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The West Wing (Season 6 and just started Season 7 this weekend – Have found other things to watch and have been out more this last week so haven’t got through quite as many episodes)
Who Do You Think You Are? (That was episode 4 this week)
The Great British Bake Off (Oh dear! Bingate!!)
Baby Einstein (with Jaxon of course!)

More blogs! Oh and car descriptions – we got a new car yesterday. It’s a long story to why we collected it on Sunday in the end but it’s lovely and shiny. It’s a hybrid so it’s really quiet and has an auto idle stop so when you’re at traffic lights and things like that it switches off to save fuel. It takes some getting used to but we’ll get there in the end!

Radio mainly, although in the new car currently it’s only my CD in the car so it’s that or the radio right now.

Christmas presents – again! Also started a WIP given to me by one of my friends, she had learnt to knit but then sort of gave up half way through a project, she’s given me the project she was on and I’ve frogged it to restart – I’m hoping I can sort it out for her and give it back as a finished project, Also while she’s signed off sick from work we might spend some time relearning how to knit but we’ll see how she’s doing because recovering is a higher priority. I’ve also dug out an older WIP that could do with being finished (And then I can use the needles on the project that was adopted from my friend as they will be easier than the long needles that came with the project.

All muddled up. A lot happened last week involving some rather crazy decisions. This one is definitely having to go into God’s hands because I think if I make the decision one way then I am going to need his strength in abundance to be able to achieve the goal and what’s being asked of me. If I try to do it in my own strength then I think I’ll either be living on caffeine to try and extend my days or I’ll be curled up in a corner having a meltdown!

The future in a way but we need God to show us the next steps after all he knows the plans he has for us (Jeremiah 29:11 definitely keeps coming to mine and the bit about the birds of the air don’t worry where their food come from).

Coffee dates with the ladies from church. We had our last coffee date of the Summer on Friday but hopefully we’ll be able to continue meeting during term time and organise stuff that we can all do in evenings around the ladies who work in schools or term time only jobs.
Still my family, on Saturday, the boys and I went for dinner at my Cousin and his wife’s house, They cooked a roast dinner for us and we took pudding – I had meant to be all domesticated and make a pudding but it didn’t go down like that and in the end we had to buy a pudding but it was still yummy and lovely to catch up. Our Sidekick also got to chat about Graphics and Animation to my cousin who studied Animation at University and has just completed a second degree in Games Animation or something like that.

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The West Wing (Season 6 – I finished Season 3 as I wrote the post and somehow have made it through the rest in a week. It means I’ve got just over a season to go. Then what am I going to watch while feeding?)
Who Do You Think You Are? (A new series has started on the BBC about three weeks ago. So I have a couple of episodes to catch up on)
The Great British Bake Off

Mainly blogs again this week and song lyrics for one of the surprise bits we were doing at the wedding this weekend.

The playlist of songs I had on my phone to go with the above lyrics.

Still on Christmas presents – The counter on my phone says it’s 4 months today – right well better get on with it!

Excited about the wedding and grateful that I was part of some surprise bits.

I was a little bit disappointed that I couldn’t be involved in one bit but it later turned out that Chris and one of the bridesmaids had both been instructed that it couldn’t start until I was in my seat but my Mum knew how much I’d love it. A group of guests – mainly in the wedding party – had all been practicing One More Day from Les Miserables. Richard’s friend Simon started it, then my cousin Vicky stood up to song Eponine’s part and then my mum stood up to sing Madame Thenardier’s part. I thought my heart would explode. I was so proud of her, we often have it on in the car and split into parts. I turned to Our Sidekick and said something to the effect of “I want to join in!!!” Well when it got to the bit where all the characters are singing their parts over one another, all the people involved walked round the tables to stand behind the top table, well Our Sidekick went with them. He wasn’t singing but he’d been asked to stand behind everyone and wave a big red flag like they do on the barricade in the performance of Les Miserables. I was so excited and proud of him as I know he’d not normally be involved in performance things.

