338: Dear Monday / This Weekend I….

Dear Monday
Dear Monday, I hope you hold a quiet week, my colleague is off work for the rest of the week sort from one morning or afternoon. I could be crying by Friday lol.

Dear Chris, I’m not sure I really saw you this weekend. You were there and I was too but between sleep, work and church I’m not sure hat happened. We did have a supermarket trip so that was good.

Dear Our Sidekick, thank you thank you thank you for looking after me and cleaning the kitchen and loading the dishwasher on Friday. I was having a horrible day and you knew exactly what would help me stress less. Thank you.

Dear RAH, I swear every time I visit I still get gob smacked at the gods and how high it is. This time we were on the other side near the organ. Thankfully it wasn’t too loud.

Dear Chris, today we had a visitor thanks for working super hard while I was at work to get the house ready. I know it was hard as you’ve not being feeling 100%.

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… slept. Too much lol. I woke up about 9ish and then went to sleep again until 11.30. Oops!

This Weekend I… got myself kicked out if an Etsy group. Not from being mean, malicious or anything like that. Apparently from under use……I hadn’t joined in the community enough. Oh we’ll.

This Weekend I… watched lots of Les Mis videos on YouTube.

This Weekend I… went to the RAH to sin in a mass choir for The Messiah From Scratch. This year we were Altos.

This Weekend I… got some of the Christmas shopping sorted – hopefully it’ll all arrive in time as one item is quoted at 7 to 23 days! Making the last day of delivery Christmas Eve.

This Weekend I… started Christmas rehearsals for the church production. I read in as Elizabeth and ended up with the part. Eek!

331: Dear Monday/This Weekend I…

Dear Monday...
Dear Monday, so having been on holiday last week I go back to work today, hopefully it’s not too tough – think I could do with easing into it!

Dear  Chris, thank you for doing the driving this weekend so that I could write or crochet.

Dear Scotland and Lindisfarne, it was kind of funny that out of all the people we met or came across the loveliest were in Scotland followed by those on Lindisfarne – how did that happen??

Dear Chris (because you get two a la Today’s Letters), thank you for helping me get my new phone contract sorted.

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… travelled back from my holiday, we drove part of the way yesterday then drove the rest today. Chris did the driving which meant that I could work on NaNoWriMo and my crochet blanket that I’ve been working on while away (well that was until I sent the crochet hook flying against the driver’s seat, it then fell down under the centre console bit that houses the handbrake and the gear lever).

This Weekend I… read this article written by Vicky Beeching for the BBC. It also reminded me of this post I wrote last year.

This Weekend I… also read this article about Hashima. If you’ve been to see Skyfall them you’ll know the Island without knowing it, it’s used as Raoul Silva’s evil lair (played by Javier Bardem).

323: Dear Monday/This Weekend I….

Hey there. Did you miss me? Having worked 6 days instead of 5 two weeks ago because we had extra training all the chores and jobs etc got queued up back into last week which meant that anything that was unnecessary got pushed to the bottom for the list. Unfortunately that meant that blogging was further down the list too.

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Monday… this week you bring 5 days off work. Yay! I need to get my brain in gear.

Dear Monday… someone commented on Children in Need that it was almost five weeks to Christmas. Normally I’m more organised. At current I have two presents sorted. I might have to sit with my iPad and order presents ready for delivery on our return.

Dear Chris… thank you for doing the first leg of the driving yesterday. I’m not sure where the headache came from and where it went but thankfully by 11:30ish it had gone.

Dear Little Sis… you had a rowing competition….sorry head yesterday. I’m not sure why it’s called a head especially as that’s a name for the toilet on a ship maybe you can explain it to me at some point.

Dear Chris…(because you get two letters à la Today’s Letters You also sorted out some mix CDs for the car. We listened to worship music first. There was a song about God using different situations to show his glory and make us stronger and better people. And to remember how blessed we are. Thank you for reminding me how amazing God is and how much he loves me and thinks I’m fab even when I don’t believe it myself. I love you.

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… had a really lazy Saturday. I woke up about 8am when Chris left for work. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I started watching the next episode of Hunted followed by Part One of Children in Need. At some point, Our Sidekick came in and told me that I should have a chilled day as I spend so much time doing chores etc. The thought was there and I did appreciate it but I still ended up doing like five hours of chores in the evening.

