there isn’t brand continuity and things like that. 

We went to see Grown Ups 2 at the cinema, it was very funny and we all enjoyed it. Often Chris and me have very different tastes when it comes to films but it was good that we both enjoyed this. We also saw a trailer for About Time – Chris quite liked the look of it even though I am pretty sure it’s more of a chick flick lol. (What’s with Rachel McAdam’s and time-travelling lovers?!?)

All in all the film was good but I think Adam Sandler has lost his edge a little bit now – maybe I’m wrong – what do you think?

our BIG adventure 2013: Day 5

Blackpool Tower at Night

Today was going to be a tough day. I’m not a fan of a roller coasters whereas Chris is a MASSIVE fan and Our Sidekick is a fan to a certain point. I’d been prepared that it would be a Chris kind of day, so I took my iPad with me to keep reading my book while the boys did their bits. I decided that I’d go on one roller coaster just to make sure I still didn’t like them. I’d already decided that I wasn’t doing The Big One especially given the stress it had caused me the night before.

We arrived at the park and there as a massive queue to get in, thankfully the staff were well aware of the fact and had it in hand, they had like 10 tills open with two people redirecting people to the tills that were vacant. We were seen quite quickly although it was so busy. We got our passes and headed through the gate towards our first ride. On the way through the gate there was a bag search, one lady was really strict but the guy we got was really relaxed and let us through. The guy in fronts of us, had been to the strict lady and had to leave a bunch of his stuff at the gate (kind of eat it or lose it I think). Chris had already said that if they did take his gluten free stuff off him, he was going to argue that as they couldn’t confirm that they serve gluten free food on site then he’d have to take his food with him, but as we went to the guy instead we had no problems. The boys decided it was my choice first given that it would be something really tame…..and it was lol.

Got our wristbands. Here we go........queueing for Flying Machines. Apparently its my choice first then we're going for something scarier.....

I chose the Flying Machines which was along the lines of a chair swing but you seat about 8 people to a on aeroplane shaped car that swings round a centre point.

The boys are about to get very wet! #pleasurebeach

Following my choice it was time for the boys first choice, given the layout of the park this was Valhalla. I’d already decided that given how wet people we expected to get, I would sit out that one and hold onto everyone’s stuff. I found a bench near the ride and while the boys were in the queue, I ate my lunch and read my book on my iPad (still reading Naked Heat (Nikki Heat Book 2) by Richard Castle). Our Sidekick and Chris came off the ride, Chris was quite excited about the whole thing and telling me all about the ride. Our Sidekick on the other hand was soaked through and was very cold and a little upset.

Our Sidekick changed into his spare clothes that he’d brought with him. We then queued up for the next ride we were going on. I was pretty sure that going on the ride was going to upset me but I figured that I’d prove the point and do it anyway. The boys went in the seat in front of me which made it all that bit worse as I had to tell myself that it would be okay while the other part of me was seriously freaking out, I was doing okay until we shot down the first drop as I slammed back into the seat and caught my ribs on the lap bar and think I got a bit winded which upset me more. Our Sidekick turned round to check on me and I think I saw him poke Chris to tell him that I wasn’t doing okay. We got off and I walked as fast as I could to get out of the ride and find somewhere to sit. I felt so silly bawling my eyes out but at the same time I had told both the boys that I didn’t like roller coasters and I really didn’t want to do go on some of the rides. I’m glad I did it because it means I can cross off another goal on my bucket list but I’m still a little wobbly about going to Alton Towers in the Autumn.

Following the ride, we went to get the boys some food, we also watched the dancing fountains. The fountains bit was good but the music was a bit of a dodgy edit. It was music from Chicago but the edit would cut in the middle of a phrase which was slightly annoying.

I went to find a table to sit at while the boys got their food. While I was sat waiting for them to come back, a lady in front of me turned round and had a go at a couple sat at the table in front of me. I caught a chunk of the conversation but really didn’t know what to do, I’m pretty sure that the lady made some racist comments and generally had a to at the couple, how then got up and walked away. The lady and her family and friends then spread across two tables. She also took a chair from the table at I was sat at, she asked if the chair was free but didn’t wait for a reply before removing the chair.

Queuing for the #wallaceandgromit ride.

Following lunch we headed for the Wallace and Gromit ride. There was quite a queue for it but the good thing about it was that there were the actual animations and behind the scene bits being shown on TVs in the queuing area. The cars on the ride are like giant slippers. There’s a bit of a roller coaster but I was so busy focusing on which scene was recreated next on the ride that I didn’t really think about where the car was going. My favourite bit was the mice from A Grand Day Out, I really wanted to get one of the hoodies from the shop but they were a little on the expensive side but given that I’m pretty sure that they only sell them at the park I was willing to pay a little more.

We then headed to Nickelodeon Land, the boys went onto Streak but it took ages to get on there as one of the carriage’s was taken off the roller coaster and wasn’t in use. I found somewhere to sit and then stayed there and read. I moved once so that I was right in front of the track to try and snap some pictures, I do wish that I’d brought my DSLR with me but sometimes my phone does just as well as a camera and can just be chucked in my pocket and taken with me. (I am finding though that the battery is dying while we’re still out. I’m tempted to buy a spare battery but don’t know whether I should be going a different route).

We got a drink as Chris was getting a headache, then headed back into the main park. The boys went on Avalanche, it looked really cool but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hack it so found a seat on the floor near the start of the ride and got writing on a blog post then read for a bit. The roller coaster is pretty cool as it climbs and then somehow releases off the track and the rolls itself the rest of the way along a “tunnel” like on a luge.

Chris decided at that point he was going to go on The Pepsi Max Big One and then we were going to call it a day. It took quite a while for him to queue and get on the ride. I had his phone as my phone battery and iPad battery died by the time he finally got to the front of the queue! I attempted to take the picture but I missed the button and then when he got to the bit that goes right above the path/bridge it finally did take the picture but the lens cover thing on Chris’s case flicked back across the lens as the picture took! Seriously are you kidding me! He got off and said that if he didn’t have the headache he would go on again but he really couldn’t hack it.

We left the park and on the way to the tram stop I power walked to a local shop to get Chris some painkillers and another drink for his headache. Chris normally fights his way through it or just crashes for a nap if he has a headache but given he’d asked for painkillers I knew he wasn’t feeling right. So……. I power walked off and then returned. We got back to the tram stop and Chris virtually downed his bottle of water with his painkillers. I could tell he was feeling better because we got on the tram and he was like “Shall we go to the end of the line and see what happens there?” So we did it I screwed up because I couldn’t find the tram ticket when we got to the other end to come back again. Eventually I did find it, I was wound up and stressing out as I was tired and needed some food. (The problem with virtually living on food out away from the hotel means I’m really struggling to make sure I’m eating enough and a balanced meal).

I drove us home, there was a massive queue on the M6 which was frustrating me, I had Chris telling me one thing, Our Sidekick commenting about other things, motorised cutting in front of me or getting irritated at me, in the end I kept lane hopping which I hate doing. The thing that didn’t really make sense to me is that the two left hand lanes were closed (at least the gantries said that) and we were down to two lanes but people kept using all four lanes…….I tried to stick in Lane 3 so I could get out the way as soon as the lanes reopened again but at one point I ended up between two lorries and really had to move out of the way.

As the restaurant we were headed to stopped serving food at 9:30 we ended up at Frankie and Benny’s instead. I was probably miles off plan but I needed food, I attempted to go for healthy things but I have no idea how bad I was. I had BBQ Pulled Pork Potato Skins and Veggie Gnocchi Bake (without chilli).