Not so much planning going on other than the crazy to do list that seems to grow and shrink every few days.

My family, as it was my brother’s wedding all the extended family were in town for it. Got to catch up with my Uncle and his wifey who we hadn’t seen since their wedding last year, their daughter Em absolutely loves Jaxon so she had lots of cuddles with him. Also caught up with my cousin and her wife. My grandparents were sat opposite us at the dinner, it was really sweet to watch my Grandma hand my Grandad her cutlery and ask him to cut up her food for her, she had a stroke a few years ago and although she gives it a go she does struggle to cut her food and so needs Grandad to help her.



Things I'm Grateful For

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Ashley from Hello Nature, Laura from The Laura Way & Nay from Coffee-N-Ink.

I had meant to post this on Friday (As the button says!) but by Friday, I was shattered – we had Holiday Club over at Cardington every evening last week and so I came home, ate and then pretty much went straight to bed!

1. I am grateful that there is a holiday club – it’s hard work and it means that for one week of the school holidays life goes a little bananas but it means that kids hear about the gospel and that’s the main thing. This time we focused on Joseph. I’ve heard the story probably hundred times (And more than that as Joseph and His Technicolour Dreamcoat is one of my favourite musicals!) but it was interesting to hear it again. It was Jaxon’s first holiday club, he was fine on the Monday evening but then he was so fascinated by what was going on around the room that he wouldn’t sleep on the other days.

2. I am grateful for unexpected coffee dates with friends, my gorgeous friend Emma works in a local school so coffee dates during term time get a little complicated (and might have to become dessert dates in the evening or maybe a cake date while watching #GBBO), anyhoo, I posted on Facebook to see if anyone was free for a coffee date on Thursday and we ended up at Coffee with Art in the High Street. It could be my new favourite behind The Fountain – then again the decor in Coffee with Art could make it my new favourite – look at the staircase and this bit behind the counter.

Book (Stair)Case
photo 2

3. I am grateful for my Mum – while at holiday club she was really helpful when it came to helping me with Jaxon (some how she did that and ran crafts in our group and all sorts!) and on Saturday when I was poorly and had to go to the out of hours doctors she was lovely, she took me to the appointment and waited in the waiting room with Jaxon while I went in.

4. I am grateful for my Dad who took me out on Friday when I needed to run some errands and couldn’t really do it myself as I can’t drive at the moment.

{Gratitude} and Let Your Blog Shine


Things I’m Grateful for….


I always knew my sleep would be disturbed with a newborn but I don’t think I realised quite how much! So I’m grateful for the sleep I do get. Especially unexpected naps!

Chris and Our Sidekick

Sometimes they are grumpy but overall they are both lovely and helpful and take care of me whether it’s little like grabbing a glass of water when I need one or holding Jaxon so I can nip to the loo or eat dinner they are both very lovely and helpful.

My Mum

Between the arrival of Jaxon and our washing machine breaking down my Mum has been so amazing!! As I was holding Jaxon while he was asleep yesterday evening, she arrived back with another load of washing that she’d done for us.

Friends from Church

I went to coffee with three girl-friends from church, following coffee I popped to the shops and then headed home. I got part way home and bumped into four friends from church. I pottered along the road to the bus stop but the bus driver drove past me rather than stopping (Admittedly I wasn’t quite at the bus stop but I was only about two metres away so waiting wouldn’t have been a problem). One of the church friends shouted down the street “Would you like a lift?” so she took Jaxon and I home which was lovely although I’m convinced I wasn’t on her route home! Another friend from church is here at our house while I write this post, she’s in the process of making us dinner and has been here earlier in the week helping tidy up the garden which was getting in a bad state.

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We’re so excited to launch today and would LOVE to see you in the group! Join and introduce yourself so we can get to know you!

Things I'm Grateful For

Joining up with:
Ashley from Hello Nature, Laura from The Laura Way & Nay from Coffee-N-Ink.

