seventyeight: onehundredwords….#81

100 Word Challenge

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The prompt for this week is

…the unseasonal weather meant …

Each time the weatherman tells us it’s going to snow a collective groan goes round the office, then we ask how much snow will stop the deliveries. Then again each time I hope enough will settle that I won’t be able to get the front door open – that’s the problem with our front door – it opens outwards. This time the unseasonal weather meant that the top half of the country has ground to a halt and the southern half can’t decide what they’re doing. At the moment it’s sleeting outside, it’s settling on the cars but not on the road.

thirty: onehundredwords #75

100 Words Challenge for Grown Ups


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The prompt for this week is

Grand Canyon
Yes this week’s prompt is a picture of the Grand Canyon.

So here we go……

One day I’ll travel, from here to there and there and there. I’ll go from North to South and East to West. Well at least in mind I will. I have a list of places to go but the list gets longer and never seems to get shorter. New York, not just the city but the state, and then to the West Coast maybe via the Grand Canyon to see if it’s really that impressive. Then again someone told me Niagara was amazing, then someone else told me it didn’t live up to the hype. It would be a shame….


twentytwo: onehundredwords #74

100 Words Challenge for Grown Ups


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The prompt for this week is
….the extreme weather meant….

The extreme weather meant that schools up and down the country have been closed in the last twenty four hours” The newsreader read.

“Yeah! I know I had the day off and still ended up doing homework” he complained. 

“But I’ll say it again – the more work you do on the assignment the better your grade and it’ll show your teacher that you mean business.” she sighed “You still had fun though – you came to work with me.”

“I know that was fun but the homework was rubbish. My teachers are mean!” 

“Think of it this way you could have homework for every lesson” 

seventeen: onehundredwords #73

100 Words Challenge for Grown Ups

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The prompt for this week is
…the notes from the piano….

I felt the warmth of the sun across my face through the window. Lying in the middle of the floor and drifting off to somewhere distant was one of my favourite pastimes. The notes from the piano invaded my consciousness. Why was it that as soon as I got comfortable and relaxed someone would come and interrupt. I’d spent most of the day dealing with grumpy people why couldn’t I just have some space to chill.

“Now I’m not relaxed” I thought to myself as I sat up grumbling and muttering. I may as well go find something to do instead.

eight: onehundredwords #72

100 Words Challenge for Grown Ups

I haven’t taken part in 100 Words since about August (I had to look at my old posts to work it out!). I’ve decided that with 2013 – I’m going to try and join in some more.

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The prompt for this week is …you said you’d do WHAT?….

There goes my weekend. Maybe if I canceled my plans tonight I could still be free for the weekend.

I dialled Sophia’s number and waited for the call to connect, my stomach tied itself I’m a knot.

“Sophia it’s me” I started “The dragon has just handed me extra work. I think I can be free tomorrow if I work this evening”

You said you’d do WHAT?” Sophia was upset and rightly so “It’s my birthday weekend. You knew we had plans, can’t you tell her to stick it?”

“And risk my job? Sophia I am so sorry. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow”

243: 100 Words: Week 56

100 Word Challenge
I haven’t taken part in 100 Words in ages but I decided I needed to get involved again. Starting this week! You can join in here

The prompt for this week is … being clear is essential to ….

“I’ve told you before” she repeated louder than before “Being clear is essential to good understanding” then she left the room.

Clearly she needed to be more understanding and clearer in her instructions. How was I supposed to make it all the way there and back with little more than a packed lunch, a flask of tea and a pair of roller skates. I’ve heard of mission impossible but never thought it would happen to me, especially in my first week Maybe it was some kind of initiation. You survive this and you get to stay, fail and you’re fired.

095: 100 Word Challenge – Week 36

Last week the prompt for the 100WCGU was “‘What was the rabbit late for?’ wondered Alice. Well I didn’t end up joining in last week but have managed to join in this week.

This week’s prompt is to pick a section of 10 words from one of last week’s posts and use that as the prompt for your 100 words this week. I’ve adopted my 10 words from Lynda’s post.

This was her story for last week’s prompt:

Alice lay back in the garden swing, rocking it back and forth in the warm Spring sunshine, feeling drowsy. Suddenly, a small, white rabbit scuttled across the lawn as if being pursued by a wild beast. She pondered this fact, curious to know why there was a white rabbit in her garden. Surely wild rabbits weren’t white?

Her mind rolled back to sitting on her mother’s knee, reading her favourite book ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Her memories flooded back.

‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice and asked her mother out loud.

‘I can’t tell you. It was a secret, just between us. We promised to tell no-one.”

From her story I’ve taken the phrase “secret, just between us. We promised to tell no-one” and used it to create my entry for this week. We had the choice of following on or going for a different path – I choice a different path – here we go:

It was a secret, just between us. We promised to tell no-one. But clearly her idea of a secret was different to mine. How could she betray me like that and tell everyone. I sat at the back of the class room so no-one could see me. How long was it to the end of the day – it would be the summer holidays – six long weeks for people to forget what had been said. I’d just keep my head down for now – I’d see my friends who cared over the holidays. Just half an hour to go until the bell.

060: 100 Word Challenge (


100 Words

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100 Word Challenge: Week 32

“You’re going to laugh, I forgot my keys too” He said through the letterbox. “Come round to the window and I’ll help you.”

I walked from the front door to the living room window.

“I tried climbing out the window but I’m too big” I said “I got as far as sitting on the window sill but I wasn’t sure how far it was too the ground and I couldn’t get out.”

“Don’t be silly – it’s easy.” he said. Before I could protest he was explaining how to get out. “So sit there and then take a leap of faith.”

So this is a true story – okay some bits were adapted to fit in the prompt but this did happen last week. I’d left my keys at work and ended up locked in our house. There was a bit of a technical hitch as Chris didn’t have his keys so I ended up climbing out the window anyway lol. It was funny (and Chris didn’t tell me to take a leap of faith lol)

041: 100 Word Challenge (Week 30)

100 Words

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100 Word Challenge: Week 30

Tommy had been winding Jack up all day and when Jack saw the opportunity to get Jack back he took it.

He picked up the book and launched it across the room. It seemed to almost travel in slow motion – or at least in Tommy’s imagination it did. But as it went across the room Jack stepped out of the path of the book and the teacher took Jack’s place.


The book made contact with the teacher.

“TOMMY!!!!” the teacher shouted at him “COME HERE!”

It wasn’t my fault!” Tommy tried to plead his innocent. Really, it was futile.

031: 100 Words Challenge (Week 29)

100 Words
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100 Word Challenge: Week 29

I call her from the other side of the world and her phone goes straight to voicemail.

“Mum, I’m pretty sure when your only daughter is the other side of the world, you don’t ignore international calls in case it’s an emergency.” I paused, I was joking but she might take it as a telling off.

“Mum, I’m going to be landing at Heathrow on Wednesday. The project finished early – it made more sense to come home then hang around and fork out for a hotel.”

I hung up the phone.

Twenty four hours to kill, what should I do?