The Friday Read: No 16

The Friday Read

A book you are embarrassed about liking

I don’t think there are any lol. I guess to some people it would be embarrassing that I like the Twilight Series. It would also be embarrassing to others that I’m 25 and can be regularly found in the Teen Fiction section. So all in all I am probably an embarrassing person anyway lol.


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2 Responses to The Friday Read: No 16

  1. lol, you’re sooo not the only ‘adult’ who reads them as you well know… if you like that kind of book though – have you read any of the ‘Morganville Vampires’ books by Rachel Caine … they’re of a ‘similar literary level’ and I have most of the available titles to lend!

    • Hannie says:

      I have read Bite Club which is one of that series. I wasn’t so keen on it but I’d give it another try. However I have so many books to be reading anyway that I don’t need any more lol.