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Small Achievements That Seem Like Mountains

In case this is the first post you’ve read of mine, I had a C-Section just over a week ago. Part of the recovery is to get up and get moving but not to over do it. You’re only allowed to lift your baby for a while and nothing else (a challenge when you now live with three boys but thankfully my Mum had been on hand to help and a few friends have done washing or things like that for us too).

They are sort of silly and they aren’t massive achievements like running a PB at a running competition, climbing Ben Nevis or the Tri Peaks for charity or lifting your PB at Crossfit Training but to me they do make a difference.

On Monday we went to the Children’s Centre to see the midwife, her day wasn’t going to plan and when given the option to get out of the house for a bit after 2 and a bit days in hospital and two days pretty much in the confines of the house i was jumping at the chance to get out lol. We were sat in the reception and she was running a little late, and of course at that moment in time, Jaxon decided he needed a feed – well there’s only one thing for it.

Achievement Number One: Breastfeeding in a public place (that’s not a hospital).

Jaxon was getting more and more worked up as he was too hot in the onesie he was in but he was also hungry so needed food too. With some assistance from my Mum we stripped him off so he was just in his nappy and then got him into a short sleeved onesie. He cooled down instantly and just seemed happier – he latched on pretty much straight away after that – but I was bricking it! First time in public I was glad my Mum was there to sort of hold my hand – I think if I’d have been on my own I’d have gone and found somewhere to hide!

Achievement Number Two: Breastfeed at my Grandparents house

Yesterday after registering Jaxon’s birth we went to my Grandma’s house to wish her Happy Birthday and drop off cards and presents. She was excited that she got to see Jaxon on her birthday too. While we were there Jaxon was getting hungry and needed a feed. I asked could I go sit in the spare room to feed him, rather than everyone evacuating the living room for me. Well before I could get everything together my Grandad had gone into the kitchen, Grandma had gone to get something from another room and we were left to feed in one of the comfy chairs. When I was settled (and had a muslin to cover up) everyone came back in and we continued to chat about Grandma’s birthday and who had been asking after Jaxon and I amongst other things.

Jaxon, are you comfy?

Achievement Number Three: Walk to the supermarket and back (and manage to remember all the shopping before leaving the supermarket!)

Yesterday afternoon I decided that I was going to walk to the supermarket. It’s about a mile round trip but given the last week it was a goal that I could achieve and my Mum was on hand to come rescue me if I really couldn’t manage to get myself home or if there was a problem. By the looks of it including walking round the store it took me an hour. It certainly didn’t feel like it took that long but I guess that was good that I wasn’t rushing it.

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Baby!! He does funny things like twitching in his sleep and clapping his hands together. Watching his little face as he dreams.

Notes and notes and notes from the midwifes and other professionals. Also started reading the New Testament from the beginning when feeding. Got most of Matthew Chapter 1 done yesterday.

To the cute noises that Jaxon makes while he sleeps. Listening to his breathing too.

Erm, not a lot lol. I moved my bag upstairs but haven’t touched my crochet since Wednesday. I’ve starting writing thank you letters, I guess that’s making something. Also have been taking heaps of photos.

Tired but so happy. Had a meltdown on Saturday but all in all I’m positive. I spoke to the breastfeeding helpline yesterday and they gave me some good tips that seem to be working.

Not a lot – it tends to be what we’re doing that day or the next day. Lots of friends want to meet Jaxon. The in laws came on Friday. The Fairies came on Saturday before dashing off to dance class. V, Bex and Bex’s little boy popped in on their way past. The in laws and my Grandparents came by yesterday. There’s a few people who are possibly coming by in the week to visit us but we’ll play that day by day depending on how things are going.

The snuggles I get with Jaxon. The way he holds his hands when I breastfeed (or attempt to!). The way that Chris scoops him up and cares for him. He pulls faces and makes funny noises when Jaxon starts to get grumpy. I just can’t wait until Jaxon can respond and laugh back at Daddy’s silly antics! (Not that I’m wishing the time away – clearly I want to enjoy each stage as it comes.

Welcome to the World Little One!