This Weekend I… well we took it in turns to drive to Scotland. More to follow when we find wifi or mobile signal as our campsite is in a hole. Then again it’s virtually on the beach!

316: This Weekend I…

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… had to work an extra day so it was a six day week. On the other hand I have the time off in lieu so it’s a bit like a disjointed weekend instead.

This Weekend I… went out for dinner with three of my colleagues. One from the US office we had a bunch of training too. Had a laugh and a good time which was cool even though it was super tiring. We went to the Beefeater Grill at Priory Marina which was outstanding service again. Our waitress was super lovely and helpful.

This Weekend I… went out for dinner with Our Sidekick and Chris. I could have really done with going home though. We went to Pizza Express which normally is really shocking for customer service but I think they’ve have a change round of staff (or just the Saturday team are more helpful). I ordered Meatball Bolognese which I had at MK with Mum a few months back. Well it then arrived and it was a pizza (I was expecting a pasta dish). Well the waiter was super helpful they looked on the menu for an alternative which was to do a double portion of a kids meal and throw in some meatballs for good luck. It was probably about 20 minutes total after Chris and Our Sidekick got their food but that wasn’t a problem. I had a chat with he manager because apparently I shouldn’t have been served it or something like that at Pizza Express (but it was on the menu. I’m so confused!). When it came to getting refills it took a little while to get served but I smiled and waved at the manager and he came over to help us. I asked for two glasses of water and he brought out a jug which was good. When I asked for the bill I was ready to pay but instead our waiter ran off (well I don’t mind not paying but you might!) he’d got as far as applying the club card vouchers but then vanished. I installed the Pizza Express app and paid the remainder via PayPal which meant we could go.

This Weekend I… caught up on TV as most of it took little concentration. Strictly, Covert Affairs and Ace of Cakes was Saturday evenings entertainment.

310: This Weekend I…

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I….finally went to Bletchley Park and it was awesome!! Dad, Our Sidekick and Me set off for the train station at about 9am to catch the 9:33 train. Well that was the plan anyway. We got on the train and waited, and waited some more. Then after about ten minutes of sitting in the platform the announcer said to the effect that the train had broken down and we were all going to be kicked off. We ended up getting a replacement taxi service to Bletchley train station, which was fine. Until the driver decided to answer his phone while driving. Well done mr taxi driver.

This Weekend I…. overslept epically and missed church. Then again Chris did too. Clearly we needed it or something, Our Sidekick tapped on the door and tried to tell us off nut kept laughing instead.

This Weekend I…. got very excited about going to see Phantom of The Opera in MK with my mum.

This Weekend I…. on Friday I got an iPad mini. In fact I got the last one in Currys. They were down to the last black model in the 16GB size. Part of me wishes I’d waited for a wifi + Cellular model but actually once I change mobile network in December it should fix the issue as I’ll be on a better data plan for my mobile.

It’s a bit of a short post this week between going on an adventure with Mum and attempting to kick Nanowrimo in the butt.

289: Dear Monday

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Monday, I am pretty sure that every week you somehow sneak in that bit faster than the weekend before.

Dear Kids Work, I think teaching Kids Work is a bit like riding a bike. I’ve helped with bits of Kids Work since moving to RP but this weekend was the first time I’ve properly planned and lead it. I worked with DS which was fun. We had two Kid’s Worship songs, one was from my iPod which not all the children knew but joined in at least a little bit. One of the other leaders then asked for a second song that the kids might know a bit better so I borrowed a guitar from the cupboard and played one of the songs we do in the worship band. It wasn’t actually as hard as I thought it would be although with my music being on the floor I had to keep looking down for the next chord!

Dear Little One, your grandma was explaining to you about communion and how we do it in our church and why we do it. You came out with something really cool. “I know that Jesus is in my heart and if I hurt my knee and I ask him to fix it then Jesus just runs down there and fixes it. If my head hurts then he runs up there and fixes it”. Well there you go. You’re awesome Little One. Us adults sometimes dress things up in big words and complicated ideas but you’d got it in a way that you knew. Thank you for sharing it with your Grandma who then shared it with me and some of the others at church.

Dear Bicycle, the reason why I’ve been using Our Sidekick’s bike and not you is that you’re too heavy – it takes me more effort to get you moving than to pedal anywhere. I’d like to replace you – I know the one I’d like I just need to save up the money and decide where I can get it from – also do I want a basket or paniers? In my dream world I’d like one like you see in Amsterdam but I think one of those would be too heavy but it’s somewhere to start anyway. I rode Our Sidekick’s bike to the shop and his pedal is having a moment – I’m going to have to take the spanner to it.