I have a whole heap to write about what happened and how it happened and when it happened but for now.

Welcome to the world Blueberry!! Haha no not going to be actually called Blueberry, this little one is called Jaxon Albert Byng Johnson. He was born on Wednesday and weighed in at 9lb 14.5oz by C Section (see things to write about!!)

Jaxon Albert Byng Johnson

For now I wrote a list of things I am grateful for, I had a little meltdown last night and needed to regroup so started this list….

My Mum and Dad for being on standby since Saturday to help us out with Our Sidekick when I went into labour (and the practice attempts it seems!). My Dad for attempting to sleep at our house in one to the Poang chairs, I am pretty sure you got zero sleep that night and somehow still went to work the next day. You both came and rescued us the following night when I had a meltdown, Mum fell asleep in our bed and was out like a light, I don’t think Dad slept at all that night and again went to work the next day!! (Superstar!)

My Mum for popping into town for an item of clothing that I sort of needed to be able to come home and delivering it to the hospital too. For offering to come to sit with me this morning so Chris can go to church for a little while and take Jaxon for a quick visit too.

Our Sidekick, you were out the front playing with your friend when I got home from the hospital you dropped what you were doing to help me out of the car, when I pottered into the living room and then turned round to get the post you told me off and sent me upstairs – I think you followed me up the stairs to make sure that I made it there in one piece. You sat with me while we ate dinner so that I wasn’t alone while Chris ate dinner with Jaxon, his parents and sister.

The NHS – people do complain, I know I have and I know I did on Friday when we were waiting to be discharged but I’ll tell you something, Bedford Hospital Midwifery team were amazing this week looking after Jaxon and I. There’s the two student midwifes who were so good, if they didn’t know the answer or wasn’t 100% sure they’d go and find out the information and come back. To the anaesthetist’s assistant who walked me through how my injection was going to be done and then talked me through how to sit as it was being done. To the surgeon who brought Jaxon into the world and took the time to say hello to Jaxon. To Ruth, Laura, Liz and all the other midwifes who came to check on me, take my obs, check me over and answer questions amongst other things.

The lovely friends who have been round to see Jaxon, Chris and I, thank you for coming, thank you for your flying visits and understanding that I wanted to see you but couldn’t cope for long periods of time (being a mummy is exhausting sometimes lol). Thank you for the presents you have brought us and the offers of help if I need them. My favourite was “even if it’s just so you can take a shower I’ll come cuddle Jaxon”.

To “Auntie” Kewey thank you for sending me silly pictures when I was post-meltdown, for pictures of your celebratory tea and the Blueberry muffins eaten in celebration of Jaxon’s arrival and for the encouraging words sent via text to me. I know you had a pooey week and at some points could have probably shut the world out and just sulked but you were there and amazing even from nearly a hundred miles away!!!

(Okay, blueberry muffins might be needed……Erm, whoever visits next do you fancy going via the supermarket?)

And last but no means least……

To Chris, firstly I love you, I don’t think I’ve said it in the last few days between all the crazy that’s been happening. You’ve done a heap of stuff and I’ve probably missed some but here is the short list that I remember….. loaded the dishwasher and the washing machine, you made dinner (which we then ate nearly an hour later cos of a feeding hiccup), you’ve changed more nappies in the last four days than I have (admittedly I’ve done the feeds which don’t work so well if you try!), gotten up with Jaxon when I was so out of it I didn’t know he was even awake (bad Momma!), slept/rested your eyes in an uncomfy hospital chair on Wednesday night so that I could recover and we could both take care of Jaxon together, you walked to the supermarket at 10pm on Saturday night to get some bits after I had a meltdown, I love your enterprising nature when they didn’t have quite the product we were looking for – the alternative worked wonders and at a fraction of the price (there clearly is money in maternity products because as soon as you market something as maternity you can increase the price!!)




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Doctor Who (started the Matt smith episodes on Tuesday)
House of Cards (after Becca posted about it – gave up part way through Episode 1 – think I prefer Aaron Sorkin’s take on “fictional” politics).
The Heat

Knitting Yarns edited by Ann Hood

Haven’t really been out in the car or if I have Chris has been driving so we’ve either been chatting or local radio is on. Around the house we’ve had UCB on.

Working on the stripy blanket when the temperature has been a little lower. I’ve also been knitting a blanket which is smaller so doesn’t cook me at the same time!

Sort of down. I think it’s just frustration and fed up ness I hit 39 weeks last Wednesday which means that tomorrow my baby is due. I am grateful beyond belief that I can carry a baby and be a Momma because I know how many ladies would kill to be in my shoes right now.

Finishing up the packing ready for hospital. Planning the contingency for Our Sidekick and updating our Supporting Social Worker as Our Sidekick’s Social worker is on holiday.

The sunshine and the gorgeous weather but wish it would be just a bit less muggy. Loving all the time I can spend with Chris, at first he was getting on my nerves as I think he hadn’t realised how much effort everything takes when you’re this close to popping out a baby.

Dear Blueberry – 39 Weeks



Dear Blueberry,

Today is 39 weeks. That means next week you’re “due”. Uncle Richard and I were both born early whereas Daddy was born late so I figure you might be on time but I guess we will see. You’ll appear when you’re ready.

On Saturday we had a worry. You hadn’t really moved between me getting up and Daddy and I thinking about lunch. I laid on the sofa, played you music (I played Bellowhead – I figured it was lively and should wake you up!) and even Daddy got me a really cold glass of water. He started with chilled water from the fridge and added about five ice cubes to the mix. Even then you didn’t move. We rang the hospital and they said come in. I phoned Grandpa and asked him to come wait for Our Sidekick if we weren’t home in time. He made a joke that I was calling to tell him and Grandma that I was going into labour well actually I wasn’t.

We got to the hospital and I was hooked up for the machine again. It was like once the midwife had a poke you decided to wake up and move like someone was tickling you to death. You kept moving and didn’t stop. We were discharged and sent home. You, me and Daddy went to get lunch then came home for a bit and waited for Our Sidekick to arrive home.

At my last appointment, the midwife decided that I needed an extra appointment so I’m off to see her again today. I’m hoping she’ll say that you’re engaged more than you were last week. We’re convinced that you’ve dropped but what do we know – the midwife is the medically trained one.

Daddy made me go for a walk yesterday. The idea being you might be encouraged along a bit – I think he’s very very excited to meet you and wants you to hurry up and get here already!

See you very soon little one

Love you


1,000 Things: Another Part…..

Following Friday’s mad tidy of the summerhouse a few weeks back, Saturday was the turn of the bedroom and the nursery. Mum and I had already organised that she’d come and help get the bits finished that still needed work. For example we had the cot up and the clothes away but the nappies were stacked in piles and not really organised.

Nursery 1 - cot in place

Ready for a resident

We cleared out a heap more books and some clothes as well as a bunch of stuff that had just been accumulating rather than being dealt with so then we had a super tidy bedroom too. The challenge is now to keep it this tidy – it’s slacked a bit at the moment but going to get it done today.

While my Mum was here my Dad came to help too – as we put it “we need a gopher!”. We asked him to come and run stuff between upstairs, downstairs and the summerhouse. It was easier than us doing it – I’m not exactly managing the stairs all that well and my mum struggles with the stairs anyway (especially as ours doesn’t have a handrail!)

We decided that the wardrobe needed to be reassembled. Chris did have a whole plan but by taking it down we didn’t have enough storage – so who do you call? You call Grandad cos he’s the man that can. (Chris sometimes disses how close I live to my family but sometimes like when you need extra hands on deck it’s really helpful!) I rang Grandad and asked if he could come help. I said about him coming after lunch but I think he pretty much dropped what he was doing to come help me out. Dad and him had to assemble the wardrobe at a funny angle as there wasn’t quite enough room to assemble it as Grandad would have normally done but somehow it worked and they got it sorted.

Bedroom sorted!!