282: Dear Monday

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Kewey and DanDan, thank you for playing host to me, S, LB and Andy – I had a lovely time. The bacon sandwiches for breakfast were yummy, that spaghetti bolognese was awesome too – I just wish I’d had room to eat my portion of Spag Bol.

Dear S, thank you for being my taxi hehe. Without you I’d have probably had to get the train which would have been a bit crazy and probably a headache for me lol. The X5 to MK is dead simple lol.

Dear Chris and Our Sidekick, I genuinely really missed you. I loved calling on Saturday night to wish you both good night. I think you were having a lovely time too.

Dear Jelly and Mel, it was so lovely to meet you, I had a great time exploring London with you. I think Ruby would have liked to have been there too! You two are so adorable. There was one moment on the tube when I thought Jelly was going to fall over then again on the journey to Covent Garden Jelly almost caught me when I was wasn’t quite holding on tight enough! I snapped this picture while waiting for you guys. I realised when I got on the train after we’d left each other that I didn’t snap one of you two at 9 3/4s :(

I wonder what the weather is like at #hogwarts.

Dear East Midlands Trains, last time I went to London I could get to St Pancras International and a Zone 1 and 2 Rail card for £30ish with no restrictions. Today I had the choice of £26 but couldn’t travel back between 4:30 and 7pm or £44 for the freedom to travel within those times. Why the difference exactly?

Dear JD, it was great to meet you for an impromptu drink and then a road trip. I loved trying on crazy shoes with you and winding up Our Sidekick. You have to come and hangout for a DVD night and soon!

Dear Chipotle, I’d have probably avoided you normally. With Pizza Express next door that would have probably been my first choice but I jumped in and went for it. I had a chicken burrito with brown rice and the “not really spicy” sauce. I think the marinade on the chicken made my lips and throat sore from the spice but I drank my can and some water and was fine. I’m going to have to take Chris and Our Sidekick as they will love it! Either that or try and make a homemade version of Chipotle – there’s got to be a recipe out there somewhere!

My first #chipotle for lunch. We walked from King's Cross. I think it balances out. #london #adventures

277: Dear Monday/This Weekend I…#TWI

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Monday (except it’s Tuesday because I either can’t count or read a calendar it seems!)

Dear Monday, this week it was my fault – I got distracted by my book and couldn’t put it down – I read almost a whole book in one night. Erm about 3 hours but it did mean that I went to sleep at 1am. Probably explains why I feel so rubbish today.

Dear Tummy, what is with you?! You just kept playing up all day!

Dear Worship Song, I get it’s supposed to be serious but when the line “heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss” in is one of your verses I couldn’t help but laugh – even “he even gave the cat it’s furry bottom” in Lovely Jubbly is less laugh inducing (mainly because it’s a kid’s worship song not a serious worship song.

Dear October, you have arrived. I wore a woolly jumper yesterday which was fine until I went out at lunch and then I was too warm but the jumper worked as a bit of a comforter when I spend the whole morning feeling a bit death like.


Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious
I couldn’t decide whether to carry on with Dear Monday or join This Weekend I….so double whammy. In my mind the weekend starts at 5ish on a Friday right?

This Weekend I went to the cinema with Libs – we went for dinner first. I had Four Cheese Rigatoni with chicken and garlic bread. We went to see Untouchable at the cinema. It’s in French with English subtitles but the story is so good!

This Weekend I (well we) took Our Sidekick on a guided tour around Huntingdon and Godmanchester where Chris grew up and told him (OS) stories like how Chris cooked Spag Bol for me and two friends after we drover from Bedford to Godmanchester as a surprise crazy road trip.

This Weekend I (well we – again!) had dinner with my in-laws – originally we popped in for a cuppa as part of the magical mystery tour but ended up staying for tea (we went to Fayre and Square at Hartford Mill) and then went back to their house to watch Doctor Who. Our Sidekick helped Chris’s Dad (My FIL) get the guinea pigs in from the garden. My FIL and MIL have a small zoo in their garden lol. There’s two guinea pigs, at least two if not three rabbits, a dog, tank of fish. There were hamsters or rats at one point and some African Snails – not sure if they are still there.

This Weekend I played bass in the band for the last time. I have officially stepped down from the band now. Kinda sad but I’m still part of the team when it comes to kid’s worship songs and doing the actions so I’m not completely out just yet lol

This Weekend I spoke to B about Kid’s Work – I start in two weeks covering one of the others ladies. It’s the first time I’ll have done proper Sunday School kid’s work since 2006 ish (I’ve done odd Sundays but not proper being part of the rota)

This Weekend I bought some more wool and did some more crocheting – I’ve had to undo the bit I started on Saturday as it was all wrong and there were too many stitches in places, I do however have my original project home from work so I can carry on with that one instead.

268: Dear Monday

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Chores, having spent probably about 8 or more hours this weekend doing various forms of you I’d really like some time off to recover.

Dear Lemon Curd, for ages I didn’t think I’d be able to make you by myself and yet somehow with a tiny bit of text message coaching from my Mum I managed to do it. In fact we tried Orange Curd as well which is more like a citrus curd as you still put a lemon in it.

Homemade Lemon Curd

Dear Chris, the above adventure in Orange Curd wouldn’t have happened without you suggesting it. Also I’d have probably not made the lemon curd had you not decided that we needed fruit on the way home. So thank you :)

Dear JD, I don’t think I explained the whole story but the fact that I was allowed to invade your outing on Saturday made me feel super spesh. So much has been going on this last week that I’m so blessed that I have friends like you. Thank you again. Merci mon Amis :D

Dear Mini Fairy, yesterday you celebrated your birthday – how is it that you’re another year older? It’s feels like last week when I came to your dedication and your Momma asked me to be your Fairy Godmother. Next you’ll be packing up for uni! (Haha! Just kidding!)

Dear Tubi, how exactly are you old enough to be going away to uni in the next week. Then again how are you even old enough to come to the pub tomorrow for a “see you soon” drink. I remember holding you as a baby, helping you learn to walk, practice random spellings on a Tuesday sat at Grandma’s kitchen table. Anyway! Have an amazing time at university. Two things, don’t get too drunk in freshers week and find yourself a church early on in term – chances are they are adopting students and you’ll get free lunches (oh and make good friends etc!)

Dear Mr W, MC, and SS, thank you for praying for me in church yesterday. I thought I’d get one of you and then all three of you gathered round me and prayed for me it was epic! Especially when I was all a bit tearful and couldn’t really spit out what I wanted to say but somehow you all still managed to decode it which was awesome, thank you.

Dear Mummy V, Yesterday when I was being prayed for I had my eyes closed and was “looking” at the floor. I had my hands out in front of me with tears streaming down my face, I felt this hand in mine accompanied by some tissues. I kinda didn’t know it was you as I hadn’t seen you but then knew it was you in a way, it sounds kind of silly but I almost felt it was you.

Dear CJ, (because he gets two letters a la Today’s Letters) I swear you do enough dreaming for the both of us sometimes. I think you start with an idea and then think “What can I add to this to make it more crazy?”. So yeah, what’s the next plan?

254: Dear Monday

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Legs, clearly I haven’t got the hang of this exercise thing. I spent most of Friday semi-crippled. I kept wandering around my legs were so sore.

Dear Zoza, thank you for the epic tea. You made Tagliatelle Carbornara for Lil Sis’s birthday meal. It was awesome. You, me, Lil Sis and GG ate in the garden enjoying what remained of the sunshine. We then watched Did You Hear About The Morgans? Part way through you made popcorn and hot chocolate – you were on a mission.

Dear Lil Sis, Happy Birthday gorgeous one! It was so lovely to have tea and a DVD night with you, Zoza and GG and then breakfast and a trip to The Word with you and Zoza on Saturday morning – it was awesome! Hope you had a good time with your friends in the evening.

Dear Last Night of The Proms, One year I’ll be there in person – I really want to be at the front waving a flag like a mad lady! I think if Our Sidekick is still with us I’ll have to take his Kenya flag with me and wave that with one hand and my England flag with the other hand! One day I’ll be there! One Day I will!!

Dear Girlies, I can’t wait to see you in about a months time – I’ve missed you soooo much!!

Dear Rickie and Tim, thank you for thinking of me on Saturday – First due to my knowledge of particular motorcycle riding TV cookery chefs and then for sending me an actual picture – I was geeking out at Lil Sis’s birthday breakfast/brunch thing and had to explain why I was getting so excited over a tweet!!